And I saw the snow hometown

Pro, reunion, back here, I see canola flower of spring, summer, lotus, chrysanthemum autumn.But now, I am most looking forward to the winter snow.Look at the flying flower petals, I look forward to for a long time.    Mei Yurong wrote in the poem: “When dovetail cut, bent over the lake / will have nimble footsteps coming.The endlessly birds / canola flower wanton spill / the endlessly / green shoots emerge from the apical / the endlessly.    When the summer rainy season angered moldy clothes, suddenly, such as thunder awakened people’s dreams when I do not know how can snow in recent days and a little.    When the asphalt covered with autumn leaves be booming when a flooding rain followed by a frenzy off the summer, I do not know how cold the winter brought warmth.    I eagerly look forward to the days coming in day after day of disappointment in.It was suddenly under the snow, I have not been happy, too late umbrella, quietly walked into this fantasy world, to look for my dreams.    You see, the footprints along the way, my life is through the traces, you see that fell on his face melted snow, I left a hot spot for these tears; you see, here everything is none other than I am familiar with, is the place where my infatuation.Home snow ah, you’re standing in the doorway to greet my arrival.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) can not forget that a picture of the face, but had forgotten the fall; forget one of a pine, but had forgotten the scars; ever forget the story, nor forget this home snow.    Snow said the southern United States and less snow in the north, which in turn how we prove it?The endless plains in the north, but only one side and then the monotonous white, you see, there are evergreen woods are dotted with shallow snow, even a fall for a bare tree leaves, you will not be monotonous, between these fields, snow melting point Gone with the Wind, water flows into the ditch along a small creek, then kept knocking sound, seems to have Frontier “suddenly, such as spring night, the trees of pear blossoms,” the taste of spring.Come to think of winter, spring has to do with the kind of abundant winter than in the north, but it.    This early in the morning, hold in the arms of a lover who does not know the quiet of this world.At this moment, quiet, leaving only the sound of water and riding in the snow pace sound, knocking accompanied this thump thump sound, it seems that here but the most beautiful.    Stop at the foot of the mountain, to see which contained a white green mountains, even if there is wind, it can not drive the static moment condensate.You listen carefully, listen carefully, thin snow sliding down from a height, hit the low tree, there is always the sound of Chi Chi.Suddenly a group of sparrows over the hill, falling utility poles shout, hey, this realm, is the elf adds a touch of kindness.Lazy people do not know it all.    Exhumation of the road, riding in the new snow, mud does not seem to see this field between a green Mama, I think of Shelley’s poem: Go ahead my bitter dead thoughts over the world / I would like willow as a new birth.Wake up to the sleeping earth!Westerly ah!/ If winter has arrived / spring be far behind.?    Oh yes, the winter came, the snow this one, I bumped into you.In winter, your arms will be warm as springtime?

And Give Up

Spare nothing in the room “philandering” stumbled basin of Clivia actually a clip arrow.Watching want to show up in the attack of leaf buds of the “pain”, I know, and the bird is covered with red berries, bright for six months for my old eyes scape “farewell” of the time.In looking at the “Kaka” sound of scissors in cut flower stalks, and my heart kind of twitch feeling: that continually flowing out of the liquid as the tears.Under a hand to wipe the meaning of that “tears”, my mind turned to emerge very philosophical words: And Give.    In fact, long known that the stems cut, whether it is “blossom” or “Chunhua Qiushi”, the laws of nature are not able to retain the dismay.Because it has been “give up”, so, other flowers have been restless since spring and have brilliant bud when the pots Clivia also as the old woman hanging like a shadow-year-old to fall; because he ” dismay “unrealistic share of nostalgia, so just let that new flowers as” Jour “like a spring against the helpless smile to steal.    In the past, advising people donated to the temple of “willing to be willing There was only homes,” the half-comprehended Chan Yu, always thought it was a monk in disguise temptations.Vicissitudes passage of time, as if to “homes” and “have to” have a little understanding of the meaning: obey your parents if arrangements had graduated from law-abiding comfort to the factory to seek a decent job for themselves, there would be no later was “despised” the world was self-reliant, there will be experienced people in the “comfortable decent” can not go through the “storm” experience, but will not let myself get a lifetime are proud life experiences!This is the “House” and “get” the best experience.    If we had “quit”, with almost no use, “eight-year war” in general for a long time to stick to the mind share of the truth, there would be today work side by side 16 years of marriage, then there would be no today for those who “behaved conformist “now sounded the vicissitudes of life bumpy sisters envy blessing enough but not very relaxed leisurely life, there will be no more of this now self-sufficient happy mood.This is the best experience between ‘homes and have “.    Because dismay, so overwhelmed that belongs only Clivia now helpless in the beautiful “painful”, it is also because dismay, let fruit and beautiful flowers Clivia have become less incomplete and this should be perfect.Also, because it can “homes”, before they get their own copy of today’s life experience is different from the others, with a partner 16 years of wind and rain peers.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) Life is so, sometimes the homes, the future will have to return for more; the contrary, after a moment of sadness, will not cause.    Willing to be willing, there are homes really only have!

And freshmen want to say something

Hand bags, shoulder bags, marching autumn.Another group of students went into the Youjiang Medical, began their university life.So how do planning their college life?As a junior, I give freshmen a few proposals, hoping for a little more or less the benefits of new students.    Learn to adjust their mentality, new courage to face life.A decade studying hard, and once they pass the examination, the students each receive admission notice of the University, it will be for the upcoming college life is full of expectations.As the saying goes: Hope disappointed in the end.When the real contact with university life, I realized the gap between ideals and reality.Many freshmen complain about small schools, with their high school can not compare.”Small but perfectly formed,” our school is small, but strong teachers, improve infrastructure, complete clinical laboratory equipment and so on conditions, sufficient to train an excellent medical graduates.Do not let the students complain that end, disappointed, lost occupy valuable time.University education is our place in the future we have the kind of development, have to rely on their own efforts to fight, regardless of the school’s appearance.So you have to adjust their mentality, conscientiously study and re-examine their own.    Sociable, pay more friends.University of rehearsal time that we enter society, to successful performance on the big stage in society, we must learn to cherish this valuable university “dress rehearsal” to cooperate with others, and common progress.University is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to learn to behave, to understand the communication, the students correctly handle the relationship between the teacher.In case of conflict, to learn empathy, calmly deal.Days than the sea is wide, wider than the sky is the human mind, so we should have a broad mind.When the fault of their own, to learn to admit mistakes, such people deserve to be respected.Nightlife Network believe that you would have learned that college life is different from the high school closed, tight, constrained life.Therefore, the university is looking forward to life, but also a loss.Develop a learning plan and no reasonable rest at the University of regular, powerless live college days, until graduation do not know in the end what is learned, this is not college life.Students should know how reasonable study plan, to set their own goals.Towards the goal of setting a good step forward.Universities are not the end of the struggle, but the start of another life course.We are in the beginning to wander, or to order the pace of progress towards a new course of it?Please choose carefully!    New school, various associations are seeking publicity for their own advertising, we hope more new students to join.However, you have to be careful, and according to their preferences, I think the election two fit on it.Participate in community lets you develop your own interests, develop expertise, to exercise their own.Moreover, the employer also like those who participated in any clubs or served as graduate student leaders, because these students have accumulated some work experience.If we put a lot of time is spent in community activities, he abandoned the study, the results fall a thousand feet, more harm than good ah.To participate in the community, learning should not be mistaken.    Although the university is romantic love, people heart itch want to try and experience.But do not see others drawing near, kiss me, you could not help myself going challenge, to know their own “fate” The past is not postponed.Not to ruin his life and love.In fact, I love during college, probably not so simple we have to talk about the.After a few years of life is very short, besides bilateral economic come from parents, so blind love will eventually be a mirage, it can only bring endless troubles and melancholy.We do not want to get rid of loneliness and love, not fear of being laughed at and love.Please be assured that love again, no worries in future no bosom friend.

And every now and then leaves under

A gust of wind hit children, sandwiched coolness, the village tree woods edge happens to children dance, shake off the blade body, so the forest is full of fluttering leaves patches, just like a golden butterfly, and like the next is a golden rain.Yo!Really “gangbusters” in the coming season.    Night and fog, the colorful leaves out the window and began.I stood at the window staring at the night, thoughts wind Piaoyuan.I can remember me?We have spent a total of stormy autumn night in a small patch of woods, how many autumn leaves falling!Under the tree, I gently picked up and carefully fiddled with crystal drops of water on leaves.At this point, you smiled and said to me: it was their last laugh with tears in his mouth.    Ah!Good bunch of beautiful tears.My hands around patches of leaves flying on the ground, could not bear to throw it, then you gently patted my shoulder and said; leaves not a heartless thing, why should you do this big sad thing?    Suddenly, my heart is deciduous dial of.I finally Ming Wu, passionate injuries since ancient times, “ruthless”, but leaves turn into soil more quadrangle, why should I go for it sad it?Roots, this is the cycle of life, the honor in this world were born, long dust road, could not taste the cold, wet years?    When I looked at every now and again and again under the leaves, a myriad of thoughts, if your life with me, then just smile to the face of life, say goodbye to the prosperity of the fall, there is not just waiting for us in the spring it?Go to work, to sow, to irrigate, to harvest.Make life a kind of day!In labor re-creation of prosperity and affluence, write a glorious life in the labor movement, so that the main theme of evergreen life resounded world, let the warmth of human dedication, then you go in this world to live up was, for you have every now and then on the front of the leaves should not be sad, but should be a feeling, the thrill, you will be able to target more firmly identified, whom to make unremitting efforts, that your dreams will certainly come true.Friends ah, cheer up, to make every effort to fight it!Saying “without the wind and rain, that can see the rainbow,” not on the points that the hard way.

And cattle related to the past

A cow walked quietly.Large cattle breathing heavy walking, walking slowly.His father was carrying a plow or other farm implements walk behind ox, his face filled with haggard, looked back bend.Surrounded by a quiet, heavy cattle hoof collision path with the sound of breaking inherent in the quiet countryside.This is a unique time for me and my father in the birds chirping in the morning and the violet dusk, to the fields or open space views back to the small farm house, I often days when Mama Liang, pulled the cows go to the fields go, then pulled his father to the home of another uncle cow head in the closing jacket.I helped my father plow, to cow wearing halter, tied the reins, father fasten rope cattle, fasten your tripe belt loop and rope, began plowing up.I took the cows go in the furrows, walking on the banks of the child, his father “was autumn”, “autumn was” yelling, loud voice broke the solitude of the fields, dispelled my hazy sleep.Father raised the whip from time to time to throw a few flowers whip crisp, crisp whip like to spend my New Year firecrackers lit, swirling over the field, to the serene sky split open one new hole.I was pushing or pulling hard cattle, so cattle set foot on the banks of the child, bowed his head and measure the distance in my footsteps and banks son with his eyes, a little inattentive, his father would call “risk” and “heavy” sometimes provoke my father reprimanded meal.Father waving a whip crying cow, while their feet Hu Chuaizhuo plow base.To the edge of a farm, his father stumble with the body in one hand and lift the plow in one hand and grabbed the rope loop cow, dragging a long mouth accent, cadence shouted: “Er – back.”I quickly turned around and pull off the cow, a cow promote the furrow set foot on the banks of child.Father put down the plow, let the cows a little rest, he took the opportunity to use rubbing dirt on the soles spade, plow back the grass poked with a whip, then Fuxia Shen son, pick up the grass to throw the edge of the road, etc. bring back the belongings dry firewood.Father constantly yelling, loud and high-pitched voice, in the morning, in this land over rough smelled, and therefore the whole village comes alive.The day was dawning, and people are also small road gradually more.Fields farm work people have sprung up, their heads bowed like a father, watching the land, waving his hand tools sharp and shiny, looking moist fertile ground for the seeds of the dream, and then grow their own cereals mid Mancang more than the pure and holy dream.Such a simple ideal of life has exhausted their lifetime, their simple living, hard to walk with, both tried to write his own life in the spring and in the dust of years, no regrets.Sun all day long from them barefoot over, its sinister traces of branded engraved on their reddish-brown face and chest back.When the last sun engulfed their skinny thin shadow, day labor and it must end, my father unloaded the set when twilight was approaching.In the evening the village, smoke curl, twilight wild Courtyard, the entire village in the shadow of twilight seem simple decency.I take the cows go home in a small way, cattle heavy breathing stroking my back.Tired and weary I took a chill through sweat and hunger, I saw the lights of a small courtyard rises, thinking of his mother made hot meals, mind hastily, Si Jin grabbed sluggish large cattle his way home.Home leash cattle, wiping sweat strike, strike wash face, sitting on the steps of the courtyard, the body has melted, to see his mother busy in the light meal, watch his father by the dim light wiping tools.Pain in the foot resting nowhere, I really want to sleep early.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) to a ridge a ridge plow finally finished in the large cattle tottering steps, father, uncle and uncle hurry autumn, my father would wake me up early, put wheat led Aquilegia.Chilly morning, I was walking in the fields wearing Jiaao.Ground shadows scattered, only to hear the sound of crying animals come and go rough on the field, greeted the children down wheat seed sounds hastily, heavily, in either a wheat was rocked to “brush” ringing, dial seed whip around swinging, tapping with a thin sheet of columbine, issued crisp sound, occasionally mixed with the sound of tractors.Various sounds together into one, as the tide swept over my head, a long roundabout.Great people waving columbines, while those who said gossip, I do not feel lonely.Because of the many, often called the father in the family uncles help, a piece of land, there forty-five animals while labor.Pour wheat seed to advance to prepare the people to see either a closer, ran down seed, then ran back to the second group of good wheat seed bowl, pour on to the next Aquilegia.Sometimes this fall Aquilegia not complete, the next building has no seeds, because the impatient and slow, often wheat seed will spread outside the columbine, indispensable to the big people’s rebuke and scold.This time, I wanted to grow up quickly, to leave here to go outside, people leave this heavy and depressing place, was gradually on the germination of a new idea, a new will on the more faith in casting to the more tough.The sun came out, the fog gradually scattered.Father shook Aquilegia, stop calling me “pulled” “lift the” beast, and the sound from light to heavy, from small to big, from mild to severe, I have carefully Shihou cow.Cattle sometimes lose control, his father beat it with a whip, it can bear a few steps away.On one occasion, his father beat whipping cattle fell heavily on my fragile shoulders, I Ziyaliezui pain, tears in his eyes swirling.Undressed home, a red fingers thick slanting edge like a snake lying on the shoulder.Unforgettable memories of pain, I would like to play mind to escape from here.However, the father was simple and sincere to his feet move along this piece of land.Father often at noon Xieshang, roll an old pipe down, put on a straw hat, carrying a hoe onto the edge of a field.Father dig the ground to plow his head did not hit the ground or where Hu base, brown land shines father brown face.Like the sweat hanging line, a large wet clothes on the back, firmly attached to the back of his barren, gray layers of sweat appeared on clothes.Noon the field quiet, even insects also calls into hiding.From afar, silent father, lonely figure, towering alone, like the reflection of trees in water clearly outline but emaciated.He’s like a little white sail on a sea journey, to make a withdrawal of people’s attention, makes melancholy.I often stood in the village after the soil beam, two-hand flared, take in the mouth, shouting themselves hoarse father was home for dinner.The cry is still clearly still, I miss the sound of tearing the heart and lungs.I love my father, as he loves this land as.Father loves the heart and soul of this land, no matter what kind of excitement and joy to his father, to his father how much or whether it fresh wounds and pain, my father always consistent breathe the pure land of breath , dedicated true to his life coordinates.Keep a promise like he usually does not give up, like a devout believer of mind “Potala Palace” three knock nine worship, in his body I saw the spirit of the ascetic.As exhausted as he took the life of this tour ox carts full in this land struggling to moving forward with.But someone put that life as a “pastoral”, perhaps those men of letters after a career sinister and worldly hustle and bustle, mental and physical exhaustion, occasional work, a very small amount of labor, it might have made him temporarily forget the troubles, and access to spiritual liberation and enjoyment aloof.But my father was not a poet, his long years of painstaking land lying in his living space is definitely not “idyllic” type, but suffering.Suffering makes his tall body premature stoop-shouldered, and suffering makes him live in poverty, ragged, suffering makes him ill afford only son moaning, suffering so that he does not get the respect of others and endure humiliation, suffering so that he had to stand in this land with extraordinary perseverance to accept new suffering.However, many can not make the suffering father from the land, said the land was his father’s roots, his roots growing in the land where.The vast vast land of the achievements of his father’s life, but also his father accepted everything, including his fresh ideas, including his perverse and biased, including his suffering endured and the vision of a happy life, and his many unfinished dream, and his shriveled body.It’s all deeply embedded in the earth, embedded in the years to bridge the.Rye is the father of this land, I deeply understand this difficult and painful watch.Many of the details of the Pentium in my blood flowing, flowing into my unforgettable memories and thoughts of his old.

And accompanying book day

Part one: the book accompanying the day there is a pleasure to read, there is a move to harvest, there is a realm steeped.  Always wanted in the dead of night, brew a pot of warm tea, point a light heart, with a moon window, reclining bed, holding meditation volumes, with accompanying book.In the lingering atmosphere of tea in Yixin obsession of browsing in the book the sea, devout search.And the book accompanying the day, it will make you an informed mind and bright.Because it is the mentor, is the life of a lamp to illuminate your life’s long road.An old saying: straight down in front of three thousand words, no little chest times dust, reading can open your mind, your spiritual sustenance, enchant your soul, so that you have a cheerful attitude, open-minded mind, insight into the mind of the world.You can make heart and lofty aspirations satisfied that the Sea.We have busy watching the flowers bloom, clouds scud across the indifferent state of mind, allowing you to avoid the reef shallows, overcoming all obstacles, invincible, for your life at the helm of that route.  And the book accompanying the day, it will grant you knowledge, wisdom endowed you.Because it is the source of knowledge, wisdom boat, carrying you swim in the ocean’s scholarly, greedy taking nutritional essence, indulge in a ink Kaori.On to astronomy, geography, down to the ways of the world, all-powerful, nothing less.Across time and space tunnel, any thoughts you ride flying, coquettish taste.Courtly scholar weak, pale idle word poetry masterpiece Quotes, vulgar hack Masterpieces of snow on the wind flower, you will make ripples, cherished.Read the sacred makes you intoxicated, fine chemicals slowly chew, taste the scholarly, chew charm.Make you able to self, to cultivation, to Yew, the situation is through things.In the ever-changing, complicated things in the world, let you ease standing invincible, and accompanied by a book of the day, life would be happy filling.All feel a sadness troubles disappear, let your mind and body away from the noisy quarrels, disputes and grievances aside to rest.”Asked him that so clear, that there is water flowing,” so that books give your heart to import Creek steady stream of holy water, moisturize your dry and slightly lonely heart.You will be immersed in which to roam the sea and tireless ink Shu-shan.You will suddenly find that life is no longer lonely, no longer dark world.The book also good to Wonderland, will let you forget, benefit!  And the book accompanying the days of silent reading, great atmosphere, quiet sentiment.This exclusive scholarly, this contend, this quiet.Who is not an elegant enjoy it?  Late at night, light a month, I would rather indulge in this book the sea, and the books sleep.    Part II: the book accompanying the days of vast earth, such as gurgling brook, washing Aging; shuttle time, such as time clocks stop, recorded before walking the line of life.In this noisy hustle and bustle of Red Dust, where I’m going to look for orchids Hui Chi, charm Xiahe, Qiu Feng Hongyan, winter snows uninhibited?How can I avoid the annoyance earthly?Where it will be my spiritual paradise?Looking at the cupboard full of books, I have one friend – book.  The night quietly, clock ticking.My thoughts cruising in the tunnel of time and space in.Tossing and turning, wrote picks up a book, read mesmerized makes a product, like a friend for years, and a taste of life in.Nightlife net book house of gold.The book is a source of wisdom, and it is a symbol of wisdom.Reading can enlighten my mind, made me grow knowledge; read also kept me away from impetuous, worry and noisy; you can also express their aspirations and confusion and doubt note of at the moment; wander, each book permeated everything between the lines We are deeply intoxicated and obsessed me.These can make me feel close to the breath of life, so I will be more to love life.  In this field of knowledge of the book, even though I was just a curious look around in the grass sprouts exposed the colorful world, but I’m also eager to thrive in this vast expanse of the world of knowledge.I was hungry smelling the aroma of the earth at the moment, sucking the nutrients of the soil.There are really good book accompanied by the day!  ”Asked him what so clear, as there is water flowing.”.The book contains the philosophy and style, it is my life flowing gurgle of running water.With the book of life companions, it will make my life more exciting.  Book – I want to betray you, in the future I will spend more time with you.  Because only a broad knowledgeable in your mind, I will not waste time and mediocrity, with your companions and incentives, I will ride forward on the stage of life, closer and better!  And the book accompanying nice day!

And a four

2008 at 14:28 on May 12, China had seven.8 earthquake, the epicenter in Sichuan’s Wenchuan quake affected more than half of China.Party and the country with the fastest speed, called on the whole Party, army and people across the country about the Sichuan earthquake bailout, the state leaders went to the disaster areas to guide disaster relief, people sent to the disaster area warm, countless Chinese people waiting concerned about the situation in the disaster relief front of the TV, TV playing numerous disaster relief, disaster area people help themselves touching stories in which people feel us, “one and four” is the story of countless touching tears in a, I do not know the names of characters in the story, but I do not want these to be the story of the characters we know the name of the write down, to comfort the victims compatriots mind.He, a disaster area for a school math teacher, 2008 May 12 at noon as usual, he accompanied his wife at home eating dinner, his wife looked at his thin face, painfully tucked into his food bowl He said: “you’re so busy, and people are lost, eat, pay attention to your body.”He looked at the eyes of his wife’s care, heart sweet honey, smiled and said:” Nothing, my body is all right.I was dean, and now the children studies sprint stage, I can not throw loose, which is promising big things children, and other students bid farewell to this session, I will take a break.”The wife reluctantly shook his head, turned and gave him a bowl of soup Sheng.Enough to eat a bowl push him away, everything left his wife because he was no time to take care of home, school, students need him a lot of things on the school educational administration still waiting for him, and his afternoon math class, as well as his own course ah.When he looked at his wife when closed look busy at home, feeling guilty, leaning on the handle embarrassed grimaces to his wife and said: “Hey, tough wife, bye, bye-bye.”Entering his office, he lined up the day’s work in the educational work diary, lesson plans math class again in the afternoon out of view to watch, speak to the students in need to focus on the place, a few red circle marks, which class when ready rang, he stood up, his clothes full, capacity, holding books, lesson plans walked to the classroom, he does not know and can not know death as he strode positive and walked to the classroom.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) to deeply he told the class from shallow with mathematical principles to analyze a mathematical formula giving top priority to the students, the students listened attentively, remember.Suddenly, the classroom began to shake, and before we react, roof slabs and bricks have begun to fall, fear of children began howling, classroom whack.He desperately shouting: “Do not panic, we drill down under the table, and slowly climb out!”He did not know his children to hear their cry, he simply commanded, shouting, then a brick split head in the crash hit to him, and his own body rushed to prop up his hand, will teach in front of tightly cover your desk, desperately shouting: “children, quickly climbed out from under the table, fast!fast.”Before he screams, the building has collapsed, but he still goes on patrol with his own flesh and blood to teach tables, it is the lifeblood of the children escape!One, two, three, four.We know this from under the table and successfully survived four students.Four children survived when people find rescue him, he is still teaching table that patrol posture, but his back had smashed bloody.He’s gone, I still do not know the teacher’s name, probably a lot of people like me do not know the people’s teacher’s name.But his story touched all the people present, moved hundreds of millions of TV viewers.After he escapes his wife heard the touching story, thought of her husband, her husband is also a teacher, and she wanted her husband to the same teacher bowed, express their respect.Close to him, close to him again, his wife really did not expect the teacher of the people is the hero of their loved ones!It is that lunch was so affectionate husband.Silent tears and the rain flowing, is sad, is moved, is revered.

Ancient boat guy Den

Ancient boat ancient boat guy guy Den Den is the home of Zhou Jian Da Den. Zhou Jian Dazu membership Hengyang, grandparents for a living to move to the East County Lu quay settlement.Because here yard, rely waterway dealings, his father out of a desire on the vessel, its child named “ancient boat guys”.Therefore, the veteran Zhou their place of birth, that is Xiangjiang River First Bay, under Jianfeng, next to the temple incense lasted nearly a century old house transformed into a den guy ancient ship. Many former residences of celebrities, basically empty, leaving only Zhaizi, mountains, rivers or ponds, for people to look.Its fresh life trajectory, brilliant matchless career, were moving moment of historical achievements, can only focus of attention in the course of history go, to cherish the memory.Week old is not a big celebrity, but a local philanthropist, good man.His study “fails to empty the building, where the traditional Yun.Cultural power road, offering a basketful chat function “.Den no books, but there are hundreds of sub-painting from around the country to collect, process works, including poems, couplets, calligraphy, paintings, stone carvings, photography, bamboo stick, etc., mostly from everyone, Malibu hand.These works “outstanding cultural heritage of both the motherland, but also the sublimation of traditional Chinese culture..Not only elegant, it taste different, but also tremendous Manner, convey powerful positive energy. “. Into the study like walking into the painting Grand View Garden.Came to the main hall, Hall left the wooden wall in the middle is still tour calligrapher wrote the “ship of ancient man den” five characters, dignified vigorous, vigorous strokes, Pumao vigorous, flowing charm.Below is a week old own writing, writing Boat Song Changtai ancient man den profiles, articles poetic, unique calligraphy.Left and right are the famous calligrapher Qi Gong, Li Duo, Shen Peng, Ouyang Zhongshi, Aixinjueluo yuzhan other works, Tang Shen Peng Yu Shinan book poem “cicada”, “vertical string of cap drink clear gel, flow out loud Shu Tong.Home shouted from far, is to use non-autumn “, hardness and softness, glittering; Ouyang Zhongshi book ‘level ridge should try a horse, awaiting the wind sail’, Yan Wan beautiful, chic Yi; Li Duo Book” Cangwu related Shun , the trip to the south still not here.Bamboo rustling tears, Miao Yuan Jiuyishan “unadorned Chen Xiong, vigorous upright, natural and graceful and smooth; Song Liu Yuxi Aixinjueluo yuzhan book” willow leaves word “,” Saibei plum bamboo flute blowing, Huainan Gui tree hill word.Please Jun Mo played the former song, listen to sing a new turn willow leaves, “free and easy charm, vigorous vigorous, agile body, methodically; Qi Gong book” broad and deep late spring, food to be boat back.Extravagant extravagant Ophelia exhibition, weeping willows sweeping re-open the “velvet glove, natural and easy, graceful elegance and charming gorgeous.There are some unique calligraphy calligrapher, filling their room, the scent of ink bursts. Side of the hall there are two, one is a tea room, a room is written, are covered with words, books, paintings.Is tearoom mostly local native painter of calligraphy.Beautiful women sitting at a long table tea make tea, guests are free to come offer a cup of tea.A beauty, a few patrons, the number of deputy walls hang paintings, elegant Fun, wells.This is the den design and producers Song Changtai its student-centered visits den specially designed scene.Painting is usually between weeks old painting, calligraphy land, hanging on the wall is Liu Mingtai, Zhou Jinlong, ZHENG Ying Zhou and other old and my calligraphy, paintings.Weeks old calligraphy graceful, yet the whole chapter and regulations, which they painted shrimp, bamboo lifelike, and Chen went to raw bamboo sticker, after decades still immortal. Followed by camphor garden and balcony.Zhang little garden, planted some trees and sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, leading to the back door in the wall hung a 12 weeks old my “Ode village” poetry, respectively, by weeks old himself, children, grandchildren writing, carved soapstone.Not only words are written pretty cool, and each poem is full of Zen, filled with nostalgia for home, admiration.Remember one two “Wangjiang” poem, one is “ancient river port in front of thousands of miles, surging generous and generous.Koki shares have water back, wake up wandering hometown newspaper, “is another song” The river flows through the white beaches, like the left side of the stone fruit plate.Edible be advisable to watch, advise a word Mo greedy heart. “.Before one said, Portrait hometown of Xiangjiang River water torrents, toward the sea.But because there was a “back water”, stirred up every Lu quay out people who have a heart return home.Weeks old, too, he was an active fund-raising for the construction of new rural hometown to contribute, Temple incense expansion, renovation Central Primary School and village clinics, nursing home village, the village department, the village library and so on, by the old folk praise and affection.After a legend Guo He borrowed the mountain, warn future although there is an inexhaustible supply of gold and silver, but not greedy, self-defeating.After reading these 12 “Ode village” hymn, they went to the back door, back door is an ancient barrier over hundreds of years, wrote a couplet weeks old people on both sides of the back door “between ancient camphor tree foliage, small garden between Guangxi and Hunan “.Although small park here, but in between Hunan, Guangxi, location is very important Oh.In the camphor garden, in the weeks old hands built two two-story house, live in the first floor and second floor of the exhibition hall between writing.What were full of “happiness,” Gu Nianzu landscape, etc..The atmosphere is also very strong local culture. Why spend weeks old so much wealth and energy to build their own is not here Nagai’s Den?In his own words, it is to serve the community, Thanksgiving hometown, dream round Cultural Complex, home to nourish human life with the culture, with art inspired by his hometown of inspiration for his hometown people live with more poetic, let’s face becomes home a more colorful.He has posted a couplet on the door: “good pay off the ship ancient ritual, the text will be a nice ring den.”I believe because destined, only in this shared culture and art bring us beautiful and moving.Because destined only to explore each other in this vein and root origins of traditional Chinese culture.Because destined, only one here met with words quite well, Closely consultation, Brief Encounter. Ancient boat guy Den, has become an attraction Lu quay, became the first Gulf tour to Xiangjiang River, the temple incense to Buddha can not go place.

Ancient bell melodious

This is an historic school.  It is a former school school, after school moved into the collection owned by the public instead of big yard landlord, but also migrate into the wilderness after this village.Vicissitudes of life, changing times, breaking past few rows of tile-roofed house torn down, now built two buildings either side of this, a large playground, weeping willows campus trails, landscapes and flower beds with sculpture, fountain, everywhere to show their vitality a village school.  School buildings to enable that day, several had worked at the school after the ribbon-cutting white-haired old man, unanimously recommended that the mouth accompanied by decades of wind and rain ancient school bell hanging on the beam to the top of the stairs in front of the office.  No one can say where this has ancient bell mouth is the casting of years, only a legend out of the official position of prominent people from the private school school, did not forget Shien, the more excited young man, this cast iron bell mouth.He hundred feet 20 kilos, sixty-five cm tall, bell skirt fifty-eight cm in diameter, wall thickness of six centimeters, hanging in the middle of a huge oval cast iron bell mallet, hammer bell hole in the bottom of the bolt length stout nylon rope, hammer struck the bell in the bell lap place was grinding out deep dents, getting wide skirt in the “rebel” years been using a sledgehammer smashed a small triangular gap along the gap thirty-four stretched up the cracks of varying thickness.  I remember when it was hung on campus Tangli a tall tree, knocked up, have a radius of more than ten years could hear that voice deep and loud, lingering stretches.  That was when I was young, we often hear the melodious bell, there will be an urgent desire, age of eight, and finally in rapid bursts into the gate of the bells.I was a love child to sleep late, especially in the spring season, parents wake me again and again, who should be in my mouth, he turned around and drop off to sleep, hazy, the “clang clang – clang clang – – “ready bell rang, then Yi Gulu getting up, hurried dressing, skip meals, ran Beiqishubao.  This deep and melodious bell, the village boy had aroused much desire for reading, encouraging how many children strenuous efforts, starting from here, walked into the high school until the university towards the threshold.  Easy Spring Festival, when I become a teacher again walked into the school, the campus has been fitted with a bell, that bell mouth old retired.It is lying quietly in a corner of the school warehouse, the top covered with dust, which is covered with cobwebs, has been abandoned in childhood memories, dumb to the depths of the years.  In ringing tones, the inadvertently 10 years later.During this period, even someone to take things cluttered warehouse, see the old bell, the proposed principal to sell it later also had come to buy a pack rat, the end result has a kind of old school bell and hard to break away love, there is that beautiful legend but did not sell to.  Now, at the suggestion of several of the elderly, which I rusty, rough lines and plump, Tongshen revealing that suffered a lot of ancient and dignified old clock, as a rural primary progressive growth and development of historical evidence again hang up, hang in this beautiful grand staircase school buildings, was actually so harmonious, simple and solemn.  On the first week, beating off the bell ancient bell class, it has become a system of this school.Understanding of the ancient bell, listening to ancient bell also became the first lesson at the beginning of the semester students understand school history education.  ”Clang clang – clang clang -” “clang clang – clang clang -” It seems melodious bell came from the depths of history, through the campus around the Yang Lin, floating over the village, echoed in the vast field.  This bell is still deep and loud, lingering stretches..

An old desk

November 28, 1994, I want to go to work, after the township government, I am happy family man.I am not happy, face expressionless.It is said that the township is a very poor very poor village, but also in remote, inconvenient transportation and.I do not want to go, it is unable to control himself, to his father cried stretch.The results still to go, so many tears glistening white shed.    From afar, the township government compound in the middle of crowded shabby houses, did not imagine the five-star red flag flying over the roof.The pock-marked front is a narrow asphalt road.Door open, pour the walls to look like, above the white hay casually shaking in the breeze.Three rows of red brick and red tile house trembling, a surge of small wind blown.Green paint off the doors and windows rolled, glass failure, corner brick was injured, the brick wall in the sun wind and rain are slim, and depression into the wall, a red powder off the foot of the wall.Every, every one can see are the age-old run-down, we are on the eve of the death of Wei Chuan sick.Even some hay yard leaves seem to be left behind in ancient times.    Come from the first row of the last row, I did not see a person.All the open space in front of the last row house weeds, there is a high one, tightly covered the ground, which is more unoccupied.I fear sprang from the hay in what used to, such as Mr. Lu said the serpent and beauty snake like, so I hurried back to the front of the first row of houses, where I unlocked the door one by one knock, knock I do not know a few doors to the first, it was finally agreed, and the warm reception I.    Reception me, no matter from where looks are an authentic farmer, like just finish farm return, how would such a person does not want contact with the township government staff together.No time to think, he took me to open the warehouse door, pick a better set of tables and chairs from the piles of junk, about ten years off the dust.Together we carried the first row of rooms, before left corridor on the west side of the second Jian Wu.Found in many of the keys in that key, with the same degree of difficulty to find the key that opens the door.A smell of mildew air blowing, pushing me backwards.”We limited conditions, you will be on the point of it.”He assured me that the windows and turn around for me, the rear window of a window almost down the decline.    After he left, I stand in the middle of the room, I do not know where they came, trance fell on the dust heap, into the back of years old.My heart was overshadowed.    I bring simple household items I do not know where to put, where the feeling will not put.One hand clinging to something, a hand took out the toilet paper, cut to length a length, semi-paved bed, put my stuff.Look around, a shack, a broken bed, a broken table, a broken chair, is my office and dormitory.My chest feel oppressed, helpless lonely look sad Youyuan gushing from the mouth from the nasal cavity from the eyes, I squatted on the ground crystal tears falling on hard, spent the rest of the half roll of toilet paper.White toilet paper, like the dust in the dust falls out of a blossoming flower holy, is ironic to me, or to the house of satire?    When I became natives, house clean; when the white towel into a black towel, a table showing its pale yellow.Table surface covered with years of wrinkles, deep wrinkles anyway depth width of roads is black.Three drawers stiffened, will not pull out, the table filled with the vicissitudes of generations of master story.I single-handedly beat up the bottom drawer, a hand drawer, and finally pulled out.The bodies of insects, rat droppings, also showed the.The story actually those old bones mixed in feces.    In this full of vicissitudes cobweb on desk, I started my career.Billing, payment and collection, tabulation and other services have carried on this desk, sometimes until late at night.    When in November 1996 and the township, I incorporated into my desk with escorting late township government, it continues to accompany me.    July 1997 completion of the new township government, with my desk and I moved to a new government compound.Government compound in a brick and tile plants and trees are new, or old desk.    Just moved into the new compound the next day, working on the right track, that is, the next day, I remember most the most interesting thing is that I’m sitting at the desk wages ago, my daughter just turned one year old leaning in my arms, in my drill in large shirt.She is not tall desk.My office, her sucking.Many people around the table, no one found her.She had enough, he comes up with a smile.Colleagues shocked and laughing, there is a villain children under original desk.    June 2006 withdrawal of the rural town, township government to upgrade, and was promoted to the town government, the desk is not upgraded, or old.    My desk is my table, three meals a day, I use it to eat.Meal, I think my classmates when I go to school and my classmates is to eat on this rectangular table, although different materials of different colors of different old and new, can feel the same, often caused me to miss classmates.    My desk is my parlor tables, classmates and friends came, with all this hospitality desk.Around the table chatting, twittering, talk for one night, poker thrown around the table, that mad King but also as a student as.Crazy over again across the table and said some small secret, then giggle.    My desk is my study table.Does not work, I will read some books, what books are read, ancient poetry prose fiction magazine.I love reading love books, more and more books on the desk.There followed years of my big dictionary, placed on my desk.    I like to decorate my desk, a tall, narrow green beer bottle vase to do.When the spring is not flowering, just a few light yellow germination of switchgrass inserted in the bottle, spring came to my room.Peach apricot opened, it will open on my desk.Smell the flowers, watching the petals, I will multiply the spirit, refreshing.As long as I see the flowers, as long as we can find in the courtyard of flowers will open on my desk.White morning glory purple pink, I would pinch come, peach-like green leaves set off on a morning glory vine long, from the bottle onto the desktop, sometimes dragged them on the page, it is poetic.Once I get a few chives.Colleagues surprised how also inserted chives?Chives also spend it, small white leek can not feel humble, brilliant blooming.Can not find the time to spend the winter, a few pieces of twigs in a vase, glue flowers of my own making, with red, yellow, purple, there are a few thousand origami cranes fly in the branches, not bad.    Photo of my daughter, but also on my desk.White smile, white teeth, a white angel dress, a pair of big white wings, she wants to fly up.It considerably to my desk.    I love my desk, it shabby, shabby I love it, I can not do without it, I can not do without it.    New colleagues, are used to buy a new desk, although new, but no more than the story of my desk seniority deep experience, it is a veteran witness to history, my life witness, it is my intimate partner, my beloved friend, use it like an old friend and talk dialogue, always feels at ease.    Later, I had my own office, desk to stay in the dormitory, its office functions receded, but I still used to call the desk, because this is my nickname it the.