All kinds of valuable lotus, is the first time I saw, I wish you a touch of fragrant summer wind

All kinds of valuable lotus, are the first to see, smell and touch of style you wish Cheyenne!  - Reply Poetry, send your poetry writing tips – green label above the point you can listen to music ◆◆◆ Bihe Health Quan, Asahi brilliant and fresh, beautiful masterpiece toner, fragrance who will pass?  Lotus, another name lotus, lotus, water Chi, Chi Ze, blooms, Handan, water once, hibiscus and other water.  In China, the lotus is to worship a gentleman.  ”Kwan Fong spectrum”, said all things first and then the real China, China alone this real life together.One hundred dredge, Wan awakened exquisite, Kingston Hua, lightness finds, of flowers gentleman.  There after Zhou’s “Reminiscence” to independent Eleonora of lightness finds, Qing Lian without demon, straight in the pass, not spread without branches, Hong Yuan Yi Qing, Tingting net plant, can be a distance but not fondle Yan.Far-reaching.  Unbearably hot in summer, it is better to enjoy together with poems Jun stunning lotus, you would like: Summer safe, healthy summer!Happy Summer!a cool summer!  Indian goddess red lotus table ▼ ▼ ▼ Star peony Wenjun whisk ▼ Thai white skunk cabbage ▼ ▼ Kam tournament game Sunrise Buddha seat ▼ ▼ ▼ lanceolate love without hate pink water lily ▼ Mexico ▼ Ma Huang Shan girl ▼ ▼ Blue Jays flower Alocasia ▼ Colorado ▼ having color lilies ▼ yellow Joey ▼ yellow floral water lily ▼ yellow perfume lotus ▼ Huang master Niangniang ▼ flower YE lilies ▼ red lilies ▼ red crab claw lilies ▼ red edge lotus ▼ Florida ▼ powder River station ▼ powder layer Torr Tsui ▼ ▼ France Crow Mattila Orange Peel HL Doberman ▼ ▼ ▼ independent investigation Lanna Si Chong ▼ lily Lueang off ▼ Nympaea DirectorGorge?.Moore ▼ Nympaea.Yonglarp ▼ Nympaea DirectorGorge?.▼ Moore spotted spider lily blue crab claw ▼ spot YE perfume lily white lotus ▼ ▼ ▼ Australia Australia blue water lily red lily pink water lily ▼ ▼ Australia Egyptian blue water lily water lily Albert ▼ ▼ Natural beauty carving This is gentleman flower – lotus!  Click here for more exciting content: ◎ is owned by his side, used to love to take long ◎ 5 words wrong 3!Nanshan leisurely to see the correct pronunciation is.  ◎ Why do people want to read, this beautiful answer ◎ picked up a brush, to life with your favorite color ◎ Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion backstage dialog reply Good morning, Jun poetry have something to say to you ▼ click on “read the original” find more exciting content

After determining why the relationship had changed man?

After determining why the relationship had changed man?The purpose of this section is designed to help you uncover the truth emotions, so that you have a happy sweet love, to build a harmonious and happy family, at the same time, it can be self-improvement.  — — here is to say in front of emotional Q & A section, here are Binbin rational emotional coaches to help you interpret the emotional problems in and save the crisis of emotion.Though not a cure, but it can make you strong.Two-dimensional code sweep the bottom of the article, you can enter the service area of emotional coaches.A free consultation, not only to you, but the answer is definitely your personal and exclusive.Poke holes in the trees to the right, you can make your problem publicly resolvable?I am a tree hole, straining to poke my 01 Keywords: boyfriend does not warm me to accompany him on leave two days did not how to contact me Word Count: 1251 words long reading: 4 minutes Advisory girlfriends basic situation: Female, 29 years old, the monthly income of 3000 -8000, prefecture-level city.He was 28 years old, more than 3,000 police, monthly income.  Q: The two of us is a good mutual friend introduced know, we both love at first sight, is to talk to.4.No. 7 together, now more than two months, May to travel, has been rolling across the sheets, my 87 years of his 89 years in January.I am a teacher, he was the police.He has no emotional experience.I was his first real girlfriend.I talked to two boyfriend.And I ran to go get married.He is Aquarius.I’m Aries.He usually did not contact me, sometimes a day no message, vacation time may twelve days no news, do not contact me.I talked to three times the official told him, asked him why so, he did not say, I am very sincere to me, let him say something passion.But every time Moving on, he insisted only about one and a half.Yesterday I completely can not stand, because he was on leave two days did not how to contact me, last night 9.30 I called him, he said in a dinner with friends, I hung up the phone, then he called me back home around ten o’clock, talked for two, hung up.I mention quietly to each other.If he can not change, broke.He did not warm to me, I am very worried.Click on the image to enlarge ◆◆◆◆◆ A: You say you see sincere passion I have to let him to the point I laughed.Enthusiasm can not request something, but he should come from the heart revealed.  I do not know what your passion is standard for men?It is considered a daily telephone or warm it stick together?  You really did not understand this man species, the male desire for communication in general is much lower than women.You may say that you initially met when he was very sticky you ah, but you know the pursuit of a woman when full of hope and joy, is one of the most passionate state, and passion is a very state, it is not possible continue long state.Feelings of two people have peak plains, but the difference between the duration of each person makes a difference, I guess the problem between you is likely that there is misalignment in your state to determine each other’s feelings.For many men, go to bed means that relations have entered another stage, into the relatively stable period.For you, maybe this means to further promote relations, but also have more expectations.Now that you’ve had sex, talk does not make sense to delay gratification.I guess for him, you have entered a stable period, and for you, you still enjoy the taste of passion.You take yourself very state of the state to ask for normal state.If I might be wrong, then for you, you have to manage your expectations, and for him, you let him clearly realizes that he should make an effort with your emotions pace.  Everyone’s comfort zone is not the same, but also demands a huge difference.There is a joke this to say: women prefer silence to punish men, but most men prefer silence.For men, speaking quietly alone is not the most comfortable state, while women like to be called together from time to time Niwai Niwai feelings.  Everyone gets to dull enthusiasm, slowly into their comfort zone, which is bound to experience the other side of the state does not meet our expectations, but you really have to go through a little faster.  You may have entered the beginning signs of a dull, you do not put forward their claims by way of coquetry and the like, but with a questioning tone of the requirements and demands made on him.Do you think you are very sincere, but between men and women solve the problem by not sincere, but to use some small mind, to re-create some of the atmosphere to induce the occurrence of passion.  Give an opinion you mentioned, men are more single-minded animal, you have to be very clear requirements.I asked him for a special passion point is vague statement, let him know what to do.You can try to every day is to leave at least and I spent every night must be called to say he could well understand the details of the night, etc..Do not let him guess, this is not a man of good aspects.  If now I interviewed about your boyfriend, is estimated to fall in love for the first time, he is still in the state forced it to rip off.  02 Key words: I do not want to derail property disputes left his house and the fox Word Count: 750 words long reading: 2.5 minutes Advisory girlfriends basic situation: Female, 28 years old, revenue 3000-8000, county.Ex-boyfriend aged 34, occupational physicians, the question is, for the problem of the house, how do I handle better.  Q: I paid the down payment together with ex-boyfriend to buy a house, real estate license each 50% share of the decoration is a person I have to worry about packing finished clearing.After the feelings of both cracks because they did not know how to communicate and resolve to see each other each other are all kinds of unhappy.There is a female colleague knowing he has a girlfriend situation, chasing him very tight, the two have been micro-channel chat, and finally he spirit of the derailment, after I cold violence, I can not take the initiative to mention breaking out in.Parting verbal negotiation: He gave me some money this year, next year to give the remaining part of the house waiting for him to 6 years after the mortgage has finished, I helped him apply for transfer procedures.At one month after I moved home to pack things, he had found the woman to take home overnight.The moment I can not accept, he would not want to leave his house and the fox, I want to sell the house belonging to my share of the money away.But he did not want to sell, a month after he promised to give me half of the money, in the end of the year to find ways to give me another half.If I forced him to sell me back my money, we will be completely decorum, after all, we were together for six years, I did not entirely put down to him.But I found that he had put the woman back to our home rolled sheets, I can not accept.I feel not sell, my own heart make life difficult for the Hom, do you feel the wedding dress for her people.Sellers Our relationship was stormy at times may even see the court.Especially now tangled, I do not know whether to sell the house?  ◆◆◆◆◆ A: I was renovated people, you say you stare finished independent clean package decoration I especially admire you, it must be very tired, kind of a little bit of his own nest building up experience will let you his house full of feelings, but also full of hope for future life.So why boyfriend made a mistake, you never own the house they moved out to the Teng place?The two of you together to buy a house how can you let him live?Why do not you get rid of him?  You tangled point particularly strange, you are worried about forced him to sell now will make your relationship becomes very stiff, you do a good relationship right now?He betrayed your feelings, he derailed a fact, but also the fact that together with others, to derail the object to the fact that your house is to live.You have come to this point, you are still thinking left a good impression after breaking up?Do you want him to lead you love?  There are a lot of silly girl would like to express their parting still in love, to express their feelings more than anything else heavy.So what are not, compromise on the division of property, let this man think you realize that losing such a good girl go later regret.I mean, you think too much!You have much hatred with their?  You are thrown into the house and put the money in the renovation, a poverty-stricken what means lower capital into a relationship?For women, real estate has always been a very big thing, when your feelings have broken, you want to figure out what the house.Even went to court and how?New Year keep ex-boyfriend?  When you lose love, please do a good job for your money.  — — final say in when you walk into the love of Silent Hill, faced huge emotional problem, do not face alone!Sweep under the Fanger Wei code, tell your emotional problems, Binbin rational emotional coach tour arrived and help you improve your emotional well-being index.  Stamp here △ author emotion coaches Binbin rational emotion coaches, with sharp language, spicy style, to tell you the truth of emotion.At the same time, we committed to help you interpret the emotional problems in and save the crisis of emotion.Love makes you happy harvest, with harmonious family, and get self-improvement — guess you also like these articles — Kyo: Why I chose Song Zhongji, but not others!  For a woman traveling alone means danger, or Aventure?  Song Hye Kyo: Why I chose Song Zhongji, but not others!  20-year-old woman PK30-year-old woman, who you optimistic?  Such a boyfriend and rogue What is the difference?  ↙ stamp reading [the original] Here are your exclusive tree holes

About growing, this is the best answer I’ve ever heard

About growing, this is the best I’ve ever heard of to help answer Heart (micro letter: luyuexinli) have co-senior author of the paper Shu Qing Qing heart of the world’s two kinds of people: one is an adult, one is a child.  Happy to do the adults who enjoy powerful, like the show a sense of power; happy to do children who like to relax, always wanted to play carefree.The real mature person, not only do adults, and children do.  Recall: When you’re busy doing adult time, forget that they are children, continue to move forward, never stop, until the body to resist: I was sick, I had to stop the.  When you’re busy doing child, forget that they are an adult, always eager to be taken care of, protected, like a vine plant, forever dependent on others.  If you are an adult child can do, then you can not relax and enjoy the comfort, be happy to take care of fragile; only do if you’re a child of an adult, you will be a lack of confidence, not powerful, life hiding in snail shells , not daring to dare to break the red.  Split it?Split!Because very often, and we have a very strange inner child, do not see there is no acceptance, no healing will not grow.  Heart Club course last week, Lu Yue teacher about the growth path of his inner child: Why do we ignore the inner child, how can we heal the inner child?  What is the inner child?  Why do we often feel inexplicable feelings, fishes continuously, not named?That is because our inner child is touched, it is our nature, I was really, is our original sense of trust.  In many cases, you can not see the TA, or even unaware of the presence of TA because TA hidden in the depths of your heart, wrapped in layers, it is the weakest part of the soft.  Some friends say the heart, since not see, then my inner child in the end is what it?  Lu Yue said the teacher, in fact, is our inner child actually looked like when we came into this world naked, and candor in this world, when we are hungry, eat, cold to cry, so I will not want to cry mother will not be happy, so I can eat my father will not find it too.  In simple terms is that inner child that we have not developed a self-defense mechanism.The defense mechanisms that we meet the challenges of the world, to protect their shell.  Everyone left with a variety of skills needed to cope with the challenges of the world.If you do not protect the defense mechanisms, we are a snail without a shell, soft, vulnerable.  Why would hurt inner child?  In many cases, we do not know the inner child has been injured, because then we are too young, and this process is occurring gradually.  When parents are helpless in front of you fight, you fight a father, a mother threatened you cry I do not want you, when you’re being bullied junior partner, then you also too soft, do not know how to deal with anger of the world, would you really believe my mother is to abandon you, you will feel them because they are so loud quarrel.  Dear children, I want to tell you, it really is not your fault, you let a small to withstand so much pain, it was hard for you.  I heard this, and some heart Friends of tears, then himself was not easy: if then someone can hold on to me when I was curled up in the corner, when I was afraid to tell me do not be afraid, I am in no help when help me digest this bad feeling tells me it’s not my fault.Perhaps, I would not always cautious, always uneasy fear, always feel that they are useless, no one will really love me.  Parents do not help us, forced to digest itself such a bad mood, where a small child can know how to do, they will all fall into place are bitter to swallow, so naive as to think that as long hold on for a while, the next sec will be better.  Lu teacher talked about here, told us that he later learned to give yourself to create a protective layer, that is, give yourself blowing bubbles.  If a boy without parents taught him how to deal with bullying children, and that he will give Zhaobu in other places, such as learning good, like my other grades were not good, I can better language, do a language are the envy of everyone on little wit, so that I would not be bullied inferiority incompetence little boy, I can deal with all the problems myself, I do not need the help of parents, do not need to love.  I give myself two blew bubbles, a poetic bubble, a bubble numb.  This bubble, many injured children to protect their own defense mechanisms.But we can see, this defense mechanism is fragile and illusory, is not enough flexible.  When defense mechanisms fail?  Lu teacher told us that there will be many challenges in life, so we will continue to blow bubbles themselves, and constantly develop new defense mechanisms, until we live to be thirty or forty years, or earlier.  Probably just graduated from school into the community, you begin to find that I had learned at school can be a good carefree, people recognized defensive mode, whether to use it.  You may thirties, I suddenly felt not want to live my life in enterprises and institutions, to change a job, but your previous skills seem inadequate to deal with the complexity and challenges of the new unit.  That’s when you suddenly entered an unprecedented state of crisis, you will self-doubt, was not lived in vain before himself?You will feel life is a mess, you will doubt yourself, it is not handled properly and interpersonal working relationships?  You like a lot, but with no eggs, the situation is still out of control, the more you do well, the more skeptical, more skeptical, the worse.  You give yourself design dream bubble was pricked ruthless, this time, is your defense mechanism fails, the world can not cope when.  Maybe some heart Friends will say, then I will practice new skills package, the development of new defense mechanisms thing.  Unfortunately, this does not work.The challenges of life no end, you will fall into blowing bubbles – bubble burst – and then blowing bubbles – infinite loop bubble burst in again.You will continue to experience self-doubt to self-healing process, until you no longer able to deal with the biggest challenge yourself.  So, do no saving life?No, you still have a chance, which goes back to the beginning of his book, heal your inner child.  Only healing the inner child, so that the inherent strong enough, you will not need so much protection layer to help you cope with this world, it does not need to peek at the world through colorful bubbles, dare to use the most natural, most of this really face their own world.  Powerful and self-confidence, is distributed from the inside out, rather than pathetic to get Hujiahuwei.And all because of fear avoidance, when we are able to face their own fears, we find the light and found a new life.  Are you ready to put down this fake sense of self yet?Light reading is the fear of not touch, you have to start to try.Please take a deep breath, take courage, plunged into the stream.Finally, we take a look at the feedback group of friends right? – This will be Zhou Xinyue course – all the way out, all in the church you love yourself.This is a challenge and an opportunity, the opportunity to enhance the quality of your life, and the time I really met, in which case you will have the opportunity to exchange a pair of shoes to go live, rather than stay here forever do not belong to your world.  Inner child course, is such a journey, a journey of changing his shoes.Your answer to everything in life, in this course in.  Assistant micro channel scan code is added to the registration lectures!  ▼ Featured Recent high-energy article, click on the bottom to miss a lifetime of things that make men love women, so that men are communication experts how to open your heart?Thank you Yongzhe Zhao-tested, so I know how to properly win hearts and minds?  ▼ read the original, leading to real growth ↓↓↓

80% seek death of love are like this

80% of all love so I seek death ticketing staff he is a programmer, we have been introduced to colleagues, I fell in love a year and a half.      My trouble is customary to mention breaking up, every time he took the initiative to come to coax me ask complex, but last month we fight the Cold War for three days, I still think he will soon be able to find me to apologize, and the results received that day he broke up the phone and told me he was tired, do not want to continue this Yaohong Donghonghong day every day, she told me very depressed.      I look ignorant, wayward pretend to say Well, you said it first, hung up the phone I’m sorry, I feel like he is not with another girl, so I pull off so the fishes, give him a phone in the past asked he did not make any explanation, let me think how to think how to love.      Then I realized his mistake, to call him a letter of apology micro seeking complex, he did not agree.Even during my illness later in hospital, I cried hysterically, he did not come to the hospital to see me.I hated him, he was particularly disappointed me, on his regret when he was with.Joy teacher, what should they upgrade themselves far as to beg him to let me compound? Instructor Re: Do you want to upgrade their retribution by his effect it?      I’m really sorry for the boy, he had to pay for all of you all of you turn a blind eye, even in the case of breaking up causing so much harm to him, still complaining question, completely not recognize his mistakes.      In my opinion, the boy had just proposed to break up, a little pseudo-meaning in it, he just wanted to tell you he was tired, the way to break through this give you a little lesson, I hope you can realize their mistakes change.You not only did not know his intentions, but also to impose guilt on his head, that he derailed, you think he did not care, even had to ask him to come back to coax you, and completely do not consider what exactly between you question, where do not own.      If you do not change their illnesses, even if no matter how much useful work to enhance, not the right medicine, treatment for longer will not have any effect.So in this case, I do not recommend that you open in any way to restore, the first stop and reflect on their own, why go to today’s outcome, or after you together with any man, will live into the current state of torment each other hurt each other.         Do not pester her boyfriend complex, promised decided to break up with him, and give yourself time to reflect on their own to change, take a piece of paper and put something before you carry out the fight, did you write on how to deal with, he has a kind of reaction , you think right, if you give a chance again, how should more appropriately dealt with.Mapping in their daily lives, what differences emerge friends or loved ones with you, let your heart unhappy time, learn to restrain their emotions, allow yourself to calm down, ask yourself if it suffer or do, you will die If not, they face a smile, look on point.      More often, it will naturally allow yourself to become generous tolerance and learn to love.This time to upgrade their building, the second building on the other side to attract valid.As for how to upgrade their Charisma, add tutor micro-channel can get leyu918.

(Teacher’s Day) In fact, the more you know me, the more uncomfortable

I’m just back from his trip, I heard my wife to call the head teacher to find me, if there was something?I quickly taking the time played in the past, or wife answered the phone, did not say two words, hear I hear applause, little wife said excitedly: “You know you called teacher, happy clapping!”At this time, I wish to reproduce the scene yesterday ah!As long as he knew I had a phone call, will be on hand grabbed the phone from my wife, and asked my favorite saying is: “how’s it going?”He seems like life is my homeroom teacher.    Only to hear my wife on the phone, repeat TV drama words: “Recently, I do not know why, you always love talking about your teacher!”Then I heard the teacher that never betray applause, my eyes moist!    My homeroom teacher suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for several years, I remember Teacher’s Day a few months ago, I asked the teacher and the previous two classmates and his wife to dinner, the restaurant was busy, the waiter first three cups of tea, I’m looking for the topic asked the teacher: “we have five people, the waiter had only three cups of tea, how do?”I never expected that the teacher replied without hesitation:” The short, I do not!”I then asked:” That’s a cup or less, how do?”The teacher Wood with his little eyes looked slowly around a bit, pointed at me and replied:” You do not!”We did not expect, do not have even the addition and subtraction will be counted homeroom teacher how could this ‘afterwards’, quiet atmosphere has been broken by the sound of a burst of excitement, and that the previous two classmates wife very happy.Then the teacher stared at me as if to say this answer only you can understand!    Each time students, and the students will be pulled teacher jokes, which said he was eccentric thing for me, is unavoidable topic, I do not know why, it seems to have been all the students want to completely unravel a mystery.In a former teacher sick students at the meeting, in front of the students face, but also in front of me, he finally admitted!But then, he imperious eyes seemed to deliberately avoid me, did not look me in the eyes that look forward.    Whenever recently heard the applause, the teacher sat in a wheelchair on the wooden stay applause image will emerge in my eyes.I delusion, paranoia or the teacher’s question with the phrase a little domineering asked me: “how’s it going?”.    I still live in hope that he should not be in front of the students admit, I admit that he is more eccentric, so this mystery, let him know I know this mystery, forever looming treasure in our hearts!(One yuan brother)

In 2014, my n first time

The year 2014 ( Year of the Horse ) is my birthright year. I started to write about my Year of the Horse as early as a few years ago.. At that time, I really didn’t know how to spend my next annual horse meeting. Unconsciously, my life year will leave me.     To be honest, this year of my horse is really different from other horse years. Because, this year of my horse can be said to be colorful and meaningful. For the first time in my life this year, I was pleasantly surprised and moved a lot.     After New Year’s Day, for the first time, I came to Wax Plum Garden with my camera on my back to feel the fragrance of Wax Plum, and took the time to focus on the gates of schools and residential areas in the city for the first time, on plaques inscribed by celebrities in the city, on sales centers in some real estate, and to keep them in my happiness.     On the first day of the new year, for the first time in my life, I walked around the west lake park with my camera on my back and photographed happy smiling faces of the west lake park in the fog, and cruise ships in the fog.. On the 6th of this year’s big year, for the first time in my life, I walked around the West Lake Park with my wife and son on the back of my camera and felt the fun of walking through the snow.. Feel the first snow of the Year of the Horse.     On the evening of the 16th of the first month of January, WeChat Group was set up for our high school classmates in No.1 Middle School. For the first time in my life, I got together with more than 20 high school students who had not seen me for more than 20 years and then went to K – song. Liu Yan’s singing of a song to participate in the sleepless night regulations was warmly applauded by the students present. For the first time, I recited my poems to the students to participate in the unintentional regulations and participate in the leakage regulations.. After that, I sang a song to participate in the long-term dependent bill. I hope every student and friend will be healthy and happy.! Family harmony! Happiness depends on each other for a long time!     On April 6, at the invitation of my friend sun xunlei, I took part in the activity of publishing poems with several friends for the first time. On April fifteen, I attended the wedding of my high school classmate’s daughter for the first time, feeling the rush of time and the aging of my children.! After that, Zhang Hongmin made an appointment to go to K – song. For the first time, I told my classmates the names of the female students I had a crush on and expressed my deep gratitude for meeting her in my life.. It’s also the first time I’ve faced so many classmates, singing a bill for her I have a deep crush on, expressing my deep friendship for her and my deep gratitude for her friendship with literature..     On April 20, I started a working career with several workmates at Yanling site for several months for the first time.. Every morning at 6: 00 a.m. I go by van and come back by bus at 5: 00 p.m.. This is the first time in one’s life to work with a strange boss. It is also the first time to return home after 18 years of absence and experience the bitterness and bitterness of working abroad. It’s just a matter of getting out early and coming back late. I have no time to go shopping or appreciate the changes in Yanling County..     On June 1, at the invitation of Bai hebin, a senior high school classmate, for the first time in my life, I met with several senior high school students on children’s day and had our own children’s day.. Because we were all happy children forty years ago and we were happy old urchins forty years later. We are happy with our childlike innocence.     On June 6, after the publication of the poetry anthology that I published with my friends, for the first time my humble book appeared in the form of a book, I invited our friends from Xuchang Daytime American Literature Society to gather together. Each of them gave them a book of poetry to express my gratitude to them for helping me out of the low ebb of my life.. Because they gave me love and encouragement, I walked so far on the road of literature. On June 8, I contacted Cheng Ge, the monitor of the university, and wanted to ask some university students to get together. The monitor said that he was not busy, until you came back ( I was working in Yanling then ). Since then, I have been looking forward to the early arrival of this day in my heart. On June twelve, I contacted the senior high school monitor and so on, then agreed on the time and place for the meeting, and on June fifteen, for the first time, twenty senior high school students got together for my reasons, sharing my happiness and congratulating me.. Two students were unable to come because of their outing, and two students were not able to come back because of their work in other places.. Later, Zhang Hongmin invited everyone to join in K – song to express his congratulations to me. In the karaoke hall, Fan Huijie read my bill when he missed you affectionately. His reading not only added a lot of fun to the party, but also added a lot of color to my poem.. I will never forget the strong feeling of learning together.     On June 2elve, my pen pal Chen Xuewen from Xinghua, Jiangsu, who met more than 20 years ago by participating in girlfriend regulation magazine, left a message to me after seeing a blog entry from my Netease blog to participate in the regulation of what friends used to be. This is the second friend I have lost contact with in the past 20 years who has never met but is deeply in love.. In this way, for the first time in many years, I read his poems and his beautiful writings through the Internet.. He also wrote a poem in memory of Teresa Teng in the name of Teresa Teng’s song.     On October 26, twenty-eight college students came to share the joy of my poetry collection with several friends for the first time because of my invitation.. In particular, the arrival of three female classmates who have not seen each other for 26 years and have not had their contact information has greatly surprised me.. There were also many students who could not come because of some reasons, and I also expressed my understanding. I was moved and grateful. Thank you for letting me meet so many college students who cherish this hard-won friendship. I am grateful to them for their love, understanding and care for me for more than 20 years.     On November 14, eight old classmates from the first middle school ( I was three years old and I was four years old ). ) ) and Zhongshan elder brother, Jianyi elder brother, Wang Peng, etc. failed to come due to special reasons. There are ( Bai He Bin, Bai Liping, Yang Zhihua, Qu Guoan, Luo Haisheng, Jia Lijie, Li Yonghong, Wang Minsheng.) at my invitation for the first time. I just said that I hadn’t been together for many years and didn’t say that I was going to give some of my friends poems to them.. When I heard that I had arranged this opportunity for classmates who had not seen each other for more than 20 years, they all came together, especially my deskmate Luo Haisheng, who originally wanted Jianyi to inform him the day before ( because I didn’t know his mobile phone number ), but when he asked Jianyi more about him at 5: 00 p.m. the next day, he said he couldn’t drink much because his nephew gave him happy faces for three days.. Then I hurried to call Haisheng elder brother to say this thing, because it was too hasty. Nevertheless, Haisheng elder brother was glad to come. Jia Lijie’s arrival also made me overjoyed, and she also read my first entry to the hometown regulations affectionately..     This year, for the first time, I carried my camera on my back and rode a racing car to places I had been to and had not been to before.. On May 13, I rode my car to Shenfang for the first time, feeling the unique ancient town of Shenfang, the sacred place of Jun porcelain in the world with a history of at least 1,000 years, and feeling the charm of the ancient town of 1,000 years.. On June 3, he rode alone in Sichuan, on July 23, he rode his car for the first time in the evening, and on July 25, he rode with his camera on his head.. Feel the change of Changge today and never before: clean, broad and clean roads, a building community of different styles, and the inspection road that Chairman Mao once walked when he visited Changge for the first time. There were sunset clouds reflected in the moat, and on August 5, he rode Yan Ling with his camera on his back for the first time, walking in the streets that he had walked countless times for the first time 18 years after leaving Yan Ling.. But now the streets and pedestrians are also very different from those 18 years ago. For the first time, I walked into Ganming Temple there with a heart of admiration. On August 19, I started my southbound journey with a racing car and a camera behind my back. For the first time, I set foot on the hot land of Luohe River and walked alone through strange streets. Although there are also a few college students I know but have not seen for many years, it is inconvenient to disturb. More importantly, I want to experience the free atmosphere of traveling alone in that city..     On the evening of Sept. 4, after seeing his brother-in-law who had not been seen for many years, he still cried out in the past 20 years, ” elder brother, you are back.”. Although he could not understand his divorce from his sister. This is the first time I have called my brother-in-law brother in nearly twenty years.     On October 7, on the last day of the National Day Holiday, for the first time, I approached Baling Park with my son, stopped in front of the statue of Guan Gong’s robe, lingered in the gallery of Guan Di Temple’s Three Kingdoms story related to Guan Gong, and looked at that picture, remembering Guan Yu’s loyalty and courage. This is also 16 years later, I went to visit Guan Gong again.     On November 23, I first met with several young literary friends of Xuchang ( friends of our literature section of Xuchang Forum ) together with Junjie. Although it rained cold winter that day, it did not stop our enthusiasm for literature.. During the dinner, we talked about literature and conspired to build a good strategy for literature.     On the 6th of December, for the first time in many years, TWELVE and his brother helped their parents to produce cabbage and felt the joy of working together.. At the same time, I also want to have more chances to experience this happiness with my relatives in the future.! Only in the era of the rapid development of the city and the increasingly encroached land, it will become an extravagant hope to work in the fields with relatives in the future.. Many years later, I put a hoe on my shoulder and went to hoe the land there? After many years, where did I go to pick up the fallen wheat ears? After many years, where do I go to feel the sunshine at a glance?     On the 23rd of twelve, senior high school classmate fan huijie gathered with about a dozen students, and I finally met sun hongxiang, a junior high school classmate who had not been seen for more than 32 years.. I heard that when he was approaching the place, I went downstairs with Jing Jie to meet him. When I saw him coming out of the car, I hurried to him, not holding his hand with his outstretched hand, but directly extending his arms to hug him. He also extended his arms and we hugged each other.. This is the first time in my life to embrace my classmates and others.. To be honest, I haven’t hugged my parents’ brother, brother, sister, sister. After all, we haven’t seen each other for more than 30 years and shaking hands is no longer enough to express my deep friendship.     On the 27th of December ( the 6th day of the 11th lunar month ) was my mother’s seventy-eighth birthday. for the first time in my life, I dialed her mobile phone number. for the first time in my life, my mother said, ” happy birthday to you, mom.”! ‘ It’s also the first time I have held out my arms to embrace my parents and celebrated my mother’s birthday with my sister many years later.. Wish our parents a long and healthy life! Laughing often opens! Peace and happiness!     This year was also the first year in my life when I had the most happy events. Because, in this year, not only my two wives, nephews and nieces have found their life partners, married each other and started their new life path. My three aunts’ daughter also found her own prince charming and walked into the marriage hall hand in hand with him. This is also the first year in which I recorded the most wedding scenes with my camera.. I recorded the happy smiling faces of third sister-in-law and third brother, second sister-in-law and second brother, as well as the happy and sweet moments of the couple..     It was also the first time that cameras were used to record the year’s first snow, busy country roads in summer, fields in autumn, and father’s vegetable garden, and to record the autumn crops damaged by drought in autumn due to the severe drought this year.. For the first time, I was too busy to manage autumn crops. For the first time, I approached villages I hadn’t visited for more than 20 years, and some villages I hadn’t visited still felt the simplicity and quietness there.. Also this year, for the first time, I aimed my lens at the village, aiming at the thousand-year-old cypress, the hundred-year-old honeylocust, the dry pit pond, the dilapidated short house, the smoke kang for many years, the Yang Shulin at the head of the village, the memorial arch at the head of the village, the autumn crops on the road, etc. I wanted to leave some memories about the village with my camera..     It was also the first time to say ” no” for the sake of life, and it was also the first time to make yourself unhappy because of family ties.. Although I have already passed the age of doubt, I still can’t ” put down”. Can’t let go of some unhappiness in my heart, can’t let go of prejudice against some people. His psychological bearing capacity is not strong enough, and he is as easily wrinkled as a pool of spring water.. I still have to adjust my mentality from time to time.     To be honest, I have had a very full life this year, this year of horse is very long, and I have a lot of happiness.. This year is also the first time I have been together with classmates and friends for the most time.. I look forward to more opportunities to meet my classmates and friends in the future. I also hope that in the new year, each of us will be able to spend a long time together with relatives and friends.!I wish every friend a happy New Year! Family reunion! Happiness and health! good fortune as one wishes! Happy every day! Happy, happy, happy!

I miss the hug next season

Say to the air that you want to hug, say to the hug that you miss.   If I can return to the common origin, then I must hug you well.   When I silently count to the 100th step, my heart will tremble like the vibration of a dark cell phone … I feel the breath of the wind blowing in my hair, and then there will be sunshine falling on me. This is a balcony, a balcony for burying silence and stranding. It is no different from other balconies, but the small shutter on the left reminds me of a person … In the summer of 2008, the wind on this balcony became the most comfortable and clever in my summer, and I felt all the pores open when I stood on this windowsill to blow air.. A trance between the day xuan to dark. Suddenly I was knocked down on the ground by a tall, thin impersonator, and later. However, the only thing that happened was that we didn’t make any noise, let alone lambaste, but looked at each other calmly for a minute … The wind blew my hair, I suddenly got up from the ground and stumbled back to the dormitory in a mess.. Spread out the pen and paper and sprinkle ink constantly, describing a story with ice cream flavor. At this time, the boy named Li mo entered my words from now on, and my words also began to have stories at this moment.. . Life is still fixed in that page of calendar, the ancient clock is spinning round and round tirelessly.. He and I were locked in the page number of time. In the summer of 2009, I was still looking at the sky on the balcony with shutters, but this time I was not only looking at the sky but also thinking about a person, an impostor who knocked me down and a boy named Li Mo.. I’m just thinking: Leave foam, if one day you can stand in front of me and continue this line in my life, I must hug you well … but it will always be your legend and become my hope.. Some things and some things pass by, and it will never come back. The snail-like life is filled with sadness and boredom without any sense of pain, and the summer in pain begins. When a group of lonely birds flitted across the sky, the May here had already begun to have the flavor of summer.. A little impetuous commotion. Those factors of uneasiness killed all the way back from the front.   From foam, you said we are both lollipops and chewing gum from each other, but we can’t taste them together, but we have the same sweet and greasy taste … if 2009 is a sad limit. Then 2010 is another interpretation of life. Your forever leaving is like an eternal breakpoint in my life, so it abruptly breaks at the beginning of the story, and then there will never be a following, let alone a result. In fact, it is not the result of the result but also the end of the reality, and the reality has no result.. Every day I always used to look at the sky, the lonely birds and the lonely white clouds. I know you’ll see me. Is it?? Because you are willing to let me alone. You also love my heart ache. From foam, when I wrote your name thousands of times, I found that even your name was so sad. Leave foam, leave like foam. I feel the obvious depravity. I can’t help it any more. I’m leaving foam, you know? I’m so tired: I’m really tired, so tired. A commitment to two people will tire and heartache. Remember when you said you would take me to see the sea, I also believe you would take me to see the sea. So I’ve been expecting and waiting. Now I am alone to fulfill the promise of mutual regret, will there be a heart to hand in. You said you need different hands to hold the temperature while drinking milk tea, and you also need two people to drink its romance, but now I can only watch it gradually lose its temperature in my hands. You said I can’t be so silent, but now I can only be silent.. Before, every morning you always called me when I opened my eyes to remind me that I remember to eat breakfast and I can’t cook. You did do what you call funny things for me every day: love dinner, my eyes are a little short – sighted. You always coax me to do eye exercises like a child. I don’t like sports, and you will pull me to run every day on time. I like reading books. At that time, you silently accompany me to keep silent when you are not used to talking. You are used to habits that shouldn’t be used to and persist in persistent persistence that shouldn’t be used to.. We like and are used to chatting. Every time we go online, we always send messages to each other in the first place and then say good night until dawn. The white jade and black that we lose sleep with and the city towns that we talked about together are like a beautiful picture.. Even if the angle is missing, the price will not fall. Just now, no matter how many messages I send to the gray head portrait, it will not jump, but will only remain silent forever … Finally, you and I fled the runway that depends on each other and separated in that winter.. The runway that used to have two figures is blank. Heart is empty, the whole person is empty.   Maybe I don’t love words so faithfully, just because I regard them as the continuation of life. There may be no tears in 2009, because I met the year that was destined to be the most fairy tale in my age … Oh, natural and man-made disasters and time really blocked too much, blocked you, blocked me, blocked the two of us. Leaving foam your face is like a very good and good first chapter, which I would like to read. I thought I could read you all the time, but it can only become an eternal hope in my wish.. We have always been on this side of each other, but now I still can’t reach it. Your purest love has lost the white clouds, faded the years and planted deep into the crevices of the soul. Was there any beauty or sadness left in the garden at that time?.   A year ago in the summer, I left foam. A year later, I miss it here. After tomorrow, we will no longer look back, hiding the forgotten past and the future of forbearance.. Seems; Losing one’s destiny is a certainty … ah, some things you don’t have to know, some people will always meet, remember to hold the people around you who really care about themselves, and pass happiness on to the first person in mind.. Last of the last. I just want to say: Also can only say: Leave foam, there is no fate in this life, I will wait for you in the next life..In the next season of spring flowers, I must hug you well.

Hometown Dreaming ( 7 ) )

In my childhood memory, my father was always elected as a representative of the township people’s congress and a representative of the township party congress in the years when I took part in the work.. When I first remember, whenever he went to a meeting in a township, he took turns to take one of us, for two basic reasons: First, the father could not see the child’s uneasiness. The second is to take care of rice at the meeting, and most of them are stewed vegetables or meat rice, which will take us to satisfy our appetite.. Whenever he was taken to the township government compound by his father, he told me not to run away, just waiting for him at the gate of the auditorium. So, I played nearby, and when the meeting was over, my father took me to the dining room to eat. From leaders to other staff and representatives, I knew my father very well and brought us food warmly.. On that day, like New Year’s Day, I finally enjoyed myself and my father looked at me contentedly and gave me meat from his bowl from time to time.. At that time, my greatest wish was to expect my father to go to the township for a meeting every day..   The largest piece of land in my family is near the mountain root. unless other people’s crops are harvested, there is no way out for us to pull the crops.. Who knows one year when I went to school, my father planted garlic in that field. After garlic was dug up in autumn, we were miserable. Because when garlic was dug, wheat could not be harvested, and the fields we had to pass through were planted with wheat, so we had to carry the garlic to the main road without saying that the ridge was narrow and full of weeds. It was slippery to walk, sometimes carrying out a bundle of garlic and falling several times. How many kinds of garlic were planted that year, and it was not easy to dig them out.. So we complained to our father that he didn’t plan well as soon as possible and even let him work more often.. My father has no regrets and no excuses. It was not until garlic sold at a good price that our tuition was settled that my father explained why. First, the land area is large and suitable for planting more garlic, because the price of garlic is low in the first year, he expects to raise the price in the coming year. The second is to plant’ stubble – reversing’ everything, without stubble – reversing output. After listening to this, we suddenly realized that we felt guilty for having misjudged our father at the beginning..   When we were young, we had to live on pigs for quite a long time.. Actually, it’s a pig raising, but it’s only a head. There’s nothing to feed it. In the spring and winter festival, wheat straw was smashed into fodder. In summer and autumn, it is mainly to dig wild vegetables to feed pigs. I remember at half past three or four o’clock at that time, my mother always met with several women around, pulled mules, took bags and shovels, and went to dig wild vegetables on the mountains far away.. A pocket is actually a woolen bag that is thinner and longer than a sack and can hold more than 200 catties of grain. By noon, the mother could dig a bag full of potherb, both of whom could hardly lift it. All the women who went there said that their mother was the most capable, which was the sum of the two of them.. And when someone else goes there once, they won’t go there for several days, but their mother goes there almost every day and becomes the most regular member.. In fact, they may forget that our family is also in the worst condition. The fatter pigs are fed, the more money they will naturally sell.   When I was three years old, I had diarrhea and almost died. After watching it for a long time, it did not improve either. There was a village doctor who judged that if she had a little ginseng, she might be able to get better after drinking it several times.. But at that time, there were no hospitals or pharmacies for this precious medicinal material. Where to find it? Mother was unwilling, but she began to ask around, asking whose family had Li Shen and running around several villages, but she didn’t hear who had Li Shen.. Mother was still anxious and persistent in her search, perhaps moved to heaven, and finally found out in a family that it was less than the size of her thumb’s head. She was already very lucky. After she came back, according to the doctor, she stayed up to give me a drink and didn’t drink a few meals. It was really good. Her parents were pleasantly surprised, and naturally it was hard to express her feelings..   Thirty – Five’s father likes Qin Opera. As long as there is a Qin Opera troupe nearby, he always has to see several performances.. On weekdays, there will be transistor radio playing Qin Opera, so for decades, the only modern instrument in the family is a transistor radio. In summer, when dinner is ripe, Qin opera also begins to play. We sat in the yard, eating while listening to the primitive Qin dialect.. Maybe it’s because of her love for Qin Opera, so when her father goes out to see the play, she also wants to see it once or twice.. If the meal is not ready yet, she always asks her father again and again if it is time for the Qin opera to play. She can also tell the plot of a certain play and even make some additions when her father explains it..

Half a gourd ladle of sunshine

Early in the morning, I asked a friend to go for a walk. In a remote town, there are few vehicles on the road, birds occasionally sing in the ears, a wisp of setting sun rises from the east, and mottled sunshine sprinkles on the forest path..   I chatted with friends about work, life, society, family, unconstrained style, everything, the sun chasing behind us, the front is a long shadow, I stepped, it also stepped, quietly imitating the appearance of time flowing away.   Time flies away like a passing car on the road. At a distance, you haven’t seen what kind of car it is. It’s already roaring to you. You can’t think much of it, and it’s gone away from you. The passing years sometimes suddenly flash from behind you, but you can only watch it walk away from your eyes. The future days will come from where you can see it, but you can only helplessly let it go where you can’t see it behind you..   In early summer, when the wind blows, the catkins of willows are swinging all over the ground. I hate this white kohane, but I have to Atishoo it again and again. In the eyes of poets, it is an ideal flying with heart, thin fluff, and small seeds flying to unknown distant places. Maybe one day it will take root and grow into a towering brawny body, or it will only die of old age in unknown places and make meaningless vagrancy.. In my opinion, it was a terrible bullet shot into my nostrils, where a shot was fired, accompanied by Atishoo..   Walking tired, folded into a cool and refreshing, the wind slowly, leaves rustling, turns out to be a rare comfort, lazy stretching, kicking, is also a kind of exercise, isn’t it? At ordinary times, if there is a turning point between the two points, it will be at most a circle drawn from the two points as an axis, eating, drinking, pulling and scattering.. It’s not so much the physical exhaustion of middle-aged people as the mental exhaustion of people halfway up the mountain. Most of the smiles of middle-aged people are an equation, smiling + nodding = saying hello, smiling + flattering = pleasing someone, or smiling + indifferent = numbing coping. All these things, even the laughter carries a lot of insincere words. I now like to listen to the laughter of a child or a girl of 16 or 17. There is no life, no life and no aftertaste in that kind of laughter. It is just a kind of smile, like a handful of water, flowing from my heart to my face..   On the ground in the forest, there are scattered and unknown grass, all yellow and emaciated and timid.. When I was in college, I saw a saying: Everyone was a bug looking for happiness. At that time, it was disgusting. Now I think about it, most people’s life is not only a bug, but also a bug trapped in the bottom of my heart by myself, just like the grass at the bottom of this tree, which can’t hide from the sun and humble life..   Boring, sometimes I would flip through mobile phone newspapers and chat to kill time, or I would like to check the address book on my mobile phone intentionally or unintentionally, sometimes I need to find someone’s phone, but I would flip through it for half a day. At first glance, hundreds or even hundreds of people, whether they are friends or relatives, or someone I know for a certain period of time, are like catkins perched on a branch at a certain time. A gust of wind blows and they all rush away, some of them never contact each other again.. Think about your phone book, so many people, how many have contacted more than twice a year? How many more have called you twice or more? Always fix those people, fix those bugs, I hold your tail, you push my ass around work and life, draw small circles for decades.   Where the eyes can see, the heart may not be able to see, but the eyes see the arms waving at the distance they wish to reach.. In most of our lives, our hands will only move in two directions, either pinching their fists or touching their hands to fight for their own life, or to cheer for others. However, sometimes we forget that there is sunshine outside the window. If we are willing to raise our heads, we will surely see that the window is a sea of sunshine. I want to scoop up the top half of the gourd ladle and put it in my heart to light up the whole chest so that she can warm up and warm up her eyes and face all the time. Then what we see, hear, laugh, a certain sea of sunshine and the sound of sunshine..   I think, that kind of life, must be the most beautiful.

Fragrance surrounds the bosom, and beauty is cool

Walking into the bright spring day, it warms a spring state of mind and brings warmth and freshness to the season.. The sky is open to the blue sky, the wind is permeated with its worries, the long-lost petals bloom one after another, freehand brushwork in their true feelings and beautiful monologues, the water is quick to live and ripple its feelings, the light willow dance is silent and quiet, all life cherishes the warmth of time, and this invisible gathering and embrace of life is the most moving warmth, enjoying a sweet fragrance around here.. Feeling that all things make life not always new and full of gladness to meet each other.     Investing in nature is a graceful flower in the heart, which is the joy of life and the mutual appreciation between heart and nature. Is the heart and nature dependent heating; Is the soul and nature of the opposite. In this wheatgrass season, facing the warm spring breeze, I came to the forest park with my son, walked along the lawn and came to the lake to share the light spirit and beauty of spring and the happy attitude of my son, making people infected.. Warm warmth flows all over the body and lingers in a soft world. Peach blossoms give off a faint fragrance and watch bees fly butterfly dances. Fresh air is blowing in my face. A clear and peaceful feeling rises in my heart.. The beauty of the flowers makes people experience the richness of life, write the splendor of spring, make people feel leisurely and enjoy a wonderful time.. I would like to use warm words to record the comfortableness, ease and leisure. My son is chasing butterflies and sometimes hiding in flowers. He is very busy and envies his innocence.. The cool breeze Xu Lai, winding path leading to seclusion, sitting on a stone, relaxed in spirit, the heaven and earth became infinitely vast, and the heart was so merged in the process that it felt a sense of belonging.. Runs the eye, moistens the heart, moistens the feeling, lets us love the warm, bright an all-consuming love for a long time, blooms everyone’s heart. This bearing of life makes us feel sweet and sweet.     Willing to share the beauty and touch of life with nature, life has many beauties, a journey of landscape and a journey of growth, all of which are full of sweet smells.. Years of aloes, know the time, we should cherish the happiness of the past and present. When the wind blows, open the title page of the memory and you will see dark fragrance blowing on your face. It is like orchids in a flower note, fresh and fragrant.. To appreciate nature with this sincere heart is also to appreciate oneself. The scenery in the heart is the landscape that life will not change. People should learn to remember the scenery of life with beauty and make silence and beauty eternal.. In life, being true to nature is the waiting of life and the fate of the soul.. The lingering of the cool breeze and the fragrance of flowers; The enchanting and butterfly love between flowers and shadows; The fish play in the clear spring water is warm and moist; The dewdrop of grass is clear and colorful with sunshine, the morning is full of sunshine, the experience of youth is cool, there are fresh packages in life, peaceful hugs, shining eyes, graceful and gentle.. As long as we explore from the heart, appreciation will turn into happiness. This is also a supreme enjoyment of life.     The mountain is long and the water is far away. There is always a scenery in life because of its simplicity. Let each other meet, much moved; The mountain is long and the water is far away, life always has a scenery, there is always a beautiful and fresh one, which blooms for us. The mountain is long and the water is far away. There is always a scenery in life, and there is always a harvest of beauty to make the soul eternal.. In the river of life, feel the beauty and beauty of life’s poetry, let the flowery meet on the heart’s Yuan Ye, let the joy collide. Watch the scenery of life, let the true meaning overflow, make life more warm and bright, gather peace and tranquility in poetry, gather freshness, embrace flowers, dance with time, and especially remember the sweet smell of life on the books of the years..     In the ease of watching, the heart floats in the blue sky, sharing the truth of nature on the way to life, blooming our understanding of life, and learning to keep the scenery in our heart is the only way to warm our hearts and keep them warm and moist.. Let go of the years and bear a free and easy life, give yourself a vision of the future, breathe, listen, touch, meditate and recall with a light heart, meet the bright sunshine, pursue the beauty of the fragrance of the court, and learn to impress the inner feelings.. Life is walking in one kind of time, and years are sneaking around in life. Tastes the natural flavor, savors the wonderful life, the heart is as simple as Jane, and the person is as light as tea. Thanks to nature, let time have a more color. Thanks to life, the years have become more vivid and sincere.     Flowers are full of gardens, the current ripples, and the sound is gentle. The soul is returning to its own home garden with graceful dancing, green and warm spring, and red and intoxicated. Walking freely in nature, quietly lingering with tenderness, turning a wisp of dream fragrance into wisdom of life. When we stop chasing, calm in the soft season and yearn for the beauty of freshness, the plain life is achieved through the dull years.. In the flashy world, static beauty keeps a comfortable feeling. Clear sky, green water around the castle peak, Qing Fang ning wilderness, scenery from the heart, love from the scene, a quiet and lofty, let the soul embed, let your heart rest during the period. Soothing and elegant maintain the quiet beauty and enrich the life.     Sweet smell of the years, accumulated time, shallow life. Sometimes when flowers bloom, the mood is thick, the flowers fall unintentionally and float around. Whether flowers bloom or fall, they are cool to see the heart, melting the beauty into the heart, feeling the nature with a calm heart, walking in the life time, holding a cool state of mind, gazing at the blue sky and looking at the clouds and clouds in the sky.. The so-called life, be modest, see the flowers bloom and fall before the court; If you don’t want to stay, look at the clouds in the sky.