11 skin care mistakes you made


11 skin care mistakes you made

Women in modern society are very busy, and their lives are full of problems such as overtime, staying up late, irregular life, etc. These have a great impact on the skin.

As a result, many women report that “even though skin care is usually adequate, I sometimes feel that my skin is in poor condition.”

I wonder if there are many bad habits of skin care and maintenance here, see if you have the following wrong habits: 1.

Use the mask more than three times a week for diagnosis: According to the type of mask, basically using 1-2 times a week is the limit.

In particular, a mask that removes pores and dirt will hurt the stratum corneum when peeled off and will cause skin scaling.

  Problem: Over-maintenance 2.

Use facial cleanser to wash your face more than three times a day. Use facial cleanser to wash your face twice in the morning and evening.

If it is used more than twice, the necessary oils and moisture will be washed away, and the skin will become dry. In addition, you should pay attention to excessive massage will cause skin damage.

  Problem: Over-maintenance 3.

There are more than six diagnoses of skin care products that must be used every day: make-up remover, face wash, lotion, two kinds of lotions. There are five kinds in total. There are special care products in addition to this. This method is incorrect.Basic maintenance is sufficient.

  Problem: Over-maintenance 4.

Diagnosis of the betrayal of small parts: Look at yourself in the mirror, is it dry under the eyes, are there acne and dirt on the pores of the nose?

When covering your hands with your two toes, care should be taken for the parts of your eyes and nose that you can’t touch.

  Problem: Inadequate maintenance 5.

It is better to diagnose the skin without maintenance: polluted air, strong ultraviolet rays, dryness caused by cold air, etc. Our skin must be resistant to the increasingly harsh environment, and it is necessary to give moisture and protection.

  Problem: Inadequate maintenance 6.

Lotion can damage makeup, so apply makeup immediately after applying lotion. The lotion can protect the skin from dryness and UV rays, and it can also tightly combine foundation with skin.

If the makeup is easily damaged, it is because the amount of lotion is too much.

  Problem: Use error 7.

In the seasons other than summer, it is not necessary to diagnose without sunscreen: UV is the biggest cause of skin aging.

Even in the season when not exposed to sunlight, it will take away the skin’s moisture and destroy the skin’s tissues little by little.

To have beautiful skin, sun protection is essential.


Diagnose skincare products with your family: The skin texture of the family will be more similar, but the skin condition will be different depending on the age and lifestyle.

Especially the lotion used by the mother, the lotion is more nutritious, and it is easy to cause acne.


Skincare for sensitive skin is the safest diagnosis: is your skin really sensitive?

Indeed, skin care products for sensitive skin are gentle on the skin, but some dirt is not cleansed enough.

It is important to choose a product that suits your skin cleansing and moisturizing ability.


Because the skin is sticky, only use lotion to diagnose after washing your face: The stickiness of the skin is caused by uneven moisture and sebum.

If the lotion does not work, the moisture replenished by the skin will easily evaporate again, so not only will sebum not be reduced, but oil will also be produced.

  Problem: Inadequate maintenance, use error 11.

Other people’s easy-to-use care products, try to diagnose anyway: How many care products do not run out on the dressing table?

A variety of products are tried and often the cause of problematic skin.

Depending on your age and skin type, the right products will be different. Don’t be too superstitious.

  Problem: Over-maintenance, incorrect use