How to cook Chinese medicine without losing effect

How to cook Chinese medicine without losing effect

Not long ago, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the “Regulations for the Management of Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction Rooms in Medical Institutions”, which stipulated that hospitals’ traditional Chinese medicine decoction rooms could replace iron and other corrosive vessels as decoction containers.

So, in the process of boiling Chinese medicine, are there any other matters needing attention?

Experts said: “In the process of Chinese medicine, some details will indeed affect the efficacy of the medicine, so we must pay more attention in normal times.

  Detail 1: Don’t touch the medicine. This is the detail that everyone most easily overlooks.

The traditional Chinese medicines bought are mainly wrapped in paper, and some are packed in small plastic bags.

When putting the medicine in the decoction container, many people’s hands will touch the traditional Chinese medicine. As everyone knows, this action sometimes affects the efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine. If you apply hand cream or the aromatic odor with soap at this time,It is also a kind of pollution to Chinese medicine.

Therefore, it is best not to touch the traditional Chinese medicine with your hands, and you should pour it directly into the container.

  Details 2: Do not use casserole and earthenware pot as the best pot for decoction; glass containers, enamel containers (intact) are the second best; decoction cannot be used for iron pots, copper pots, aluminum pots and tin pots.

It was pointed out: “This is because the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is very complicated. Because of the active nature of metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc., it is easy to chemically react with the chemical ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine.

“For example, iron easily forms residual acid iron with sulfides, which deepens the color of the drug solution, and causes the drug solution to have a rusty taste, which affects the effectiveness of the drug. Aluminum reacts with organic acids to form compounds that are absorbed by the body and accumulated in the liver and kidney.Damage to the human body in other tissues; copperware is easily oxidized by heat to generate patina that is harmful to the human body.

These will affect the quality of the decoction, which is directly related to the clinical efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

  In addition, some people will use the casserole decoction for cooking at home, it is necessary to pay attention to washing and cleaning, so that the surface does not appear oily after adding water.

Because oil will affect the efficacy of Chinese medicine.

  Details 3: The effect of traditional Chinese medicine with the same quality of distilled water has an effect.

For the decoction, the famous doctors of all ages have strict requirements. For example, Li Shizhen divided the decoction into 5 types: rainwater, dew, and snow. These waters are natural distilled water, which is less hard than ordinary spring water, river water, and well water.Pure, can minimize the impact on the active ingredients of the drug.

  Although we can’t pursue water quality like the ancients, if conditions permit, we can use distilled or purified water, and it can be cool and white.

Tap water can be heated to remove the chlorine, but hot water or boiling water can not be used to decoction directly. Allow it to air dry.

  Many households are using large barrels of mineral water, but for decoction, mineral water is not a good choice.

This is because mineral spring water contains some minerals and metal ions, such as calcium, which also have a certain effect on the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.