Analysis: Psychological Factors Inducing Extramarital Love

Analysis: Psychological Factors Inducing Extramarital Love

Extramarital affairs are against traditional moral concepts and social morality.

Great harm to individuals, families and society.

It is a very headache.

So what causes extramarital affairs?

  After years of analysis of domestic extramarital affairs, the results show that the main reasons for the formation of extramarital affairs are as follows: 1. Life is lonely and monotonous.

  If life after marriage makes people feel frustrated and dissatisfied, many people will look for other ways or stimuli to get their minds satisfied and balanced.

A certain kind of marriage life makes people feel lonely and boring. The mutual intimacy of the husband and wife cannot bring life pleasure to each other. At this time, the third party has the opportunity to have extramarital affairs.

Especially for those couples who have been living apart from each other for a long time, when they see other people ‘s couples in pairs, they are sweet and loving, and they will inevitably feel lost and unbalanced, so it ‘s easy to find another “gentle village”.

  Another situation is that the marriage life is too monotonous and lacks new ideas. It is the same thing every day and the same life style. At this time, the feelings tend to be dull and tasteless, and life is not fun.

In this case, the novelty stimulus of extramarital love is more likely to stand out, grabbing people’s hearts, making love attachments impossible.

  2. Feelings of dissonance and the feelings of the couple are the basis of marriage. If the feelings of the couple are not in harmony, it can easily lead to various problems in the marriage.

  If husbands and wives have a long period of lack of communication and emotional disagreement, then they can easily accept other inducements or find other emotional comforts and seek emotional compensation.

  3. Discord.

  Some couples are emotionally good, but after a long time, they find that they have no common interests. Some wives like to dance, but their husbands only like playing cards. Husbands love literature and art, but their wives have a passion for fashion.There is a great ideal, but the husband is content with the status quo; the husband is struggling, but the wife is not thinking about progress.

These differences in interests, hobbies, and aspirations make the two people less and less have a common language, and the pace is also a serious substitute.

If at this time you meet “sound friends” outside, it is easy to make people surrounded by extramarital affairs.

  4, sexual life is not harmonious.

  This is also one of the preliminary causes of extramarital affairs.

If marriage does not have a harmonious sex life, it is impossible to maintain it.

Even if the relationship between the two parties is good, how many people can live a “Plato” -style love life all their lives?

At this time, extramarital affairs seem to be unavoidable.

  5, like the new and hate the old.

  Some people are very difficult to believe in qualitative, especially on the issue of love, it is easy to see one loves another, and in the end do not know who they love.

If this happens before marriage, it may be understandable, but once married, you must be responsible to your lover and family.

This kind of new and disgusting old thinking coupled with the unhappy life of marriage, even if the person who marries himself is the “favorite”, it will change.

  Because the old lover’s highlights are mostly shortcomings, while the new lover’s highlights are mostly advantages. Compare the advantages of others with the shortcomings of your lover. Of course, your lover is much inferior, and the occurrence of extramarital affairs is inevitable.Already.
  6. Consequences of the media.

  Many film and television dramas, books, etc. reflect the phenomenon of extramarital affairs, but the focus of their descriptions may not necessarily be the consequences of extramarital affairs, or the phenomenon of extramarital affairs of celebrities, which makes people wonder, and also copied them in their lives, resulting in many family marriagesproblem.

  Recognizing the above reasons for extramarital affairs, let us look at the dangers of extramarital affairs.

One is endangering one’s mental health, causing severe mental stress and trouble that cannot be solved.

The second is endangering the mental health of the family.

Extra-marital affairs are extremely traumatic to lovers and children.

The third is harming society.

Extramarital affairs lead to many contradictions, and even cause many social problems, increasing the crime rate.

  Therefore, addressing the problem of extramarital affairs is something that society and every family should do.

In order to maintain the harmony and happiness of the family, we must focus on the other party, consider everything about the other party, strengthen communication and understanding with each other, make life more interesting, and let both husband and wife be satisfied and find a balance in the marriage.Can well relieve the psychological barriers of both parties; avoid the occurrence of extramarital affairs.

  In addition, the whole society should vigorously promote the normal level of marriage, condemn extramarital affairs, combat such unhealthy practices, and get caught in the wrongness and guilt of extramarital love, so that extramarital love has no place to grow and grow.