[How to choose grapefruit is sweet]_sweet_how to choose

[How to choose grapefruit is sweet]_sweet_how to choose

Many people like to eat grapefruit. A kind of fruit, whether it is vitamins or nutrients, is quite high. Many people like to buy a grapefruit to go home during the ripe season of grapefruit, and sit on the sofa with family after eatingEating grapefruit while watching TV is really a pleasure, but the skin of grapefruit is very thick. If you do n’t choose grapefruit, you can easily pick bitter, small and dry grapefruit. Small noodles will teach you how to choose sweet grapefruit.

Because the skin of grapefruit is very thick, inexperienced people are not easy to pick a good one when choosing. Here are some tips for choosing grapefruit: picking grapefruit is heavy and not heavy.Touch three squeezes.

The first is weight.

To grasp the general principle of “tumbler,” grapefruits with large body size and large length are generally good. Generally, grapefruits weighing about 3 pounds are good.

Can also screen high-quality grapefruit from the perspective, specific gravity, feel and so on.

If the grapefruit skin is fine and clean, the surface oil cells are translucent, and the color is pale yellow or orange, indicating that the grapefruit is mature and juicy.

The thickness of the grapefruit skin determines the sweetness and moisture of the grapefruit.

Grapefruits of the same size should be heavy.

Basically, you need to touch the smoothness of the grapefruit skin with your hands. If you press it hard, it will not be easy to press, indicating that the inside of the capsule is compact and of good quality.

If the individual is large and light in weight, the coarse grapefruit skin is very thick and has less meat, and the taste is not good.

In addition, the grapefruit is top-pointed, wide-bottomed, flat-bottomed, and a short-necked, flat-bottomed grapefruit is better; it can also be squeezed and not easy to press, indicating that it is firm and firm, and the meat is sweet and tender.

The upper tip and the lower width are the standard type of grapefruit. Among them, it is better to use flat grapefruit with short neck (bottom is better).

This is because the grapefruit with a long neck has less cysts and more skin.

To sum up, the four principles for choosing grapefruit: buy grapefruit big but not small, buy grapefruit heavy but not light.

You don’t buy round grapefruit, but you don’t buy green grapefruit.

In addition, when you buy grapefruit, you have to touch it with your hand. The grapefruit that feels hard must be thin, and the grapefruit that feels soft must be thick, soft, and immature.