How many gifts did your child need most?

How many gifts did your child need most?

Every child will get a gift to make the children happy, and parents also put a lot of effort into preparing gifts.

However, there is a doubt in the parents’ hearts: Why does the child’s enthusiasm for gifts always last for a long time, so that a gift can be treasured forever?

In fact, people do not know that in the hearts of children, the gifts that they really want and the parents do not need to pay high prices to buy them.

  Some current experts who have been engaged in children’s education for many years have obtained from surveys of children in the past. Today’s children want 10 kinds of gifts in their hearts. None of these gifts can be bought with money.

  The first love of mom and dad is a gift that is too simple for many parents, because no parent does not love their children.

However, the love that children want is not the affection of parents to replace everything, it is not the covetousness of everything, it is not the child-centered favor, it is not the “care” for desperately investing in intelligence.

Children want parents to express their love for their children, and parents need to give them complete love.

  The child kissed before going to bed. When the child encountered difficulties, they patted their hands on their shoulders. The child received a warm embrace when he was aggrieved, a greeting when the child went home, and an expression “Mom and Dad Love You”.

This is the way the desired love was shown by dozens of children we interviewed.

Still others asked: “Why can’t mom and dad be together and love me together?

“Experts suggest that China is a country with a deep and subtle attitude. Elders are unwilling to confess their love for their children. However, children need parents to speak out about their love and make it.

At the same time: These divorce rates, which have been high for many years, have caused many children to lose their complete love. As parents, they should create opportunities for their children to try to enjoy complete love.

  The second thing is to respect my personal image and dress the child as a cool brother. Pretty girls are one of the things parents are willing to do now. It does n’t matter if the children like the “packaging” designed by the parents.

Some parents always like to use the shortcomings of their children to the advantages of others’ children, and some parents always say in front of others that their child is bad, and do not praise the child in public.

In our interviews, more than 80% of children expressed dissatisfaction with parents’ behavior.

Children also recognize their personal image.

  Expert advice: Give your child a dress that suits their age, let your child go to the army independently and do something, then say: “Good job!

“In front of outsiders, praise your children truthfully.

  The third piece of respect for parents is to tell the child’s secret as a joke. Parents often cannot give proper and timely praise to some children’s good behaviors, and always blame and laugh at children’s mistakes regardless of the occasion.
  Experts suggest that children’s self-esteem is considered to be cultivated through parental respect.

Respect means that you must treat your child as a unique “this one” that allows your child to develop their hobbies and pursuits.

Respect his personality, don’t decide everything for him, pair the child’s finger thumb rather than forefinger.

  The fourth example is that my parents used to imitate the behavior of their parents throughout the child’s growth period and use their parents as a model.

  Expert advice: Parents should always remind themselves that your child is watching you, so you must pay great attention to your every move.

Think of yourself as a good example for your child.

  The fifth piece tells me the truth about being a child. On the way to growing up, parents need to provide some rules for living, in order to translate into the need to do everything they can, and self-restraint.

These educations cannot be blunt.

  Expert advice: Everything you specify must be understood by the child and must be correct.

Treat all people and things equally.

  The sixth piece allows me to play with more than 60% of the children with my parents. The average time spent playing with parents is less than half an hour per day, 20% of children are less than 15 minutes, and nearly 20% of children are in a day.Nene couldn’t see the parents.

For children, no amount of toys, no matter how good a babysitter, or even a high-end kindergarten can’t replace parents.

  Experts recommend: Don’t work again and be tired again, but also take time to play with your child anytime, anywhere. Let your child know that he always comes first in your mind.

When playing, you must be happy instead of coping, let him know that you are happy to be with him.

  The seventh piece gives me a little partner. Children need to play with children of the same age or older. Children with partners can learn to compromise, sympathize and cooperate, and will develop some new skills, interests, sense of responsibility and so on.

However, no partner has become the biggest problem for urban children today.

  Expert advice: Parents can open the closed room door to greet their child’s partner, or let the child go outside to meet more friends.

  The eighth thing is to form a good habit with me. At this time, this gift is even more important. Most children feel that their parents did not like cleaning, exercise, and diet.

Recently, parents are changing their lives, and children are happy.  Expert advice: keep your good habits.

  The ninth piece gives me an achievable goal. Children start learning before they are born. Children open their eyes to see the world and face the pressure of learning. As soon as they can talk, they start to learn to read. Children grow up day by day.The goal also increases one by one, and the pressure on learning increases.

All children do not want their parents to help them.

They said: “What we want is motivation, not stress.

“Expert advice: For children, stress can affect their motivation to learn.

The interest and motivation of learning comes from parents’ understanding and reasonable goal requirements.

  The tenth thing made us laugh together. “Our parents are too serious and too humorless.

“This is one of the reasons why many children think that parents in film and television dramas are excellent, because those parents always laugh with their children.

  Experts suggest: Chinese tradition makes many parents feel that they should be serious in front of their children so that they have dignity. In fact, laughing parents will let their children see the relaxed and happy side of life and make them confident in life.

Don’t always take your children seriously, laughter makes them more passionate about life.