Battle with love rivals

Battle with love rivals

The last laugh, the best laugh. If his betrayal has become a reality, before leaving him, the best way to get rid of it is to slap him down.

  ”I know my boyfriend is having an affair and he has been secretly dating another woman for a long time,” said Liss.

From the first day I knew he betrayed, I was completely disappointed in him, all that remained was to choose when to leave him.

I pretended to know nothing, not to mention a word.

That night, he again excuses him from not returning home.

I came downstairs to the woman’s apartment, calmly walked up to knock on the door, and after a while, the woman came out to open the door and saw me, she just covered her mouth.

I pushed her away and walked straight to the bedroom inside. My boyfriend was on the bed and saw me coming, his face twisted with panic.

I looked at him coldly and walked away without saying a word.

After I came out, I was relieved.

It was so addictive that I retaliated in my unique way.

“Lice’s way of allowing teeth to teeth has twisted her mindset: her boyfriend’s betrayal made her feel insulted, but she ridiculed her unfaithful boyfriend and his lover in her own way.

  Analysis: Silence is often the most beneficial weapon.

Although letting the woman take a step back, the woman silently asked a question that made the man feel deaf: Are you worthy to be with me?

Furthermore, Lisi’s method of revenge has caused her boyfriend and his lover to be ridiculed deeply.

Seeing how embarrassing they are is the best cure for injured hearts.

  Let fate decide. Aimi, 29, works in Beijing. Her boyfriend is David and is based in Shanghai. The two love each other very much.

They took turns to visit each other, until one day she felt something wrong with her boyfriend.

  ”I talked to David once and he said that his heart was disturbed by that girl, he didn’t know how to choose, and hoped that I would give him time.

I am very distressed, but after thinking over and over, I don’t think I want to lose David, I want him to change his mind.

I went to the girl and made a suggestion that a lunatic would suggest: Use dice to decide who David belongs to.

That girl was as crazy as I was and accepted it.

The rules of the game are clear: The loser withdrew from David’s life, but I won.

This seems to be what I expected, I never doubted that I would win.

When I made this suggestion, I did not consider the huge risks inherent in doing so.

Maybe I meant to prove in this way that I was destined to be with him, and it was an irreversible destiny.

“Analysis: Amy’s approach is both wise and risky.

She did not encircle the cycle of revenge, resentment, possible jealousy and despair, nor entangled with men for betrayal, but achieved a satisfactory result with a graceful attitude.

Of course, she might lose, but what does it matter?

Since it is determined by fate, I am willing to gamble to lose.

  Violent formally, Dani is 32 years old and has such a quiet personality, but when she detects that her boyfriend is fascinated by other women, she cannot control herself to use violence to solve the problem.

  ”It was one night when we and friends came to the busiest bar in Shanghai.

On the dance floor, my boyfriend was attracted to a girl, who was wearing a dress inlaid with metal plates, like a manly woman who drew the heart of a man.

  And the man-friendly seemed to appreciate her and looked at her from time to time.

Later, the girl sat at our table, her boyfriend started talking, trying to attract the girl’s attention, and the girl smiled and joked sweetly, ignoring me at all . “I was so annoyed looking at what happened before me.
I stood up sharply, walked to the girl and grabbed her hair, dragged her aside, and pushed her more than two meters away.

I can’t control myself, and I don’t know where the strength comes from.

The people in the same seat were startled, my boyfriend froze.

When he was awake, he picked up his jacket and pulled me to rush.Then began the drama that couples often perform on the street: quarrels, threats, remorse, and reconciliation.

“Analysis: Generally speaking, men ‘s violence is more serious. When they burn in jealousy, the first thing they think of is to use violence to solve the problem. Although women will instinctively think so, few people will reallyDo it.

Because many women think that violence is not their strength, and that these behaviors embarrass and disgust men, and scare men.

But the drastic action can clearly send a message to the man: you hurt me!

Men at this time will not be indifferent.

It’s like if you accidentally stepped on the kitten’s foot, it will scream and startle you. If it doesn’t bark, you don’t know it hurts.

Of course, women should also refrain from their actions.

With anger, people will ignore the consequences and even lead to a more serious ending.

  Scouting closely, it seems that all women have turned over men’s things, trying to find out if the man has clues about infidelity.

Suo Yan, 32, believes that it is normal to closely monitor his other half.

  ”I flip through his pocket almost every day to see if there is some sort of appointment in his work notebook.

This is already my habit.

Because he didn’t know, there was no problem between us, everyone is still very happy.

“A special survey showed that 25% of women admitted to taking surveillance actions against their spouse, including looking at his notepad and even tracking them down the street.

The younger a woman is, the easier it is to suspect.

Suo said, “I love him very much, but he lied to me and dated another woman.

I scouted him so tightly that I knew soon.

I wrote an anonymous letter to the girl, saying that I wrote these letters for her good. The man described her in the back as worthless, described to others their bed experience, and disseminated indecent details.

He may be with her for a bet.

Two weeks later, the girl left him.

Editor’s note: These methods of trying to retain men have achieved some success without fundamentally solving the problem.

Spying or tracking your other half may be a way to stay alert and avoid disloyal men from being caught in the dark.

However, when men are unfaithful, women may even ask themselves: why is he unfaithful?

How to improve their relationship?

Why don’t I trust him?

Set aside the problem of infidelity and see where your problem lies.

  Keep a distance If there is a romantic man around you, what can be done besides leaving him?

  Yuan Yuan said: “I know that there are risks when you marry Ke Wei.

Even when we are in a good relationship, he will be attentive to other women, and I know that he may be out of time at some point.

But as long as his behavior doesn’t affect the overall situation, I won’t care, because what I love is his demeanor.

But one day, I knew that he had a relationship that had lasted a long time, and he started slowly and gradually started the girl, and I understood that he was serious about it.

But I have already made up my mind: it is me who wants to stay, but in the end a clear result needs to stay.

This triangle continued for two years.

In those two years, I said nothing, pretending not to know anything, but created a small personal world. There is no place for Kewei in this world, and I breathe the free air.

I don’t want to leave him, but I don’t want to force him to stay with me.

Finally, the girl left him, and Ke Wei returned completely to me.

“It’s often wise to first accept the fact that men are unfaithful.

Think of a man’s affair as a disease of a man: take immediate action to suppress the symptoms, and the disease will repeat itself.

By letting the disease spread completely, there is a great chance for the patient to heal.

  Analysis: Yuanyuan’s approach requires a lot of patience.It requires a woman to endure the torment of her heart, slowly walk through it, waiting for the other party to change their mind.

Even if the other party eventually leaves you, the tremendous power of your soul will leave him a lifetime memory.

Of course, this is not something everyone can do.

People who are too sensitive and emotional can’t do it, and don’t need to try, because what we need is a way of love that suits us.