Female white-collar workers carefully turned into illness

Female white-collar workers carefully turned into “illness”

Air-conditioning temperatures in office buildings are too low, which causes white-collar women to have cold hands and feet, dizziness, hypoxia, reduced work efficiency, and severe endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, etc. Recently, “cold room disease” (also called “cold room disease”Syndrome “) attacked white-collar women in office buildings, causing frequent” illness “.
  In fact, the treatment is simple.
Experts suggest that firstly, the air-conditioning temperature should be increased, secondly, a small coat is often worn in the air-conditioned room, and a hot bath before going to bed can effectively improve the symptoms of “cold room disease”.
  Female white-collar workers became “ill-behaved” and the clever Xiaoying returned from studying abroad and was hired by a well-known multinational company.
The office where she works is located in a high-end business building in Pudong.
The company expressly stipulates that female employees wear skirts during working hours.
I don’t know what happened. Xiaoying has recently been suddenly debilitated, emotionally depressed, and her appetite has been significantly reduced. She also often takes sick leave, and colleagues have joked her as “illness”.
Xiaoying always worried that she was ill, and hurried to the hospital for treatment.
After the diagnosis, the doctor said that her illness was due to working too long in an air-conditioned, low-temperature office building, coupled with thin clothes and poor thermal insulation, which made her difficult to adapt, which caused “cold room disease”.
Recently, reporters learned from various hospitals that because of being attacked by “cold room disease”, many women frequently come to the clinic for symptoms such as general fatigue, dizziness, headache, sore throat, waist and shoulder pain, numbness of hands, feet, and stomach upset.Even menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, etc. have appeared, and it is more common in white-collar women.
  Air-conditioning is an “invisible killer”. Once suffering from “cold room disease”, the lighter may affect work efficiency and mental appearance, and the severer will aggravate or induce other diseases.
Experts analyze that due to the modern business office building, people enter and leave frequently. In order to keep the temperature low, the set temperature of the central air conditioner is generally low.
If staff members wear less clothes and have poor warmth, work in such an environment for a long time, or suddenly enter a cold room from a hot outdoor, and the temperature difference is too large, they will be very susceptible to “cold room disease”.
Compared with men, women are often born with insufficient yang.
And women’s summer clothes are not only short skirts, but also thin.
If you stay in an air-conditioned room with a low temperature for too long, you may even experience muscle spasms, causing coldness in the lower limbs or the whole body, joint stiffness or pain, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc.
If you are cold before or after menstruation, especially those with dysmenorrhea, it will worsen cramps and affect sleep.
As a result, some people claim that the air-conditioning in this office is the “invisible killer” for women’s health.
  Shawl tights can prevent experts believe that white-collar women are stressed, endocrine prone to disorders, often weak constitution and low immunity.
Most people don’t feel cold, but they may feel cold.
It is recommended that the room temperature is generally maintained at about 26 ° C, to avoid cold wind from blowing directly on the neck and feet.
Experts suggest that when working in an air-conditioned room, women are best to wear a small underwear or a small shawl to prevent cold air from attacking the navel and shoulders; try not to wear short skirts and short skirts.You can also wear thick clothes around you, or wear pantyhose to protect them; you should stand up and move your extremities every hour or so.
Experts also reminded that white-collar women should also learn to reduce stress and strengthen exercise; do not eat too lightly, pay attention to the supply of energy; drink some ginger soup properly, it can play a role in driving the cold; you can also wash before going to bed at nightA hot bath can help relieve stress and help you sleep.