Efficacy and Function

Efficacy and Function

Today, I will introduce a kind of food with the same medicine and food-Zhishi.

  I am sure that everyone is no longer unfamiliar with it. It is indeed a good thing. However, it is better to eat it. It is better to eat it. So how to eat it and what are its effects and functions?Let’s take a look below!

  The basic introduction of the fruit is a kind of Nymphaeaceae, which is mainly produced in the seeds of the Nymphaeaceae. The fruit matures and autumn and winter seasons. After picking, the peel is removed and the seeds are washed and edible.

  The plant is a year-old aquatic herb, which is born in ponds, lakes, ponds, weirs, reservoirs, and ditches with excess water storage, normal water volume, and soft bottom sludge.

The whole plant is spiny, with leaves floating on the water surface, scutellum or shield-shaped heart-shaped, wrinkled on the top, folded shallowly on the edge, green on the surface, purple on the back, and spines on the veins.

  The ancient medicine book said that 芡 is really a good food for “baby food is not old, elderly food is prolonged”, it has the characteristics of “buying but not harsh” and “anti-dryness and not greasy”.

  Functions The main medicinal functions of Zhishi are tonifying the kidney and spleen, treating nocturnal emission, urinary incontinence and diarrhea.

  The effect and effect of tang shi tang tang is sweet, astringent and flat.

Return to the spleen and kidney.

It has the functions of nourishing spleen and relieving diarrhea, nourishing kidney and solidifying essence, and removing dampness and stop band.

It is used for dreamy spermatozoa, frequent enuresis, spleen deficiency and long-term diarrhea, white turbidity, and diarrhea.


Invigorating the spleen and relieving ailments will treat complications such as pain in waist and knees, nocturnal emission, cloudiness, urination, urination, fecal diarrhea, etc.


The anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect can strengthen the small intestine absorption function, increase the urinary xylose excretion rate, and increase the serum carotene concentration.

Experiments have shown that an increase in serum carotene levels, transformation and metabolism, the incidence of gastric cancer decline, greatly reducing the chance of cancer.


There are a lot of starch components to prevent aging, and it can provide sufficient scattering to our body. It also contains a variety of vitamins and carbon substances.

Selection ① One or two pieces of minced chicken head meat, lotus root powder, keel (don’t study), and ebony meat (roasted and minced) are missing.

The last piece of boiled yam paste is a pill, as big as a chicken head.

One tablet per serving, warm wine, salt soup, hollow.

  ② Governance and smoothness can not help but Shayuan Tribulus terrestris (stir-fried), lotus root (steamed), lotus roots two or two each, keel (crispy), oysters (cooked day and night, calcined flour) one or two each.

Totally, lotus seed powder paste is pill, under salt soup.

  ③ treatment of turbidity disease 芡 powder, white Poria powder.

Yellow wax honey and pills, big sycamore.

One hundred pills per serving, under salt soup.

  ④ Treatment of old and young spleen and kidney deficiency and fever, long yam, yam, Poria, Atractylodes, lotus meat, Coix seed, white lentils, four or two each, ginseng one or two.

Stir fry all over, white soup served.

  ⑤ The frequency of urination and nocturnal emission use Qiu Shi, Bai Fuling, Poria, each two or two of lotus seeds.

Add steamed dates to make balls, such as Wuzi.

Thirty pills per serving, hollow serving, salt soup sent down.

This party name is “Four Semen Pills”.

  ⑥ Baiyun powder, Poria powder, white Poria powder.

Yellow wax and honey for meatballs.

As big as Wuzi.
Each serving of 100 pills, salt soup sent down.

This Fangdian “separates pill.”

  Clinical application 1. Treatment of chronic prostatitis, scutellaria, 15g each of golden cherry, raspberry, fairy spleen, 12g each of Suoyang, Schisandra chinensis, 10g each of mangosteen and hedgehog skin, 30g of Shouwu, add or subtract with certificate, Treatment of kidney yang injury-type chronic prostatitis, with good results.


Treatment of male diseases: Cynomorium osmanthus, Tribulus terrestris, Tribulus terrestris, lotus root, golden cherry 31g each, calcined keel, 21g each calcined oyster, 15g each.

Decoction, 1 dose daily.


For the treatment of arrhythmia, Atractylodes, Atractylodes, Coix Seed, Yam 30g each, Zhishi, Squid bone 15g each, Eucommia 10g, Madder 8g.

Add or subtract with the certificate.

Treatment of 60 cases of leucorrhea, of which 45 cases were cured.


Treatment of infantile diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, tamarind, 20g each, fried psyllium seed, 15g charred hawthorn, 5g fried Cangzhu, 3g Amomum villosum.

Symptoms of fever include pus and blood in the stool, 6g of Coptis chinensis, 15g each of Gongying and Pasqueflower; 6g of bloating and grass fruit.

Deficiency cold type with cinnamon, aconite 3g each.

Add 500ml of water to the medicine and fry into 100?
150ml, 6 times in 24 hours.

  The surface of high-quality coriander has brown-red inner seed coat, one end is yellow-white, and pit-like seed umbilical marks. The inner seed coat is significantly white when removed; the quality is hard, the cross-section is white, and powdery; it is odorless and tasteless.

The spleen and kidney are strengthened and often used as the main material of soup and porridge.

What’s the effect of eating ravioli?

What effect does it have?

  There are many effects of Zhishi. Among them, the most prominent one is Buzhong Yiqi, which is nourishing and strong food. It is similar to lotus seeds. However, Zhishi has a stronger sedative effect than lotus seeds. It is suitable for chronic diarrhea and frequent urination.Bring polyacids, etc .; 2, nocturnal emission, weak children’s enuresis, frequency of urination in the elderly; 3, chronic diarrhea; 4, solid solid sweet and astringent, has the effect of solidifying kidney astringent essence, nourishing the spleen and bleeding.

The performance is similar to that of lotus seeds. It mainly has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, astringent essence, stopping bands, and reducing diarrhea.

  芡 的 芡 芡 呈 is a sphere, some broken into small pieces.

The intact ones are 5-8 mm in diameter; the surface has a brown-red inner seed coat, one end is yellow and white, accounting for about 1/3 of the whole, and there are pit-like seed umbilical marks. The inner seed coat is significantly white when removed.

Harder, white in cross section, powdery.

Odorless and light.
  It is best to have no moldy smell, no acid and sour smell, no sulfur smell; complete particles, full and uniform, white powdery cross-section, no debris, mud and dry body.

Among them, Nan Zhi Shi (Yuan Zhi) is better.

  The solid storage should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent breakage.

  How to eat it The dark purple (dark red) color is the color of the skin of the ripe and transparent rice. The skin is peeled and the powder is white. It should be cooked slowly for a long time.

Yellow is the color of tender rice, which is easy to cook.

  To eat ravioli, it is necessary to cook with slow heat until it is cooked, and chew slowly, so that the main body can nourish the role of the body.

  Through the introduction of Zhishi, everyone should have a certain understanding of the effectiveness of Zhishi. Although Zhishi is good, we should also consume it reasonably and pay attention to its consumption taboos, so that Zhishi can bring the greatest benefits to our body.Everyone says that ‘s the case, so hurry up and learn!