Obviously上海夜网 this should be your own bowl, can Pei Jiancheng suddenly felt no match for my brother hit his bowl spoonful of this, he could not help some sour eyes, shame too want to give yourself a slap in the face –
  He went to school is clearly for themselves, how can there be nothing to be thankful?Not at home or farm reared by his brothers do?
  Pei Jiancheng hit a spoon, back to the Pei building: “I do not work hard, farming is hard brothers at home.”He did not know, who the family who occupy it cheaper?He did not return to read, full of expenses, the village has long been the rule, no less than the land, have a smaller share of public grain, grain that point, even his reading of his money alone is not enough points.
  This time, only Pei built to empty the bowl, and he did not get angry, asleep lifted the bowl should drink, others have, he would not have such a thing, he had long been accustomed to.
  Li Xiuzhi stand most immediately that the rest of the egg bowl water pick-up, all will fall down into the bowl Pei to build, awkward to praise: “too hard to build, and recently to help every day, even at a busy work.”
  Pei Jian Li Xiuzhi to holding a 广州桑拿网bowl of red laugh: “No hard.”He drank a mouthful of fragrant, this is the mother praised him then head back!
  Li Xiuzhi see sour, can not customary to talk about things, wanted to call him not to drink so anxious, blurted time and became: “Sigui reincarnation ah?Eat slowly, choke it had to go to the doctor!”She often boast is completed, the other two children, always only too scolded her this.
  ”Yes, Mom!”Pei built to very obedient, then began to follow their own mom, drink slowly – he was not drinking, he was a sip of.
  Pei Naochun the amount of help the helpless, silent stagger vision, just keep starting to enjoy the rare fed up, he sometimes suddenly found their own eldest son and second son, indeed, a bit less lesson.
  Sure enough, behind Li Xiuzhi time came the voice, “How old are you the person who?I also