graduate this year junior high bar?”Pei Jian-come, first said the words, her eyes full of respect, he then did two years of elementary school obediently home, for him, something on the books is simply heavenly!

  ”Ah, brother.”
  ”You are too much.”Pei to build and are truly proud, than a thumb,” you than our team it was even more severe accounting!”
  If the former, Pei Jiancheng might be silent for a moment, because the village accountant had read a junior high school half a year, dropped out back, but now he had a great patiently expla天津夜网ined: “We went to junior high school team accounting year on the back read, I’ve read more than two years, such as the end of next year have a diploma.”
  Pei built to probably understand: “Anyway, my brother badly.”He silly Hehedixiao twice,” the village on a number of you will read later when a high official quasi.”
  This is a fallacy, and although big impact sports, can be a lot of college students in recent years, college graduates are better, want to rely on that high official assignment, if the junior high school wanted to enter the government, who did not know the basic game , anyway, and nothing to do with them!
  ”Brother, is not the case, junior high school graduates can also read up there, and wants to have the government work.”He said half saw the brother confused eyes, he knew it was the more right, more chances b北京夜网rother did not understand, he only said,” is we want to go to junior high school, people do not do!I have read up.”
  ”That’s up to read, my brother most powerful, the most powerful mom said you.”Pei built to nod certainly did not forget his arm looking stabbed Pei has been under construction next to daze, recently sent the other day wearing a peach in the head,” Brother, you say it.”
  ”Yes, for sure you build the line, you see, we have not even graduated from elementary school it!”Just listen to Pei building had a tail, nodding seriously.
  Pei Jiancheng heart is both warm and helpless, brother high hopes for him, b