now, eggs, water is more delicious.

  ”Dad, Mom, brother, sorry, I should not eat so I took it.”He will push the water to the middle of the egg,” You drink.”
  That he apologized to Pei Pei and built to construction was kept busy waved them, pushing the bowl, his face full of simple and honest: “Never mind, you study hard to build, we will next places, have a habit, just eat the.”Just stay at the dinner table tonight some time longer, belly Pei building of the first to sing the empty city, gurgling sound of the voice to a table of people have heard.
  Pei building scurried to his stomach: “No, I’m really full, and so he went.”Sleep tooNot hungry, they are like this, the family is eating pretty good, in the village of poor households, called on the breadline yet.
  ”Never mind, brother, just the way I eat bread, you eat l苏州夜网ike.”From the county school cafeteria commune man who had received subsidies, although no dishes, they still barely tube fed, Pei Jiancheng listened to the words of his brother, and think of more, reading how hard it come down to earth!
  ”what happened?”Li Xiuzhi being in a daze, her husband suddenly shouted.
  ”Tonight built back, we will get fed one, I’ll go with you, tonight we eat according to component prepares a bowl of eggs, water, ah, we drink together.”
  ”Dad, do not have the!I’m full of.”Pei Jiancheng where they dare to refuse.
  Pei Naochun looked at his wife’s eyes quite firm, but also coincides with Li Xiuzhi heart sour complexity, from the other side also nodded obediently and followed her husband into the kitchen, did not forget to take away the bowl of eggs, water, or will be how to do cool?One can imagine tha都市体验网t when she came back a little sober, but also for the food tonight rattling angry stomping up.
  Pei Jiancheng was left in the court room, and the brothers had 大眼瞪小眼, blood affection between brothers is in, and Ge Jige feeling pretty good, but Pei Jiancheng’ve been reading at home is also very less time.
  ”C北京养生会所ompleted, you will