”me.I did not expect.”Pei Jiancheng some e苏州桑拿mbarrassment, he read most at home, have been treated or, faint always felt like family and not a road, even.There are even a bit high two brothers first class, he would ask the teacher to say hello at school, the students also know that, if in the cafeteria Dafan, let the teacher to make a truth, but each time to go home, he always felt as it should be – he has been enjoying such a special treatment, in the village live out the treatment of a young master.
  ”Husband, do not say, have a family, what what to Tuiju.”Li Xiuzhi help his son explained.
  Pei Naochun suddenly pulled her: “You look at your mother, today hard for everyone to cook, you know that every day of her two brothers are hard, going helped fetch water, firewood, you came back, she was run the kitchen, light a fire to boil water, you and she said no thank you?He does not, say hard, and told her to sit quickly, you do it?”
  ”No, no, and I say, a family member, what is it polite?”Li Xiuzhi was right husband fretting busy explanation, but had to admit, she was born from the waves, between family members, do not care, saying it always such years, you may not really care about it?
  When杭州桑拿网 she was new wife, also complained in his heart, what she was up early cooking and taking care of household chores, but also a little late to be preaching from her mother, but year after year, she was accustomed to, he will not even feel hard, not tired, is a labor life!
  Building and construction, the vanguard naive when getting off work every day to come back, you know, etc. food, she swore it not be said with anger?She also wants people to know she was hard, but also want someone to help her work, you can turn to when three sons, she was like forget-like, no sense.
  Pei Jiancheng Some lift their heads, he still can smell the aroma of eggs, water, can be just the hungry is already gone, he looked at the egg bowl full of water, look Look at a few empty bowl, do not ask him too k