n and second son obediently sitting there, looking carefully at it and he built it round and round, a loss; Li Xiuzhi it, his face with a bit angry with gas can not be made; and Pei Jiancheng eyes dazed, thought to understand.

  He sighed heavily, can only say that this house from top to bottom, have been accustomed to this eccentric:杭州夜网论坛 “built, you see, what we eat tonight?”He asked this question, the eyes of several people simultaneously spinning on the table.
  More than just empty plate empty bowl on the table, and this year is no wasteful ha广州桑拿bits, and even a grain of rice will pick up and eat clean, I can only see that the short side is eating a bowl of corn cob was clean.
  Pei built the most real eye, covered her mouth with one hand busy, doing mouth hinted to his brother.
  ”corn.”Pei Jiancheng looked at her brother’s mouth,” cucumber porridge.”
  Li Xiuzhi first one to react, she is busy for the son explained: “Usually built to study hard in school, a rare back, eat good how the?”
  In fact, long-term out of school children, each time when the home, the family does not normally serve to prepare some of the dishes, that nothing can really be accused, can Kurtis, such behavior continued for too long, Pei Naochun First, seized on the issue, and second, also want to try the third son of a temper bend and twist.
  ”Yes Yes.”Pei Naochun nodded,” but he can do so suffering?We went to the homes of locals eat, cook much, have to say thank you, said no, he does?”
  Li Xiuzhi Samsam: “This is his home, as you can?”
  Pei Pei Jiancheng Naochun only looked at: “completed, you are not at home, every day, my parents and two brothers are so you eat, no water point, no point Hunxing, even eat is immune, even so, we We have to work every day, just to earn a full credits at the end to make more money.”He sounds very heavy,” give you a bowl of eggs burn water, dad no opinion, but you can not just suffering, how can you not ask either drink a brother, your mother or else drink a little tire