end on the table.

  Pei Jiancheng face with some young innocent breath, he sat in his place, Pei Naochun with a smile: “Dad, I’m back yet!”
  Pei Naochun just nod, which he used to practice a.
  ”Built, you lost!”Pei Jian backing and a younger brother in a word, he is jealous over his brother, also envy, be more, or had been brainwashed in Li Xiuzhi long-term publicity and education, he also felt that his brother is a rare breath, reading can be difficult he attended primary school do not come, my broth南宁桑拿论坛er can read for so long, for sure the future is the ability of people!
  ”Do not lean, thin clothes may be worn recently.”Pei Jiancheng shy smile, look to the Pei building,” Brother, you are not tall friends?”
  ”No high!”Pei construction embarrassed scratched his head, laughed aloud silly.
  Pei Jiancheng puzzled look to t杭州桑拿he brother, how he felt strange own brother?
  There is no shy heart of Pei built to quickly put things to be happy to share with his brother: “Mom, help me with your brother and looked at the girl, and you have not had time to say, and so on to get married next year!Big Brother give us to find the sister, Tanya is the village of Bi!”
  Pei building quickly played down his brother, his face flushed: “What nonsense sister’s sister is not!To the people hear well, anyway, it is such a thing.”
  Pei Jiancheng also laughed: “That would be great, then I can have it two sister-in-law!”
  ”And then, from the home to a new house!Mom and Dad read disturb you, you did not go and say, wait for you to come back next time, like a house!”
  Listening to the words of his brother, Pei Jiancheng suddenly face a stiff, he placed a hand under the table都市兔兔 tightened, he was a bit hesitant, do not know their requirements are not out of date?My heart like someone in a fight, I usually hit you die.
  He did not want to stay in the city, you can play home to a new house.
  Before he could continue to trouble, quick action to Li Xiuzhi has come out from the kitchen, carrying her egg smell t