, a person for a large bowl of corn so南宁夜网up and rinse the rice, along with a cucumber salad – just add cucumber the salt that is really cold up to his face.

  Pei Pei and built ever since the construction phase to see the end, Li Xiuzhi began deducted from the own diet, she put it well-founded, after only said housing spend money, get married have to buy meat, they have to spend a sum of Chinese New Year.Anyway, the total reason, two sons accepted very quickly, so long may Pei Naochun to eat half full status really not used to.
  May end, or because these days the poor.
  He was hungry powerful, but also obediently started eating rice, could not help but looked Li Xiuzhi, his old suspect, this person’s own body detector, can accurately prepare the dignitaries eating hungry components, or the intensity of work so big, I should have fainted.
  Li Xiuzhi continued to ann杭州夜网论坛ounce her policy: “Recently you have to empty, how many more go to the mountains to get some fruit or something, from the house after the family, can be used to entertain, as well, do not torn clothes, torn clothes and then to , your dad will give you sew!”
  Pei Naochun almost did not choke, he did not resist it, I heard the door came the movement that –
  ”Dad, Mom, brother, brother, I’m home.”Appears in the door that is Pei Jiancheng, he dressed in neat clothes, although inevitably there are a few signs of mending, it may have been the least is one of the.
  ”Yeah built back.”I saw three sons back, Li Xiuzhi heart is at once soft, she even forgot her husband a few days ago and said those words,” how do you not to cry and mom, you see, I did not prepare you meals to hungry, right?”
  Pei Jiancheng smile: “Nothing yet Mom, I’深圳桑拿网m on the road eat bread.”
  ”It is cold it?Come, first take you, mom to give you something to eat.”Li Xiuzhi immediately ran to his room and touched the eggs from the closet and then went into the kitchen, intended to make his son a bowl of eggs in water, she juggle the field, who can not att