imid and afraid of death’s sake, do not believe her, Sun Yongchang out desperately posture fight with Zhaowu Bin, Zhao Wubin really dare to kill him.

  Lu Dewen eyes look down flat stomach, smiled, “it is not a book where it was swallowed up inside?”
  Lu Hongying language choke, sitting on a stool West also thrown a silent eyes to Lu Dewen, Lu Dewen深圳桑拿网 know why, “loud noise, and what I am wrong?”
  ”You’re not wrong, you are right to say.”She odd strange, month examination Lu Dewen they are very good results, extracurricular books also read a bit, why not grow a little brain grow achievement, really like her dad’s sake?Think of this, Lu Hongying very glad that the point to be like Xue flower, not so foolish as hopeless.
  Lude Wen Lu Hongying ponder the meaning of words, modestly said, “our mother said is right.”
  Lu Hongying did not speak, eyes flat as the front, and do not want to say Lu Dewen.
  Yuanba, Sun Yongchang still crying, “relatives ah, my family Baulkham she knew was wrong ah, she said, was expressly nice to her, or do you have a human face.”
  Heard this from Luming Wen and Lu Jianxun are scared to Sun Yongchang parade, a few old people, sitting on the ground but als苏州夜网o a hammer to is bowed, tears nose paste the whole face, than dead father and mother also heartbroken, Lu Jianxun arrived in the Luming Wen arrived, “you are old do not like him this gentile, look at the nose flow more, noon meal to eat fast spit it out.”
  ”I do not cry.”Luming Wen Lu Jianxun do not understand the logic, good men do not cry easily, where he will be like Sun Yongchang, but he wondered Sun Yong.
  Pei Jiancheng Since the reading to show their talent in the brothers, they almost did not then been to be a child, he was not able to work every age, who helped send a few backwater, he still clearly remember, summer sun is always burning too much, according to the human body, such as the burning, he just went home from that field, we can out of a sweat, can labor in the family, did not feel