ing day rush toward the pigpen, a hoarse voice cry, “广州桑拿网relatives ah, I did not teach Bao Qin, let her do the wrong thing ah , when all my dad’s fault, that she had never condone that dead bastard she and Zhao Wubin dealings, Zhao Wubin where expressly Well, expressly always call me after the pre-uncle uncle, rain or shine came to help me dry live, my heart when he was his son, Baulkham wholeheartedly to marry him, who knows, be Zhaowu Bin rhetoric cheated, deceived Zhaowu Bin Oh I’m so bitter, I cheated my family Bao Qin, lied to my family food, but also sow discord between me and my son, ah.”

  Lu Dewen a little back, but God, blinked, slow to read a book on the veranda Lu Hongying, whispered: “He ye?”They do not say blackmail, look look, like ah, where there is blackmail people behave so humble?
  Lu Hongying look pale, “our mother was frightened chant.”Sun Yongchang front foot step杭州桑拿ped into the production team of land, Xue Huahua rear foot to receive the news, her mother what is not dry, it took a bamboo pole standing outside the pigpen, from time to time to shoot a few pole, looks crackle, Sunbao Qin to the post, stuck to his children’s standing in the corner behind not say anything, it is estimated the pig pen fight, her mother scolded a few words, homeopathy and took a few bamboo poles, Sun Yongchang to the post, his legs felt weak, direct cries up sitting on the floor.
  Lu Dewen Sidongfeidong nod, pull off the West and the East, “you stay here, be careful the bad guys you arrested.”Sun Yongchang nothing to lose, in case crazy and hurt the children how to do, he advised Lu Hongying,” You be careful, barefoot shoes are not afraid, Sun Yongchang very terror.”
  Lu Hongying him blankly Ni eyes, opened his mouth to say something, then to the mouth and swallowed it, and realized it said, “You read books swallowed go yet?”Sun Yongchang really have that Daner, Zhao Wubin his rule has long been the wearer, where rampant dare to divorce, argumentative, or Sun Yongchang too t