neeling keyboar深圳桑拿网d, or kneel to show the keyboard ah?!

  Shen Yu glanced at him, but still trotting down the second floor to pick up the keyboard, and so take up the keyboard, the floor and cried put the two side by side, she smiled at him defiantly and said: “Now it.”
  Shen Xiao Tut is heard, it would not never again nonsense, the face of Shen Yu, snapped stiffly knees up, knees hit the keyboard sound, heard Shen Yu could not help but frown, it should hurt.
  Shen Xiao kneeling not the kind of minced kneeling, his back straight, legs splayed, hands behind head high, looking at Shen Yu, an expansive look.
  Shen Yu originally wanted him more aware of his mistake, and he was kneeling on his knees, and in fact she was ashamed and afraid to look directly at him.
  Shen Xiao look up to her for a while, he said: “Honey, I was wrong, forgive me, OK?”
  Shen Yu looked away not to look at him and said: “Then you talk about what went wrong?”
  Shen Xiao then said: “I should not deceive you, you should not calculating, I said to change, but do not backtracking.”
  Actually very aware of their wrong in what, and mistaken attitude is also very correct, Shen Yu do not know how to get hi广州桑拿m to do.
  ”Baby, you give me another chance, this time.”
  He would not finish, Shen Yu then half squatted with him face to face, then covered his mouth and said: “I figured, I actually wrong, should not blindly ask you to change, so it is not you. but you have to promise me, the future no matter what happens, you do not lie to me, OK?”
  Shen Xiao nodded solemnly, “I will never lie to you, I swear.”
  Shen Yu squat posture too tired, schooling his face kneeling on the floor, face to face with him, Shen Xiao smiled one of her my arms, said: “It is not not angry?”
  Shen Yu said: “As long as you meant it, I believe you again for the time being a return, next time such a thing happens, I will not forgive you.!”
  Shen Xiao down and kissed her mouth, she said: “I mean it.”
  Shen Yu This hand around his neck, take