a teacher, I will discuss the matter at home.”Pei Jiancheng standing on top of the desk, constantly nodding, and then look at the little things, then go Wang Menwai.

  Pei Jiancheng read this year, will graduate junior hig杭州桑拿h school, his grades where the students regarded as good, you can go to secondary school, you can go to normal school, or else can read high school, 上海夜网in these days, only college is the best choice, university this matter, and they are such a long way the village children!But in recent years there are lingering storm, according honest attached to a three-year graduation assignments have shut down the.
  To continue reading up a year’s tuition thirteen four yuan, the family although very difficult, but it can afford, he knew my mother saved a sum of a lot of money, but after graduation can not continue to stay in the county, that is the problem.
  Can this problem, not his own decisions, even though he knew that his mother has always been toward, may in the future if you want to stay involved in the work of the county, then you may have to spend a small fortune.
  Today is the weekly rest, Pei Jiancheng has always been not to go back, back to the village usually walk or ride, ride to spend money, walk labor-intensive, one to one to have most of the day time, he would rather stay in the dorm room to read more books Moreover, compared back to the village, he prefers to stay in the county, but now do not want to go back and have to go back.
  Pei Jiancheng quickly packed up parcels, only stood inside a book, a canteen to buy bread, due to the cold, somewhat stiff, he stood on the road going to eat, he carries the package left the school, the county does not prosperity, he looked around, the impact is much greater than the turmoil of the county to the village, then either troops involved in their school almost closed, but, even so, still had to be the day or down, to this day, everything like recovery the usual, supply and marketing cooperatives that coming an