You see, you bad mood these days, they do more than tense!”

  ”The first one, it is not said what some people would sew it?But I comparable.”Li Xiuzhi knocked over like a barrel of vinegar.
  ”That’s what I coax!You see, your craft more powerful Yeah, this house is not what you do you, sons of the things you have to manage it!”
  ”I would say a good word.”Li Xiuzhi hearts very beautiful, and explain it,” and tomorrow phase seen, given time, and you go on a brigade said other end said, to call people to help the captain, order some brick, house repair available Woke up.”
  Pei Naochun keen on the idea: “Of course, I went out stature say it, time to fi杭州夜网论坛nd a carpenter to give you a big cupboard and let you live in a new house.”
  ”What a waste of money to do this?Home is not never cupboard.”Li Xiuzhi lips to say, my heart does not think so.
  ”I will not have to build a house but not just to maybe mixed kid, we both hole hard all these years, they have always honorably bar?Time to keep a few rooms here, altered later if there grandchildren can live a!”The village housing repair all pay attention to long-term vision, not to mention the future will not split, get married and have children say that maybe has a kid, her children always have room,” Your cabinet with a number of years, and I can not hack it, can not earn any money, make a new cabinet okay.”
  Obviously money out of her pocket, can be listened to Li Xiuzhi was quite happy, although her husband recently was not much, and she said the truth may be more and more, although they are still two children.Always clumsy, can this be considered when the mother Taoxintaofei her, well, their own students, but also take it for not?Heart trying to be difficult!
  Pei Naochun just smiled, there was a man that appears, should these two days, going to 深圳桑拿网the bar?
  ”Built, anyway, you think hard.”Middle-aged man sitting at the desk closed the book, there appears to be directed at the front of 13 or 14 teenagers say they.
  ”Well, I know