Have in mind, only this time, he could not be objective.

  Su Yuan with Gujiu An understanding of the performance too, and every look every action is show, I do not see this is the first time the two to cooperate.
  Fu is poor and know what they are jealous.
  How could it not be jealous?
  To be on the right, Gujiu An undoubtedly better suited than he Su Yuan, they are actors, Gujiu An give Su Yuan provides a lot of help, but Su Yuan to Gujiu An extremely trust, Fu raw cold sometimes think, if he had not first emptive, if his first step with Gujiu an Su Yuan confession, so now people together with Su Yuan, is not that the Gujiu an.
  This idea, like a little bit like ants gnawed his heart.
  Want, I want to completely let Su Yuan belong to him.
  Call it a day back to the hotel at night, Lai Fu raw cold in her room and refused to go out, but this time there was something different with the past, seem to wipe.Gun go.fire?
  Author has to say: Not surprisingly, it ended tomorrow?muah?

Chapter Four in 98
  Dark, we saw Su Yuan Fu Yan Liang needy pair of amazing, like a devouring take her as.
  Wei Chuan her breath, hard to reach for a hand elongated light switches, hand just touch switch, a pair of hot hand covering