The son of a family of three plus Dong Xiaofeng, there’s no anything, so how could ordinary people?

  See the white leaf into the classroom, Dong Xiaofeng face unparalleled.
  Before the son of assassinated along with three leaves and white, although the intention was not to kill Dong Xiaofeng Ye white, just wanted to teach him a lesson.
  But anyway, he involved the.
  Leaf white fly that filled the murder scene, but he saw it, you want to Qutaxingming, is a snap.
  But I do not know why, to the last moment, leaves white would actually put him on a horse.
  Perhaps because Jiuxuan Tianshan?
  Dong Xiaofeng that several family is not the kind of brain-dead son, grew up in the Tianshan Mountains of ancient weapons, stronger than a lot of other people he cognition influence Budokan.
  Expert shot a glance there, which means he leaves the White see very clearly, simply and Jiuxuan elders par Tianshan.
  This level of character, with this it is not possible to Rede Qi Dong Xiaofeng.
  And leaves white or seemingly casual repair, repair loose once this was discovered Tianshan ancient weapons, will immediately do everything possible to move into, to mention just a few family time, and even the ancient Wu family behind them, too