Yu Yu Ze face have to give a written child, media see Yu Chak and Donna have to bite the bullet and later also consciously not to mention.

  Between the announcement and the announcement, Donna originally thought to take a break on Christmas Day, Ze Yu did not think he was told that there is a need to take MV.
  A MV only, fast, then two days finished, and Donna took the trouble, but some curious, out of the three albums have not filmed a few of MV Yu Ze, how will whim, I want to give the new album’s bonus track beat MV?
  In the studio rushed to the car, Donna asked that question.
  ”Fans want to see.”He says.
  Donna do not believe it, and now the fans want to see, I do not want to see it from the front?
  ”You are lying.”She said:” You look into my eyes answer me.”
  ”I am driving.”He without even looking her.
  ”Red it.”Donna lie in the past, hanging on his right arm holding the steering wheel:” Is it because I said I was looking to shoot MV Bai Yalin?”
  ”Not.”Yu Ze decisive say.
  His answers were too decisive, did not hesitate even one second, just ahead of the exercise is as good an answer.
  ”Do you really believe that I will find shot MV Bai Yalin?!”Donna stared at him.
  He actually put her casually say