cool.He took care to take arms propped himself guarding XIA away, quietly practice his long-suffering fantasy.

  Unfortunately, XIA away in his pocket, the phone rang ton of bricks, endlessly singing.She insisted Cheng Dong’s chest to push him, to touch the phone.
  Cheng Dong head down, kissed away at XIA lips, finally willing to let go of her little number, let her answer the phone, very depressed and asked: “Who?”
  ”Well Alarm Clock!”XIA away off the alarm press.This alarm clock five minutes a repeat, do not press would have been called has been called off.
  Drooping eyes when her cell phone, meaning tears stained thick Alice eyelashes like a small fan, what about the heart of winter to drive fan.Shut up when the alarm lift eye, dark and pupil amidst glittering, she spoke with a heavy nasal Shihai, with the end of audio and video is a spoiled child tick, tick away too want to kiss her soft winter bright red lips.
  Unfortunately, XIA away do not match, and the head wind of what her side, and give way to winter pro on her cheek.
  ”I want to go home!”XIA away legs are not numb, gently lift the small kicking away the winter, let him up.After all, winter is not up Cheng, XIA away and he is not up.
  Unfortunately, Cheng Dong