Development, there is one last story missions need to be completed, even if the system is not, she has to do so.

  She has appeared on the original system again held out little hope, but when she heard a familiar voice system again, still a little uncomfortable cry.
  ”Host, I come back.”
  ”Devil, you die where to go??”
  When the system appears, she seems to have a sense, this feeling is wonderful, can not be described in words.Because she could feel the system has been in and bind her with, so always comfort myself will come back, but no amount of comfort, there is no real system appear reassuring.
  System: “host, I’m sorry, I was in the artifact, I have a very strong fluctuations in the data, and you did not have time to say goodbye had been forced to cut off contact.The repair data took a long time, I detected during your stay in the artifact, so I can not tell you.”
  Xin micro long it would have to ask: “What is there Artifact?”
  System paused, simple explanation: “I was not very clear, very likely because it was inconsistent with my field, I can not be too close to there.”
  Micro Sim did not care how long it pauses only when the system is lying