And I stare, you stare, and I did not do, and I do not bother you stare.”

  Spoke on the go, Yu Miaozai catching her, “You are eccentric eye!!!You obviously see those people crowding the company with me, otherwise how would one of my own dressing room ah?They deliberately want the audience to get me!!!You know when you can not see, no matter I!!!I have been bullied into this, you do not pipe, you are not in this draft is not favoritism Well?You are now favoritism others bully me!!!”
  【So this is ah]
  [Me this is not a direct means a close look at a small entertainment ah?]
  [This means not too small, although the operation is easy but it works, people know the truth really think it is transitory man Gouzhangrenshi]
  [Do not we all just thought fairies favoritism Miao Miao yet?Super work anymore]
  [This move is really good loss ah, it seems that these artists really are warm fight it, do not care the personal image]
  [Liu Liu and a parasol is innocent one is aloof from the world, maybe the person set up, this is it collapse?]
  [Beep good cow, ah, good to see!!!】
  [I hope all variety show could be so beat]
  [Looking forward to the warm air of artists with a little fairy, flying self]
  [True or false fly flying, which some say]
  [Fake flying is also very good ah, just interesting to me to see]
  [Fake flying more nausea, insult the fairies]
  Directed a little anxious,