The crowd, laugh loudly, interrupting their words: “Do not have played, I see sad, lady, you lend him your Taomu Jian, he and I play a game.”

  Xu Qin Bo Hong is naturally aware of the identity, but Qin Bo did not offend him, he did not let the other party interested in this exposure.
  A living, if people know he is a device spirit, he rest of my life, not even think about a good living.
  He is not Dongchang those who are not interested in the people Qiandaowangua.
  In case of Zhou Yu actually quite like to refute him, but she knew that he did not think so unimportant, the vast majority of Fearless really think so.
  What happens when there.He took a step back, he could not split his station at this time.
  Like the news that he will not choose to give up the child as strangers, Qin Bo impossible in the case of unknown situation to play out of their wits Xu Hong.
  But he did not choose, no one forced him not selected.
  ”This determines the?”Ghost never expected this case also not afford to pick their contradictions,” Mr. Xu, until you see decisive rage, I thought you had changed, and not for the people that died in any of the prefect on, but did not think.”
  ”I did not expect anything?”Xu Hong once again interrupted her words.He does not like