Huan a man does, if even limbs are immersed in love.

  A long while, Horch suddenly let go of her, she was buried in the necks, dull voice: “Good, go back to the room.”
  She opened his eyes, eyes misty: “Horch?”
  He pulled her up and pressed the desire of my heart, touch her head, “first past, I’ll come looking for you.”
  She stumbled at him, he smiled and gently kissed her forehead, “Now is not possible.”
  Sheng Joe sober moment, even the neck are flush, and hurriedly jumped out of bed and ran.

Chapter 117
  Come later time, holding the computer came Horch.Sheng Joe play phone on the bed, he sat next to typing, Ding Jane feel so superfluous.
  A long while, I had to ask: “Otherwise, I used to sleep?”
  Horch looked up and smiled: “No, I went back with her for a while.”
  Ding Jane: “.”
  Sheng Joe cell phone lying in bed poke, poke a long time suddenly said: “Horch, yesterday you did not help me, then sign it over?!”
  Horch “?”
  She sat up and stand about, “Yesterday’s anti-triad did not punch, forces standings did not help, did not send flowers Scoreboard!”She very wronged,” I said to myself, you do not let non, obviously he promised me continuously highest charting, now broken!”
  Horch: “.Change the paper yesterday, forget