Jiang Chu heart curse cheerful, just a faint eyes looked up at the man sort of threat to his mouth still stuck on: “I, of course, I.”

This sentence almost say it’s the teeth.
Yao Ji This satisfied smile, pretend you do not see a small daughter teeth look, kissed her rosy cheeks: “well-behaved.”
Finally let go of her.
Yao Ji refreshing dressed, took the letter to Jiang Chu will have to go down to business, and they said Jiang Chu Foreign Comin body discomfort can not be played, only Chu Kang reduction in sulking angrily of the quilt.
While Yao Ji front foot out, Bowen’s eyes lit up, she knew that this time, her chances are really want to come!
Sure enough, not long after, he came to see Chunxiao sneaky she came: “Grandpa went to other homes, and this is a great opportunity!”

Chapter 157 we do not forget the convention

Bowen immediately asked: “really went the other homes?”
“Nature is true, I’ve stared at him go, but fortunately my uncle has asked to be early out of the government, will be tight