After the dip, then we know the true identity of the leaves white, but drink a lot of wine, made drunk.

  Ye also understand Xue Qingqing White’s mind, but he pretended not to know the best.
  Do not look white leaf rage decisive on the battlefield, and those chiefs get along with work resolutely, but treat this feeling, really it is a bit passive.
  Shangguan Tong together on such and, if not Shangguan Tong is the kind of love and hate, the character ascribed to the consequences, I am afraid that two people may not be able to come together.
  The next day, the leaves white as usual, after entering the class, the students see the leaves white eyes slightly change.
  A few days ago Ye Baigang first came to class, get into a fight in the classroom, Dong Xiaofeng and son are a family of three white leaf interrupted arm.
  This can not last couple of days, this son of a family of three, and have not come to the lesson.
  Dong Xiaofeng these days is like corpuscles, like a changed person, normally arrogant domineering momentum all gone, just like one of the most well-behaved students like.
  All this changes, and if that leaves white does not matter, we do not believe.
  Ma Yuan teacher can make such a simple treatment, can and Ma Baiwei so close fight