After then, Yu Pei smile like magic, like, gradually eliminate.

  .Not his illusion, Yu Chak resisted him.
  There’s something in him changed imperceptibly.
  ”Chicken soup has cooked, do you want to drink a bowl of soup?”Zhangzi Xian’s voice came from behind.
  Yu Pei away cell phones, calmly walked to the restaurant.
  Dinner was quiet, no one to speak.
  Yu Pei put down the chopsticks when Zhangzi Xian said: “You do not want to say it to me?”
  He raised his head and looked at her deep dark eyes and smiled.
  Even laugh, his face only chill.
  ”No.”He says.
  In late December because of New Year’s Eve, for various well-known artists who are destined to be a busy January.
  Donna Yu Ze followed everywhere ganchang commercial speech, appear when the lens is in the form of a child, when asked by the media and “little sister,” she said, in addition to little sister called Bo Dina, but refused to say anything.
  She asked the media not why they come here, have laid siege to Ze Yu.
  Donna Yu Ze tongue is not powerful, but his powerful Bi Tangna cold shoulder, face a board, you can make most of the media quit.
  Not to mention now we all know is Ze Yu Yu Clan Group, son, do not give