, Sprinkled her heavy breathing on the necks.

  As the instinct of kinship, he was very eager to make her blood, and indulge this feeling can not get away, he always wanted to freeze time at this moment, so he could have her forever.
  As long as they artifact shortage nine years, Chu Ling is the supreme master here, they stay here for a long time, a long long time to micro Sim almost forget she is a person has a mission.
  Occasionally, she would let Chu Ling took her to see the world, know Chao Yu has no serious problem.However, since he will Qin flawless captive, in every possible way to please not respond, Chao Yu has her break.
  Qin flawless but for a moment outside thorn.Stimulated the Chao Yu, he contributed to the future of black, acrid long micro certainly not so relaxed.
  Going to the five-year mandate period, she counted the time, out of the nine artifact in shortage.
  For Chu Ling, in the artifact was able to do whatever they want to her, deep in Vientiane candle would still be able to do whatever they want to her, the biggest difference is probably the place for a month.
  In his words, from time to time in another location, but also add some fun.
  Xin micro-long inability to Tucao.
  Because the mandate to come, according to the story in