It has its corporate social responsibility, and our culture as a company, you have to assume our responsibility culture.”

  ”I hope the media because Soong to make a good movie to make money, but also hope that we can carry the culture go out.”
  ”Uncle do not accept this idea, I understand.After all, every investor will want to make quick money.Large IP + traffic, the addition to the money fast, I do the thing for investors is unlikely to accept.But he wanted to come this far, I really never thought of.”
  Song Zhe, took a deep breath, turned Yang Wei smiled: “I would have few relatives, so he really let me down too.”
  Yang Wei did not speak, she stood beside Song Zhe, inexplicably felt, there is a lonely emerge from this person.
  She realized the benefit of hindsight, in fact, Song Zhe in life, there is always a desire for affection.He perhaps more than she needs companionship and love.
  Because she had to get through a full, healthy love.
  When she was young, her mother, though common, but she had no reservations, to give her as a mother’s love.
  But Zhao Yang Lan and Song Yanqing different, their feelings are too restrained, too tactful, Song Zhe at the time the young, it is difficult to perceive the people around him love.
  The more missing, the more