What is the difference between before and after love??

The state of people who are in love and those who are not in love is actually different. What do you think is the difference between the twelve constellations before and after love?? Let’s have a look.   Aries, who is full of joys and sorrows, is very easy to understand. Everything is written directly on her face. Being single is like a pair of single dog. When she is in love, she looks like peach blossom. The joy comes from her eyes in inside. It is obvious at a glance..   Taurus Taurus and Taurus were like serious work before they fell in love. Overtime was frequent. When they fell in love, they would have to rush off work early every day to make an appointment and keep a distance from other members of the opposite sex for the first time..   Before Gemini and Gemini fell in love, their friends sent pictures of themselves and where they went to play. After falling in love, all kinds of photos of showing their love and affection were changed to couples head photo. The space must be made for lovers..   Cancer Cancer was very sensitive before falling in love with big emotional ups and downs. After falling in love, your mood will suddenly go up and down. If you look at Cancer with a dark face, you are probably quarrelling with your lover. If you suddenly feel high and excited, you are probably fed by your lover..   Leo lions are full of appearance before they fall in love. When they fall in love and their lovers shuffle when couples spend together, they blind universal souls like hundreds of watts of incandescent light, not to mention the dog food that has been fed one mouthful..   Virgo Virgo Virgo Virgo’s love was a cold one before she fell in love. When she fell in love, she was like evergreen blooming. She was full of love atmosphere. Her cleanliness was gone. It was normal to share straws and drinks with her lover and dinnerware..   Libra is usually careless with a pair of tough woman-like Libra. If you find that your voice becomes especially gentle and the voice of girls becomes especially whiny after you answer the phone, then you are probably in love.!   Scorpio Scorpio will be surrounded by many people of the opposite sex before they fall in love. When they fall in love, they will all be cut off. They will concentrate on falling in love. Who dares to quarrel with Minutes to death?.   Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius basically goes to all kinds of dinners and dinners before falling in love, and basically refuses to accept them. After falling in love, it is not so good to make an appointment. I want to make an appointment with Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius? Well, we’ll have to see if his family has a reservation first..   Capricorn Capricorn cannot fall behind in love and work. After love, more short messages and more phone calls are sent to lovers. Capricorn still pays close attention to his lovers and will not put aside them..   Aquarius Aquarius is basically the same before and after falling in love, what to do or what to do as usual, there is no change, do not leave early and do not send space state, you simply can’t see Aquarius talked about love, love like a single.   Before falling in love, Pisces may be ambiguous with others. Others think that Pisces is not in love. It is difficult to distinguish whether Pisces is in love or not, because others think that Pisces is in love all day long.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.