What does it feel like to be loved by twelve?

Love is a very puzzling thing, how do you feel when you love someone? Everyone has different ideas, if it is twelve constellations, how will they answer? Let’s take a look.   Aries: Becoming afraid of death, because I want to be with you. Aries in Fear Neither Heaven Nor Earth has always been fearless, but when she loves someone very much, she suddenly becomes less brave. She is not afraid of death, but she can’t see you when she thinks of death..   Taurus: If I can stay with you and live in poverty, I would also like to live in a real Taurus. Taurus has always attached great importance to material things. Material things bring a sense of security, but when I really fall in love with someone, as long as the person is you, I want everything, because you are a sense of security..   The following is what Gemini said: I have recited your words many times. Gemini, who has changed from talkative to taciturn glib, talks in front of outsiders in Kan Kan, but when I meet you, I will shut up because I remember that you said you don’t like pompous people.. I am not pompous, can you like me?   Cancer’s following content: You always bring your own light and background music to every appearance. Cancer loves you very much, just like installing radar, and can always see you in the crowd at the first time. Perhaps you bring your own light and background music to appear in my life, inside..   Leo: When I think of you, my tail wags ~ The proud Leo never gives in. He once wanted to be the lonely king who conquered the world. After meeting you, he only wanted to be a Xiao Mao who wags his tail..   Virgo’s following contents: principles are suddenly eaten by dogs. virgo has many, many principles. everything you can and can’t do must be done according to the rules. but after meeting you, the principles are eaten by dogs all of a sudden. what you said is right. you are the principle..   Libra will care about everything and forgive everything. Libra, who never puts things at ease, loves you very much and suddenly cares about everything and becomes stingy and jealous. But when I think of you, I can forgive everything..   Scorpio’s following content: From now on, I think everyone is like you Scorpio. People will only love one person in their whole life. When they see you, they will know it’s you. That’s right. When I can’t see you, everyone looks like you..   Sagittarius has the following contents: Becoming Worry about personal gains and losses is not cool at all. Sagittarius is so cool, like a wind of freedom to go wherever you want, but Sagittarius, who loves you very much, is not cool at all. Think of a mental derangement in Worry about personal gains and losses.   Capricorn’s following content: in an instant, Capricorn, who has both armor and soft rib, is seldom attacked by people. they seem to have no weakness, because they don’t know you. you are their soft rib and also their strong armor..   Aquarius The following content: Clearly met for a short time, but seems to have known Aquarius for a lifetime. It is very difficult for them to move, and they only need a moment to move. They love you very much, just like they have known you for a lifetime and want to live with you again for a lifetime..   Pisces has the following contents: emotions will enlarge, illusion will increase, memory will get better ~ I love you very much, you care about everything, so unconsciously enlarge emotions, and illusion will often occur, but people who were confused in inside remember your things clearly.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.