Twelve constellation lucky stone

Do you want to know what is the lucky stone of twelve constellation?? Since ancient times, there have been many legends about the energy of lucky stones. The lucky stones related to the twelve constellations are also different. Let’s see which one is your lucky stone today.!   The following are the contents of Aries: Ruby and Jasper. The lucky stone symbols of Aries are ruby and jasper, but crystal cliff can also be used as a sedative.. Jasper is a mixture of Shi Ying, chalcedony and other colored minerals. In ancient times, jasper was used as a Thumb ring and worn on the thumb (Mars finger) to avoid liver and lung diseases.. According to ancient occult records, jasper has the ability to stop bleeding.. More relevant statements and evidences can be found in Ural, India and Brazil.   Taurus: Emerald and the lucky stones in Aventurine Taurus are emerald and Aventurine (both belong to rare and precious stones, emerald is especially valuable, we suggest Aventurine and jade can also be used). Aventurine belongs to Shi Ying and is very similar to jade. It helps to avoid throat and respiratory diseases..   Gemini’s following content: The lucky stone of Gemini in Manaus stone is Manaus stone, which is beneficial to relevant industries, including commerce, journalists, communications and ordinary jobs.. In addition, the tortoise is also the mascot of Gemini. Manaus stone is composed of chalcedony silica and Shi Ying, and layered stripes can be seen from the appearance.. This kind of stone helps to increase potential strength. Enhance sexual vitality and reduce inner jealousy..   Cancer’s following contents: moon stone, Oper and Crystal cliff Cancer’s lucky stones are moon stone, Oper and Crystal cliff. These stones can bring luck to this constellation. Crystal is the most widely used stone in magic (crystal ball). In some Muslim areas, crystal cliff is used to treat obesity and renal colic. Its application principle is as follows: emotional fluctuation. Hang it on your chest to avoid evil attacks..   Leo: Topaz, Chrysoberyl, Amber and Tiger Eye The lucky stones of Leo are topaz, Chrysoberyl, Amber and Tiger Eye. Tiger’s eye is a precious stone in the eyes of casino regulars.. In ancient times, this kind of stone had quite mysterious power and could resist the occurrence of unexpected things..   Virgo: Red Shi Ying Virgo’s lucky stone is Red Shi Ying. According to ancient beliefs, Red Shi Ying can help surmount emotional obstacles, reduce quarrels between partners and eliminate conflicts in the family.. It is also the best patron saint to resist the coming of evil..   Libra: Olivine, Jade and Dongling. The lucky stones in this constellation are olivine, jade and Dongling.. It is the identification stone for artists, stars and musicians, and is the bole for art and beautiful things.. According to ancient beliefs, this kind of stone is the comfort of a difficult life..   Scorpio: jasper Scorpio’s lucky stone is jasper, which belongs to Mars stone. In terms of color, this constellation wants to find its own balance. According to ancient tradition, topaz should be worn on the left hand.. Jasper helps to eliminate the inconvenience caused by ovaries and cysts..   Sagittarius: The lucky stone of Amethyst Sagittarius is Amethyst, which represents ambition, travel, adventure and successful work. This kind of stone belongs to silicon oxide. Its name fascinated Bacchus’s goddess and she tried every means to get it.. According to ancient legends, drinking from a glass made of amethyst is never drunk.. In magic, amethyst is applied to almost every detail..   Capricorn: The lucky stone of this constellation is all iron hematite. Especially, the high-quality black tourmaline is the luckiest for this constellation.. It is conducive to financial growth and career advancement.. In terms of health, stones give individuals the power to find a balance. In the aspect of things that do not appear, one can improve one’s keen sense of perception..   Aquarius: The lucky stones of the constellation Cat’s eye and Opal are cat’s eye and Opal (blue with white meridians). This kind of stone is beneficial to creation, renewal and science and technology.. In terms of health, it is helpful to dredge the meridian circulation..   Pisces: Aquamarine and Amethyst are two lucky stones in this constellation. The first category is aquamarine. in the middle ages, people used the finely ground aquamarine as a drug to eliminate throat inflammation and recover eye diseases.. Up to now, we still use it to cure toothache and gastrointestinal diseases.. The second type is amethyst (such as Sagittarius lucky stone). Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.