Countries Represented by twelve Constellation

Countries Represented by Twelve Constellations. Each country has its own unique flavor and soul, which is fascinating.. Do you want to know which countries twelve constellation represents?? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.!   Aries: Basibasy is a samba country full of enthusiasm. People here love beaches, football and carnival. There are hot beauties everywhere. Heaven and hell are interwoven here. This hot country is perfect for Aries in Some Like It Hot..   Taurus: Switzerland Switzerland is a relatively independent country extending in all directions, with low profile and economic strength. Switzerland has the most developed financial, tourism and watch industries.. Taurus’s character is perfectly matched with the soul of Switzerland.!   Gemini: Britain’s weather is changeable, Britain’s politics are changeable, there is a very old European history and culture, and there is also a modern military atmosphere. The fog and mist in inside always make people unable to see through and guess. So is Gemini, who is so fickle in character..   Cancer’s following contents: China’s transparent north and south, a multi-cultural gathering place, classical and fashionable, history and modern culture of thousands of years are fully developed.. China is the soul of a nation in a warm and atmospheric country.. The warm-hearted Cancer can best represent her country..   Leo: America is both heaven and hell. It is extremely prosperous and above money. This is the paradise of the rich, this is the hell of the poor, there are breathtaking scenery and extremely avant-garde art.. Hegemonic America’s position in the world is unshakable, and this domineering is Leo’s philosophy of life..   Virgo: Singapore Singapore is a garden island country in Southeast Asia. It has strict laws and has achieved remarkable results in city cleaning. Therefore, Singapore is also known as a “garden city.”. Virgo’s cleanliness and preciseness just blend with the spirit of the country..   Libra’s following content: Italy is walking on the streets of Italy. You will often see handsome men and women walking past you in their own way as if they were coming out of fashion magazine inside. The pace of inside is full of confidence and pride, as if it were an elegant picture scroll.. The dream of beauty and leisure must be hidden in Libra’s heart..   Scorpio: Russian beauties and vodka become Russia’s national symbol. This fighting nation has beautiful women for which men all over the world are crazy. Their tall figure and delicate face exude infinite temptation and are extremely sensual and mysterious, which is exactly the characteristic of Scorpio..   Sagittarius: Holland Holland in people’s impression inside is a country of windmills and flowers. Beneath its beautiful appearance, the Dutch have a heart that longs for freedom. They hold an open attitude to all bold things and no traditional thought represents Sagittarius’s nature..   Capricorn has the following contents: Germany is a big industrial country that pays attention to industry. Germany is not a “be fond of the new and tired of the old” nation. The country likes things with experience, historical memory and cultural memory.. Strive to create your own “Made in Germany” in a down-to-earth way. This spirit is perfectly integrated with Capricorn.   Aquarius The following content: Venezuela is famous for its oil-rich and world-famous beauty pageant country. Venezuelans have a crazy passion for beauty pageants. Women’s greatest dream here is to change their lives by winning a beauty pageant champion.. This unusual state of life is exactly what alien Aquarius yearns for..   Pisces the following content: French walking along the Seine River, wandering under the Champs Elysé es, slow drinking in the bar inside, whispering in the cafe inside. French romance is their pursuit of elegance, refinement and comfort without exception. Pisces stands for French romance.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.