MediaTek February sales 127.One million Taiwan dollars: Over the past three years, the worst

MediaTek looks not very good day too, under siege Samsung, and other chip manufacturers, MediaTek's latest revenue seems to come hit a three-year low。 According to information provided by the Electronic Times, MediaTek in February 2018 revenues of 127.NT $ 100 million, or about 2.7 billion yuan, the chain fell 24.5%, down 25%, which is MediaTek worst monthly sales data since the last 3 years。 Since the downturn in February, the first two months of MediaTek revenues of 295.NT $ 400 million, down 16.2%。
The statistics agency predicted MediaTek first quarter will be shipped 75 million to 85 million processor than the same period last year 1.100000000-1.200 million processor sharp decline。
However, this decline MediaTek With the arrival of new machine tide of March has slowed, especially the recent launch of the P60 processor much consumers, is expected to begin from March, there will be many new phones equipped with MediaTek processing device。