Another star in the sky

Life will encounter many different people in my life, there will always be one or two people, to bring their own warmth, school life has been gone for three years, but I always forget who classmates, because she gave me a very memorable experience.    I remember it was summer primary school, our class that has been separated, waiting for the junior high school admission notice.Since a long time to wait, so I tried to get back home, after a lot of days later, my father returned home to tell me that I did not go to junior high school, junior high school to continue that in the original school.    Soon after, my father suddenly called me at night, I had to ask the teacher phone number, I told him in a language book.I first thought what is it?But then, the next day, my father told me that I was admitted to the junior high school, because of reduced scores.I was surprised, not the beginning it has not admitted?I asked my father, my father only a few hastily answered, I will not ask anything more of what.    Then, to the time of junior high school soon, my sister told me that one student after that reduce the score to tell I was accepted.So I asked who, she told me, is a chubby girl with glasses, so I know who it is.Then my sister told me the specific process, she told me that she was very moved, I said that I, too.    By junior high, I have a similar one with her classmates.The students in junior high school, we always go home together after school, primary school students who, like me, and, because of this, so I’m sure the students in junior high school, junior high school, even if separated, we are good friends.As a song sung by “friends life go together, those days are no longer there, in a word, life, love life, a glass of wine.”.    You and your classmates in a class, that is a fate, I believe everyone will encounter their own good classmates, friends, classmates brought me a lot, brought me a lot of friends, and of course I have great feelings, the elementary school students has become my friend, after that I have not seen her, and she hopes to meet again, I hope many years later still remember each other.