Another Spring

[Part One: Another Spring blossom] Binbian see gray hair, his face wrinkles.Said even the cause of fame?US Shaohua early to make mistake.Five Pecks of Rice Zhesha of back pain, the three Jian Wu tired blue eyes.Raised the children off the resentment anger, I did not just whisper gold and silver – who owe disarray.I was too smart colleagues jealous, I do not flatter your boss hate, blame my people affiliated solid,.The end is unhappy husband get up early, starting late mother, then ugly, anyway difficult people.  Smile hand over red mud India, Yongtui feel a whole body light.Hill can swim, can play the King, but also to enjoy to enjoy Tianlun.Chrysanthemums planted several strains of bluegrass, planted two plum Apricot.Hsing to listen to the piano, in bits and pieces of static.Looking through the book when bored, take a look at this ancient text now children dug out what’s new?Do not spend money to buy a beautiful night, effortlessly able to get water Xiushan out, drop a free Happy, Be Ye Lonely.  Hundred years of life from wrong light, and finally escape the mundane world Sunian.Sigh just a sigh, like a romantic white Shuangbin, Difficult to cool Masaoki.Chivalric bitter weakness, the weak and save the world hate lean body.Only this throat of tea, obsessed with wine, Zhi Jiaoren ecstasy.  Thinking enemy, chasing the past, looking for old friends.Spring Lake Gaoyou lieu de Man, the Dabie Mountains akishimo stained maple, Huaihe Nowata Vision sunset, the Yangtze River a few boarding.Also pointing country, also played ridge planting.Pro hundred flowers turn Rouchang, pregnant Jiandanqinxin to Autumn.  Countless days and nights, yeah, all burned out.To throw down the cause of fame, do not throw basic necessities of life; come to realize Zen Buddhism, enlightenment is not open world state human.Boundless, still, something different, bittersweet uneven.Poor blessing in the day, Sishengyouming.  The letter I hum a ditty, pour three cups of watery liquor alone.Regardless of winter Xiaqiu Chun, do not ask wanes confront, within half awake, fasting, drunk seeing this life.  [Part II: Another Spring Orioles snow dance] enlightenment is born with our rights, all the pain stems from our refusal to accept this treasure.  Another Spring snow dance Orioles.  Spring, when is a good word.Just set up the spring, they encounter the chilly weather.A dormant winter, wanted to drop everything hands, embrace a ray of spring, Wu Wuwu dance on the strings of spring.Few have the seeds of heart, because of the snow, then curled back.As the saying goes: Do not hit the spring of joy, in forty cold weather.”Spring chill” is very cold, but also osteoclasts.Nightlife net cold, not a bad word.Although, sometimes run into “unprovoked storm reluctant to do more than close cold” and “late spring” weather, body skin will feel cold osteoclasts, as the saying goes: “Anti-spring, frozen broken ribs.”.However, a cold word, not enough to sink the dream, heart, or was under Sheng.Some say the heart likened to a “basket”, not “cold”, “cold” to look inside “loaded”, that is “warm”, “hot” can also look inside ‘put’, if it is really a bone erosion, brought to its knees, also really hard to say.It’s no wonder some people broke the voice shout shouting: “How much heart, the world is as big.”Spring is undoubtedly a full word.Unlike the “deflated” the letter box of a sick word class, highlighting the negative, people look, sound, read all a feeling, heart failure.It was cold and bone erosion of people, and then a big heart, the body could not do, everything is emptiness.Thus, I used to stand, copybooks writing, to choose the right word; for people to do things, do not use bad words.Selected a word, good word to say for life, there are miraculous.  Another Spring snow dance Orioles.To fight this problem, but also the mental state of consuming.Life needs vivid.Yingge than birds are flying, snow than snow dance, only one word, very different mood.I remember once, in the original write stories, to the veterans there, just change a word, making the entire article to appropriate more.And captures it to a poem, to savor: “Grassroots immortal grass, grass on the fly long grass herbicides, Huakaihuaxie often red flower, saffron flower Shabana drunk at.”I miss the students the choice of words in sentences, just the right word into a sentence, will make people feel more comfortable.If a sentence was intended to go beyond the word itself or from the conception of the original sentence, fill in, make the sentence vivid flowers, and often have to “take the lead butterfly, Butterflies” superimposed charm, lead to imagine how a “good” Zile?  Long course of years, there are numerous “good” inn, good pain, a good hurt, run away palm memory.Just as: lead butterfly flower, Butterflies, day and night, endless emotions; love heart, love for a long time.Mid-month, this love rain.  A dormant winter, wanted to drop everything in the hands of his hands touch the spring, in the spring, strings, dance Wu Wuwu.However, into the late spring, but also dance it up?So, somehow too good to Amoy to a few words, a lot of fear and trepidation grounds brick, quite vivid, very absurd, as well as delays in the timing, the slow awakening.  Enlightenment is born with our rights, all the pain stems from our refusal to accept this treasure.  Each human heart, are equipped with many tears, but, it took some words can not tell, can only be placed at the unmanned, to tell their own.In fact, a lot of good words, needless to say, for everyone, it is a memory of when, occasionally sad and very beautiful.  Each human heart, are equipped with a spring, just, dream of spring, not depicted.It can only be stored in a quiet place with your fingertips copy.In fact, without a lot of illusion to tell everyone to listen to it as a rare specimen, occasionally bloom very exciting.  Had a great ambition, confidence, a turn, he was playing bad habits to swallow.Had very bright eyes, bent on crossing the Buddha, Amoy Lek, only an empty basket filled with vanity, is so vulnerable.In an ideal rose garden, a flower repeat itself small.In real life the basket, who is fit and well-being?Chase past time, and who is in the taste slowly, quietly tears?In the sleepless nights, the Who, the perfunctory solitude, dark however sad?  Tear off yesterday’s calendar, lonely trip.Ushered in the dawn today, thoughts spread.In this “late spring” season, let the dream, say goodbye vagrant depression!Let the youth, into a gust of wind, rolled into a vivid part of my trip that.  ”New Year have failed to youth, Alarmed by the grass shoots in early February.Spring snow but too late to make it fly through the tree court.”Quiet learn, learn to be independent, to be strong yourself.Mao Zedong’s “Prelude heavy on Jinggangshan” word, saying: “joy of spring everywhere, more gurgling water, the high road into the clouds.”[Part Three: Another Spring magnolia flowers] Recently my eyes out of the question, always the wrong person, and as the older of me almost more than me, younger than me as older than me.Wild guess someone’s age is not a fun game, I often had to be called brother brother, sister sometimes called sister again, the result is always an advantage person, when one day know the real age, friends at the side proud grin, I always blush.Later, I will not just call someone, for fear of confusing the age wrong road, and ask someone’s age just inconvenient, embarrassing everyone.Later familiar with, I always rejected the previous judge, for example, I thought it high teacher was a big sister, little later learned several years older than me.No wonder ah, high-heeled northerner like me, is a very forthright personality easygoing easy-going personality, do not like to dress up and never whitewash, always haircut.And her masculine name, as never a black or gray clothes wrapped in a simple, thin skeleton accompanied by a pony tail, not modified facial features and skin overall impression that the accumulation of years of vicissitudes.Today, when she spoke little I was three, she seemed embarrassed than I am, I once again peeping other people’s privacy like some little uneasy.Fortunately, I have a few high-heeled and from work, and are two decades of wandering in a foreign land with a city, though only one year of acquaintance, there is the same friendship as an old friend.  Unlike previous years, this year’s weather, I live in a small town Lingnan always shrouded in rain wet environment, a friend asked me, “the South is not no winter it?”But I’m Down, heavily, like a lot of winter wear in the body.Even wet winter day in the South also had a moldy, in fact, already in the first month of early spring, the rainy season has lasted almost two months, no wonder my mood has been in the doldrums.Chinese New Year holiday is not over, my laziness has increased layer, not get more than nine is ten o’clock daily, the benefits do not work without any pressure regardless of what.For some reason canceled plans to travel, spend most of their time buried in books, and in too deep, and the characters in the story with ups and downs, and even shed a few tears silent night.Reading people crazy stupid, can not distinguish between reality and fantasy, author of God is brought into the magic pen scene of the story, a cry for a laugh.  Spring Festival did not like my friends where to travel, lively place too noisy I do not love to go, just go where few nearby, only plum impressed.In addition to several flower white flowers sparse, although the Western Hills Plum did not see the Hornsey sea I thought, I do not want to Huayu swirling.However, due to the remote location that quiet deliberate without human development, the quiet of the mountains, the valley gurgling clean, tree-shaded village Yanlan gray walls and black tiles under, people roof?Lingering thumb metacarpal  shaped stack tread  Tau Σ luminance Suwa Ju  take Feixiyanqiao Zhaoshunlindui