And you were promised Qiannian Life Together

Han Yan Ying, feeling like a pull, and that no traces that once familiar fleeting, like introspective won a skim dream of chic in the tide Luk Luk mist, Huang Huang, however, already see the anxiety, see full of memories of careful care and life of a city.    Sparse shade of shadow oblique, refolding in mind in silent Qian, a string sounds through the ages, roused his back sigh, Jun found that I was holding in a corner of the city of Susan guarding the edge of a millennium?    Those who have confusion, I pity the most beautiful thoughts and thinking, wipe his eyes, waiting for the tears, quiet look shady trees, you can have my pity and loneliness?Have you ever perceive me miss?    Should, and other romantic into a reason, and so suddenly dream of vows, that life must have a crack, the sun came to photographs.    Blew away the bondage knot, worry heartbroken and distant sea, a rose, a touch of charming drunk at sunset all import of raw, without deliberately remember, without any reminders.    I just want to place some of the crazy jump, let a ray of shallow desolate shrouded suppression of cumulus clouds in the sky under the stars, only willing to let it go so confused multitude of things hidden in the heart, condensed into a poignant poem volume.    Calm down, you can listen to the voice of the soul, because she knows know to appreciate, because the treasure before we know better.    Perhaps you can get angry, you can not be happy, you can enjoy state of mind at this time, but that’s just my wishful thinking.My world, you do not care, your world, I do not know.Close your eyes, that does not matter, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves.    But that’s okay, though already gone yesterday, but remember to inadvertently foreshadowed, jump into, I know that one of the strings of soul, will play into the beautiful landscape painting spliced into different beautiful show in this among the earth.    Undertake life injury, after a sad melody, life gave me a last resort, then I have only shallow love, hidden deep.    Red Dangqi three little knowledge, and finally arrived, but no account of time.    Stared ink sky, a few pens outline, so graceful and ethereal dance with the wind, reach out, pick up a scent of sweet, but the feeling is so physically and mentally tired.    Put a mountain stream, recovered a bottle of romance for you, Oh that your life well.    Just on the lantern, tease Ruju heart, back Roubo that road, but only against the moon gently shouting: “Are you okay”?”Do you know how much I miss you”?    Behind mileage watched the sky of the city, when we walk in a certain time of life, I think all the unforgettable, are no longer important.    People have ups and downs, but the road is not re-take, now, I just want the book as partners, and the moon rested silent, all regarded as clouds, impetuous heart is not there, just that maybe some light orange lights and lonely heart I.    Twilight westbound, light wind elimination, since then, I will not go looking for lonely companion, put bright smile, a surplus of paper terraced rice paddies in between the lines.    Jian poetic language full swing, so in that vein springs heart waiting for your arrival!And you were promised Qiannian Life Together!