And to the delicious mulberry

Just turn to the mulberry tasty “May the Liuhua illuminated eyes out” when it is also delicious mulberry season.In the countryside, to mulberry woods, watching the flickering green leaves of purple mulberry really beautiful, want to taste it, you can easily pick, which is mid-May to give people the gift of nature.Right now, in the city, the vegetable market, street corner hawkers of small bamboo basket, occasionally to see.Mulberry is mostly purple, there are light green.The taste is sour, sweet, sour and sweet taste that, compared to strawberry, pineapple, mango, it seems a bit more game children.In this large family of fruit, it is less buzz, not even on the table, it can be fresh, unique flavor, taste a few occasionally, then it is “not a good feeling in their hearts,” the.    Tongzhou District in the southwest corner of town in cold water majuqiao River, there is a small small village, the 1960’s, I used to work in this small village for five years.What impressed me most, is the Village piece of mulberry trees.AIDS eastbound entrance to the village less than five hundred paces, you will see four or five meters of a sand table.This is a big sand table, the area can be let go at least fifty football fields.Do not look at the foot full of sand, that mulberry on the table but long thick real real.Tall, as high as five feet four old trees; there is little, there are just spit out fresh green sapling.One to May, to end mulberry tree, and who want to eat can pick.Woods responsible for the care of the old man, sitting in the woods corner of a small room, drinking tea, smoking, not only people cutting down trees, he does not care for the woods.Woods is not his own, earning eight work points to see the day, who is going eventful?Moreover, when the mulberry, just to pick mulberry leaves, for sericulture.Silkworm as Jianer can make money, then the production team, they rely on this income, the team wanted to buy a cart, we must save money for several years it cocoons?    Before and after the annual wheat harvest, between the green leaves of mulberry trees, it began to take shape a little mulberry.Only a beginning child size bean, white honking, hidden among the leaves, artists very attention; but a few days, there is a bean size.Reddish color becomes white in the.Next to the pink, gradually turned dark red, purple.Yo long mulberry, peanut shell corresponding to the smaller.Surface is not smooth, there is a layer of fine small lump.When wheat is slightly yellow, purple mulberry will comes up one by one, as if a group of lively splash of small dolls.Truly lovely.Off the inlet, tastes.He has been sweet to the heart to go.Taste really great.However, eating mulberries also a little annoying, it wildly like a dye, a juice to the hands, flew black.Accidentally, finger dyed black, the mouth is also blacked out.Grandfather played like opera, simply Zuitian eat, they themselves are unaware, saw a good friend, a quasi laughed: “Eat it briquettes?”Eaters had embarrassed ran to wash.    There is a poem titled “Meng”, and spoke of mulberry on “The Book of Songs”: “Sang hardly ever, if its leaves Waugh.Come dove sigh, no food mulberry.Women sigh Come on, no delay with disabilities.Xi Shi of delay, still can say; woman’s delay Come, not to say!”I have to read, and very strange?Why can not eat mulberry it turtledove?Do not ask people know, the ancients believed that eat mulberry poet sidewalks, crazy to, it will dry out the stupid, gullible.The Book of Songs on the argument, so far I have not heard any scientific evidence, I eat a lot back to the mulberry, also left lingering fragrance mouth feel, very delicious food to enjoy.I have never been fascinated.Only careful reading of the poem, will understand the meaning of this poem is probably the man of the house long-term overseas did not return, the woman left behind deeply concerned, sorrowful heart, with their sad experience, warned the world: one thousand girls Wan mistakes I do not dance, do not believe the man’s sweet talk and unfamiliar easily fall in love, and that will cause grief, regret and tragedy!The poem also has advice for the husband, similar to today’s lyrics sung: “Do not pick roadside wildflowers” means.Ancient verse poetry, there is metaphor, hyperbole, Shi Wu Da, can be felt, it is not too hard of.    Looking back 50 years ago, that piece Mulberry Grove Village, mulberry May, more than enough to be a fighting vehicle.At that time the villagers do not know that it’s worth?Definitely!Samrin is collective, the people who think about it?There was a film called “Pine Ridge” movie, the film has the opportunity to call a farmer money widely, city streets, selling several kilograms of chestnuts, it has been criticized, who would dare propose it to sell mulberry?I understand the background of that time, rural areas to “learn from Dazhai”, food for the program, if the sand table can clock crops would not have left the ground a piece Sang Linyi.Fortunately, this village cadres good business-minded, mulberry sericulture, cocoon also change some money to ensure the “five guarantees” able to eat.At that time, the acquisition of cocoon is a national, not part of the restoration of capitalism.    Looking back, I leave this little village has been half a century.How is this piece of mulberry, is not known?Not long ago, I went to the farmers market to buy food, saw much better for customers to buy a tricycle for this mulberry, someone who has bought a purple, white people buy, arguing, shouting, fear can not buy.Listen to a waiting buy old mother said: “Listen Experts say friends, eat mulberry, can enhance human immunity, anti-aging, beauty, lower cholesterol, prevent cancer.But also to keep the dark hair and help the role of sleep ? “who believe the truth, who do not rush out to buy?Old man of God he is busy selling mulberry, while the music.Tickets plastic bag, stuffed stuffed.I would also like to buy a couple of pounds to squeeze onto the front, taste fresh, did not think the old man shouted to me: “You do not know my friends, I am your student Daniel ah!”I look closely, think of it, he tempest loudly, nickname Daniel.I think he was too busy, ask a few left.But I know, mulberry trees have been contracted farmers, every year, to buy the light of God Sang income on disk full bowl full.Reform and opening up, the city people early adopters, redneck profit, more good things ah!    On the way home, quite interest, easy to read compile a few limericks, first, to express my joy mood it: “Not only mulberry silkworms eat mulberry to be fresh; a transformation of ideas, the same sweet urban and rural life!”Although known poetic taste is not strong, feeling really ah!