And I saw the snow hometown

Pro, reunion, back here, I see canola flower of spring, summer, lotus, chrysanthemum autumn.But now, I am most looking forward to the winter snow.Look at the flying flower petals, I look forward to for a long time.    Mei Yurong wrote in the poem: “When dovetail cut, bent over the lake / will have nimble footsteps coming.The endlessly birds / canola flower wanton spill / the endlessly / green shoots emerge from the apical / the endlessly.    When the summer rainy season angered moldy clothes, suddenly, such as thunder awakened people’s dreams when I do not know how can snow in recent days and a little.    When the asphalt covered with autumn leaves be booming when a flooding rain followed by a frenzy off the summer, I do not know how cold the winter brought warmth.    I eagerly look forward to the days coming in day after day of disappointment in.It was suddenly under the snow, I have not been happy, too late umbrella, quietly walked into this fantasy world, to look for my dreams.    You see, the footprints along the way, my life is through the traces, you see that fell on his face melted snow, I left a hot spot for these tears; you see, here everything is none other than I am familiar with, is the place where my infatuation.Home snow ah, you’re standing in the doorway to greet my arrival.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) can not forget that a picture of the face, but had forgotten the fall; forget one of a pine, but had forgotten the scars; ever forget the story, nor forget this home snow.    Snow said the southern United States and less snow in the north, which in turn how we prove it?The endless plains in the north, but only one side and then the monotonous white, you see, there are evergreen woods are dotted with shallow snow, even a fall for a bare tree leaves, you will not be monotonous, between these fields, snow melting point Gone with the Wind, water flows into the ditch along a small creek, then kept knocking sound, seems to have Frontier “suddenly, such as spring night, the trees of pear blossoms,” the taste of spring.Come to think of winter, spring has to do with the kind of abundant winter than in the north, but it.    This early in the morning, hold in the arms of a lover who does not know the quiet of this world.At this moment, quiet, leaving only the sound of water and riding in the snow pace sound, knocking accompanied this thump thump sound, it seems that here but the most beautiful.    Stop at the foot of the mountain, to see which contained a white green mountains, even if there is wind, it can not drive the static moment condensate.You listen carefully, listen carefully, thin snow sliding down from a height, hit the low tree, there is always the sound of Chi Chi.Suddenly a group of sparrows over the hill, falling utility poles shout, hey, this realm, is the elf adds a touch of kindness.Lazy people do not know it all.    Exhumation of the road, riding in the new snow, mud does not seem to see this field between a green Mama, I think of Shelley’s poem: Go ahead my bitter dead thoughts over the world / I would like willow as a new birth.Wake up to the sleeping earth!Westerly ah!/ If winter has arrived / spring be far behind.?    Oh yes, the winter came, the snow this one, I bumped into you.In winter, your arms will be warm as springtime?