And freshmen want to say something

Hand bags, shoulder bags, marching autumn.Another group of students went into the Youjiang Medical, began their university life.So how do planning their college life?As a junior, I give freshmen a few proposals, hoping for a little more or less the benefits of new students.    Learn to adjust their mentality, new courage to face life.A decade studying hard, and once they pass the examination, the students each receive admission notice of the University, it will be for the upcoming college life is full of expectations.As the saying goes: Hope disappointed in the end.When the real contact with university life, I realized the gap between ideals and reality.Many freshmen complain about small schools, with their high school can not compare.”Small but perfectly formed,” our school is small, but strong teachers, improve infrastructure, complete clinical laboratory equipment and so on conditions, sufficient to train an excellent medical graduates.Do not let the students complain that end, disappointed, lost occupy valuable time.University education is our place in the future we have the kind of development, have to rely on their own efforts to fight, regardless of the school’s appearance.So you have to adjust their mentality, conscientiously study and re-examine their own.    Sociable, pay more friends.University of rehearsal time that we enter society, to successful performance on the big stage in society, we must learn to cherish this valuable university “dress rehearsal” to cooperate with others, and common progress.University is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to learn to behave, to understand the communication, the students correctly handle the relationship between the teacher.In case of conflict, to learn empathy, calmly deal.Days than the sea is wide, wider than the sky is the human mind, so we should have a broad mind.When the fault of their own, to learn to admit mistakes, such people deserve to be respected.Nightlife Network believe that you would have learned that college life is different from the high school closed, tight, constrained life.Therefore, the university is looking forward to life, but also a loss.Develop a learning plan and no reasonable rest at the University of regular, powerless live college days, until graduation do not know in the end what is learned, this is not college life.Students should know how reasonable study plan, to set their own goals.Towards the goal of setting a good step forward.Universities are not the end of the struggle, but the start of another life course.We are in the beginning to wander, or to order the pace of progress towards a new course of it?Please choose carefully!    New school, various associations are seeking publicity for their own advertising, we hope more new students to join.However, you have to be careful, and according to their preferences, I think the election two fit on it.Participate in community lets you develop your own interests, develop expertise, to exercise their own.Moreover, the employer also like those who participated in any clubs or served as graduate student leaders, because these students have accumulated some work experience.If we put a lot of time is spent in community activities, he abandoned the study, the results fall a thousand feet, more harm than good ah.To participate in the community, learning should not be mistaken.    Although the university is romantic love, people heart itch want to try and experience.But do not see others drawing near, kiss me, you could not help myself going challenge, to know their own “fate” The past is not postponed.Not to ruin his life and love.In fact, I love during college, probably not so simple we have to talk about the.After a few years of life is very short, besides bilateral economic come from parents, so blind love will eventually be a mirage, it can only bring endless troubles and melancholy.We do not want to get rid of loneliness and love, not fear of being laughed at and love.Please be assured that love again, no worries in future no bosom friend.