An old desk

November 28, 1994, I want to go to work, after the township government, I am happy family man.I am not happy, face expressionless.It is said that the township is a very poor very poor village, but also in remote, inconvenient transportation and.I do not want to go, it is unable to control himself, to his father cried stretch.The results still to go, so many tears glistening white shed.    From afar, the township government compound in the middle of crowded shabby houses, did not imagine the five-star red flag flying over the roof.The pock-marked front is a narrow asphalt road.Door open, pour the walls to look like, above the white hay casually shaking in the breeze.Three rows of red brick and red tile house trembling, a surge of small wind blown.Green paint off the doors and windows rolled, glass failure, corner brick was injured, the brick wall in the sun wind and rain are slim, and depression into the wall, a red powder off the foot of the wall.Every, every one can see are the age-old run-down, we are on the eve of the death of Wei Chuan sick.Even some hay yard leaves seem to be left behind in ancient times.    Come from the first row of the last row, I did not see a person.All the open space in front of the last row house weeds, there is a high one, tightly covered the ground, which is more unoccupied.I fear sprang from the hay in what used to, such as Mr. Lu said the serpent and beauty snake like, so I hurried back to the front of the first row of houses, where I unlocked the door one by one knock, knock I do not know a few doors to the first, it was finally agreed, and the warm reception I.    Reception me, no matter from where looks are an authentic farmer, like just finish farm return, how would such a person does not want contact with the township government staff together.No time to think, he took me to open the warehouse door, pick a better set of tables and chairs from the piles of junk, about ten years off the dust.Together we carried the first row of rooms, before left corridor on the west side of the second Jian Wu.Found in many of the keys in that key, with the same degree of difficulty to find the key that opens the door.A smell of mildew air blowing, pushing me backwards.”We limited conditions, you will be on the point of it.”He assured me that the windows and turn around for me, the rear window of a window almost down the decline.    After he left, I stand in the middle of the room, I do not know where they came, trance fell on the dust heap, into the back of years old.My heart was overshadowed.    I bring simple household items I do not know where to put, where the feeling will not put.One hand clinging to something, a hand took out the toilet paper, cut to length a length, semi-paved bed, put my stuff.Look around, a shack, a broken bed, a broken table, a broken chair, is my office and dormitory.My chest feel oppressed, helpless lonely look sad Youyuan gushing from the mouth from the nasal cavity from the eyes, I squatted on the ground crystal tears falling on hard, spent the rest of the half roll of toilet paper.White toilet paper, like the dust in the dust falls out of a blossoming flower holy, is ironic to me, or to the house of satire?    When I became natives, house clean; when the white towel into a black towel, a table showing its pale yellow.Table surface covered with years of wrinkles, deep wrinkles anyway depth width of roads is black.Three drawers stiffened, will not pull out, the table filled with the vicissitudes of generations of master story.I single-handedly beat up the bottom drawer, a hand drawer, and finally pulled out.The bodies of insects, rat droppings, also showed the.The story actually those old bones mixed in feces.    In this full of vicissitudes cobweb on desk, I started my career.Billing, payment and collection, tabulation and other services have carried on this desk, sometimes until late at night.    When in November 1996 and the township, I incorporated into my desk with escorting late township government, it continues to accompany me.    July 1997 completion of the new township government, with my desk and I moved to a new government compound.Government compound in a brick and tile plants and trees are new, or old desk.    Just moved into the new compound the next day, working on the right track, that is, the next day, I remember most the most interesting thing is that I’m sitting at the desk wages ago, my daughter just turned one year old leaning in my arms, in my drill in large shirt.She is not tall desk.My office, her sucking.Many people around the table, no one found her.She had enough, he comes up with a smile.Colleagues shocked and laughing, there is a villain children under original desk.    June 2006 withdrawal of the rural town, township government to upgrade, and was promoted to the town government, the desk is not upgraded, or old.    My desk is my table, three meals a day, I use it to eat.Meal, I think my classmates when I go to school and my classmates is to eat on this rectangular table, although different materials of different colors of different old and new, can feel the same, often caused me to miss classmates.    My desk is my parlor tables, classmates and friends came, with all this hospitality desk.Around the table chatting, twittering, talk for one night, poker thrown around the table, that mad King but also as a student as.Crazy over again across the table and said some small secret, then giggle.    My desk is my study table.Does not work, I will read some books, what books are read, ancient poetry prose fiction magazine.I love reading love books, more and more books on the desk.There followed years of my big dictionary, placed on my desk.    I like to decorate my desk, a tall, narrow green beer bottle vase to do.When the spring is not flowering, just a few light yellow germination of switchgrass inserted in the bottle, spring came to my room.Peach apricot opened, it will open on my desk.Smell the flowers, watching the petals, I will multiply the spirit, refreshing.As long as I see the flowers, as long as we can find in the courtyard of flowers will open on my desk.White morning glory purple pink, I would pinch come, peach-like green leaves set off on a morning glory vine long, from the bottle onto the desktop, sometimes dragged them on the page, it is poetic.Once I get a few chives.Colleagues surprised how also inserted chives?Chives also spend it, small white leek can not feel humble, brilliant blooming.Can not find the time to spend the winter, a few pieces of twigs in a vase, glue flowers of my own making, with red, yellow, purple, there are a few thousand origami cranes fly in the branches, not bad.    Photo of my daughter, but also on my desk.White smile, white teeth, a white angel dress, a pair of big white wings, she wants to fly up.It considerably to my desk.    I love my desk, it shabby, shabby I love it, I can not do without it, I can not do without it.    New colleagues, are used to buy a new desk, although new, but no more than the story of my desk seniority deep experience, it is a veteran witness to history, my life witness, it is my intimate partner, my beloved friend, use it like an old friend and talk dialogue, always feels at ease.    Later, I had my own office, desk to stay in the dormitory, its office functions receded, but I still used to call the desk, because this is my nickname it the.