An attitude

Often do not want to remember, but they inadvertently Recalling Past, and perhaps life itself, it is necessary to Yikusitian?    Hard to forget the past, because the past is a history of struggle, there are happy, sad, sweet and sour, Kula.Life ah, why do you torture people so, how many times the pursuit without success; life ah, everyone is yearning for happiness and happy, but it can not do so; life ah, after a long, want you to understand, want you favor, you want to tilt; life ah, sometimes laugh.Way back when, when Joe married early, Shuro valiant, but unexpectedly Yingxiongqiduan, bitter peerless beauty!Emperor Wu Mei Niang love, but unfortunately it has come to old age, very difficult, but fortunately did not let the elderly little beauty sacrificial victims, to fulfill his son, also created Empress, thanks to the old man, no selfishness.Remember the past, in order to better inheritance, so they have a standard can refer to, when everything was negative, aimless walking!    Remain in the memory of yesterday might make yourself wrapped step before, may stay in the heart of the past so they can not let go, had to remain in the memory you can also do a mirror!Often recalled that in the past, there is excitement, there is reflection, the results are exciting, it is the lack of reflection.Do not remember, may be more chic; do not nostalgia, perhaps happier.Longing for a different life, but powerless, no power on no other love, practical work, honest man!(Sauna News .SanWen.COM imaginary space) there are infinite, can accommodate you, I can also be accommodated, inclusive, to grasp every move!Enough is enough, contentment, the most heard encourage each other, but easier said than done!I never considered itself to a gentleman, but also not bad people, the endless pursuit, but it depends on whether this pursuit would cause harm to others.    Everything has a degree, enough is enough, but life can not do brakes, a pole in the end most people’s habits: Buzuibugui banquet, Tandaqiuquan on business, on every aspect of life.Enough is enough, contentment, how many people can really do?Mr. Ouyang Xiu to Drunkard itself, whether the contentment?Contentment can only stop, but if there are happy when stalled?    I do not know enough to have a struggle, as always happy!