An article Rose

Part one: a rose finishing mood, packed my bags, put a jar of wine language, hurrying local dating, print a label full of smiles, filled with witty rhyme surging articles, so you cover the red mark.  Leading to a happy state of mind has become a passport, has become the heart of Huaxiangniaoyu spring passes, whistles pack in the wings of a bird flew a little cloud.Rain sprinkled all the way to the cheerful, wash away the soul, leaving a pure land clearing, planting beautiful.  Brisk child singing heart, heart birds chirping dating to the place, the mountains have been in the dance, watching the water has a love of singing a rub.Yo snap of his fingers, his brow lifted, rose in the hands like a happy mountain furans, Manjuan love tempting, beautiful flowers no longer picking, pinch ray of spring, put a pot of fragrant sunshine led to the nectar, a rub that into a rose Fang a fragrant, exhausting love of all.  Inspired by the mist, his thoughts riding Rays, the soft sparkling mountain breeze.Like you see with a red floating in the air caused the figure, it seems that a bunch of wind chimes you hear laughter, already there, such as rocking swing like that on a banyan tree.My heartstrings knock mess, my dream of holding the feminine voice fingers, gently loosen, again in my heart empty blue Expand your beautiful figure.  Rose in my hands, sometimes attached to my heart, sometimes held to the forehead, I heard my oath of heart sounds.Carrying your soft hand we stepped into the happy, go with the wind on the way of life of the sword rain, watching the years graver our unsightly carved image, we are still happy with disperse cold, call us forever to get a first love sweet sound, we do not sing the old romance, calm and walked another wonderland.  I laugh and passing wind, the wind sent the information you come, bright eyes have seen the heart of the breeze blow you muster skirts Yiba worth of wind stir up feelings.Listen to several more frogs in the pond, I urge faster pace of light a surplus, I heard Rongrong’s heart sounds, etc. already there, sweet dimples had drunk love the scenery.  Child heart stops, my dating harbor, tall banyan tree shy witnessed my first love, crazy love, has left me eternal memory.Rongrong soft posture pushed by the wind, step by step way, like from that famous “lotus Fu” shake out in the general.Graceful close, I heard the rhythm sounds, tilt my last doorbell, we have entered the spire of my mind.My heart never unrestrained charm beautiful language, the Spirit of wonderful soft, elegant and pure Xin Feng a delicious, crisp moment of the soul that rises caused by unlimited soft happiness.  Witness all of the banyan, standing quietly in a timeless landscape in the TV drama, Artest came up, the smell that exudes happiness dye concentration of the Dutch sugar, concentrated dye banyan tree, covered with thousands kiss of a rose, soft Mei language rushes without a break, and pour it arrived happy dock.  Rose one mind, of one mind walking a path, the truth is said and done, a rose for life.Pull together you step into the hallowed halls, an we are happy lovers.    Part II: first flower first rose roses waiting for spring opening spring is a luxury, Banghuang anguish of waiting is a non-monotonic unmatched and poignant, gorgeous encounter a lonely edge of extinction.  Long time no touched floral rose, see those knowing smiles and enjoy the flowers, pretend it does not matter joke of their own laugh, and even one kind of confused disdain.For you do not know, no need to waste time and experience.A long time feeling the dormitory boring and anxiety.The network has not brought the focus of life, the text can be modified just a happy thought.Happiness comes from a natural inner strengths and induction.I have been looking calm when the soul burst of passion and inspiration of three-dimensional space in the middle of the night.In order to settle silenced Zhaohua.Sauna net in the dormitory balcony planted a pot of wild rose, from last October to now, there are half-way open several flower pink flowers.During that time it has been in cultivation.Not too concerned about energy basin of wild rose.Later that feeling before plastic pots soil is not too good.Rose began to wither, Rose had to move before a large pan of porcelain pots, and a lily with the coexistence of a flowerpot soil, long time no movement.Watering them every day for a period of time, he began to turn for the better.Wild Rose pan-green foliage begin after the Spring Festival discard one brown, dark green foliage facelift life began erupting newborn.Unknowingly rose every day to see a new look to change, there has to be two bright red buds open, my heart began to have the slightest sense of shock and impulse.  Quiet time, think about these in good time so silent in mediocrity and night, that dream world is like a light shining in the night, watching the distant but also in front of shaking.How can we let this gentle sound of life without turning.Unknown boring depleted expanding desires, the heart can not keep burning charcoal fire extinguished.We change a living law of life on the road looking for happiness and freedom.We must forget the past too restless and impulsive, and love the gorgeous cover up the decline of fortune withered in the dust.Many years later, I still kept running all the way downtown to catch up in full bloom.Beijing is also the way in the loss left a dream, an instant looked at Evergreen spring awakening, still vague, the survival in the face, the pure ideals and pursuits.The original is so fragile.In the face of reality.That beautiful love.Later that broke up once met.Like a lonely midnight wither, I do not see the withered.  Spring first rose to open soon at hand.How I could not think of her at that moment in full bloom.What kind of mood will record silence of those waiting.  That child roses like fire, it was who cast the love.Gently around in the face of indifference, spring love roses, like green flowers.Although thousands of words, I do not know how to tell the truth at that moment, waiting for that one thousand roses, hey, where you are in the crowd, I can not see, the first roses of spring.  The first roses of spring, buried deep in the earth, you have not see the shadow, I was looking for did you smile, after the Millennium prosperity ended, I was in the wind and rain as you pour.  Last spring, the first roses, characters meet.    Part Three: bird original rose paper rose, so we opened the prelude to love.The first roses I first met Xu An, it is very sad.It was raining hard, I rushed to the house a small video store.In the sad people, how to get their own sense of panic and humble?Water constantly falling from my hair between his face and ended up with my blurred vision, in fact, difficult to distinguish the rain or tears.  Lotus opened in June, when A slightly gently hold up my hand.He said he long ago Fengpao Fall in love with the girl all the way, he says he loves his face slightly sun.So I face the sun is more Chi.  I thought it was a profound love life, mixed with irresistible fate oncoming.But just today, I hear it, see that man will shy smile revealing faint dimples, an extremely frivolous tone telephone to ask gamble that end MP4.Content gambling regulations – I.  Then the United States of glass, broken, also had a messy place.  Tsai circulation of the video store is placid, keyed melody of the song: “Who is knocking at my window, who eventually lead to the strings.”I unconsciously picked up in front of the dish, is Shunji Iwai’s” Love Letter “.Not stop the tears fall down.  I cry the most sad, flower quietly handed my eyes.I was about anger, only to discover that sticks with real flowers almost exactly the same rose even just folded the paper.Green stems and makes complicated propped petals, leaves out slanting in holding that want to open the bud, gratuitous I actually think even the air is fragrant up.I could not help took also took note of hand delivery slender, white and clean.But one looked up, only to see the back of an equally tall and graceful boys.  Rose Rose Rose paper sheets of glass cabinets are swollen, frustrated face, tears of his face is not dry, but also see where a half minutes of sunshine.I slightly hesitated and finally said to myself: I’m better than them, I will get better.  That branch was my paper roses placed in a bed of flowers plug.  You see, you see Ann Hui’s face that period of time I became very silent, intensify one’s strength back every day various legal provisions in preparation for the bar exam is about to come.Just always will inadvertently go to that little room that day video stores.In fact, I do not know what I was expecting, but went away empty always take twelve CD and their sense of loss.  Ann Hui met again when I did not know he met him, it was in September, just past the bar exam soon, my best buddies leafless egg on non pull me to attend her birthday party of a friend.That friend is actually her long time crush on the boys, like a secret, like all youth, both for those who need a keep a secret they need allies.  Leafless laugh like silver bells as yet crisp and fast, there were numerous drops on the green lake.Cruise packages are leafless, cruise in big birthday cake is leafless buy, the good wings are leafless personally halogen, and even that is slightly acidic wine leafless brewing for a long time.So like the moon transparent girl’s mind in fact I do not believe that is called Xu An invisibility clues.  But, he just laughed, he laughed when the handsome face is the distance.  When out birthday gift, leafless article is very nice very warm scarf, I knew she was to pick the color of the line and ran seventeen yarn shop, she knitted for a long time, it is woven into her stitch love and her dream.But Xu An access as other people’s gifts, like just say thank you politely, did not like leafless expect that immediately put on.  I did not know before Xu An, his birthday has come a rush, but I brought in daily paper rose on the TV drama sticks try to figure out their own silly practice hands folded flower.Seventy-eight same flower swaying slanting inserted in a different style to send flowers into in the past, to do together quite beautiful bouquet.  I have never seen this more than a promise of security when it took the bundle of paper roses, suddenly looked up to see me for a long long time, I was not surprised look to him, his face turned red quietly.  The sudden kiss swim lake dined, it was soon suggested that the collective went to sing?.Leafless mood is clearly influenced by the afternoon, the convergence of laughing, singing always best to listen to actually push a sore throat, said, sitting in the corner, I heard also refused a.Ann Hui is far sitting, holding a piece of paper, I do not know what to do.Until circle of friends booing birthday to sing, he readily put aside.  Xu An songs floating into my ears, I could not help lengleleng.”Who is that knocking at my window, and who, in flipping the strings, that period, forgotten time, gradually, rise out of my heart.”Yes Tsai Chin’s” Forgotten Time “.My eyes fell quietly on the coffee table in front of him just sitting on the sofa.That was the prototype of a rose, folded more smoothly than I am more beautiful, even the ends of the leaves are slightly outwardly turned that road too familiar arc.  It would only hold the hand microphone slender, white and clean.My heart suddenly like whom suddenly hit a bit, but being looked up on the eyes of the Anjing Liang Xu.  I want to go to the bathroom stabilize their emotions under.I just opened the door suddenly Shari a hand too, is Ann Hui.I stared at him a chance to respond, he kissed my lips.I pushed him at the beginning, but gradually involuntarily hook on his neck, like the heart of Spring as a straight red in the face kiss each other, kiss me weak at the knees straight.Until you hear a crying voice, we quickly separated, to see is the same to the bathroom leafless.  I was the first back KTV, leafless has been excused.When Ann Hui and then come in, casually sitting far across the crowd on its original location.I do not see him, my heart is a mess, a mess.  A small video store that room back home only to find that he did not promise safety of Information, Ann Hui did not ask me the.What it does not mean that kiss, and I did not make friends from leafless.I have always wanted to strangle himself depressed.  Had one day at a day off, A little accident received a phone call he asked recently, OK.If it was a week ago, I think I will cry Xilihuala, but now, my heart is not his.  I calmly greeting, saying softly situation, lightly she hung up the phone, and did not ask you a question on how he recently?That a bet, he may have to explain?Love and pain as there is a statute of limitations.I looked at the branch will be determined initial paper rose on the bed, suddenly decided to go to Tsai forgotten time goes buy back.  Although the store but as usual there is always distant soot years of quiet good feeling in the downtown.I went into the shop Zheng Zhu, saw Xu An, turn left.How far had left haunt, a live hand has executed my.  ”I am here waiting How about you every day!”His eyes seemed to have stars, he said the first time he was here to see that silly, rushed been crying girl from the rain, he secretly told himself that he does not want to let her cry.He said he hoped to send me paper roses are most unhappy when I know that the world is still a surprise, it was love there are concerns was blessing.  He said the kiss.He talked and talked on a crowded street and gently kissed me.I could almost hear heart child was singing, as if all the flowers blooming at this moment.  You are leafless I spent my love and promise security official, he treated me as precious, my heart has always refused to corner him open.We have the vision, he did not say anything, just redoubled intentions to me, I have some slight uneasiness.But shortly after the unrest in the ashes of leafless phone.  Leafless voice on the phone very cold, just tell me a time a place.Sure enough, I saw in that room cafe Xu An, his head next to head and leafless shoulder to shoulder, like a very intimate.Until they leave, I stare at that far you can see their location on the corner, a move can not move.  I was out of the cafe to buy a train ticket, the evening went to Shenzhen, and never contact anyone.  A very bitter man in Shenzhen day, I carries a youthful love and sadness I often fall apart, no longer refused to accept anyone call me slightly.Leafless see the message until quietly married on the Classmates.  I was removed to inquire about the location of the wedding leafless, far across the street waiting for the wind my beautiful bride, distressed and could not speak.I could see you one promise it safe?  To float slowly, a look of sweet leafless bride, the groom is not Ann Hui.Xu An original day I want to marry him, he found hope leafless leafless can untie knots, as our bridesmaids.I looked at the leafless guilty face, without saying a word.Wandering soul back to our original home.  In fact, every so many years, and then deep love is long overdue of soot, what I do?I do not know either.Even though I did throw me the key to the house, or can lock it turned out that the?I stared at the door.Hesitated for a long time, I took out the original key.  And even the door should be open hand.It is blowing – Full House Rose.Blooming roses of various colors of paper, then rose to the middle of the pile on the floor, put into two words: slightly.  I readily taken out one, written in green leaves is: I love you slightly in 2007.07.12.I carefully look, on paper Each rose has the same thing, different day, my tears continue to fall.  Someone ran to the door, saw me, Zhengzhu with me, and then suddenly hugged me.I gently close your eyes, Ann Hui.