An ancient emperor of Jishan

Four ancient emperors Daling secret language of Jishan of an article / [Yixian Xishan come to town to spend a little family camp Seoul taotie village unearthed bronze bells ZU] (late Shang Dynasty) Daling largest tributary – – small river, originating he Zhalan Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County in rural camel Hill.After entering the Yixian, at the foot of King Mountain Area Daling village and merging into the Bohai Sea south.    Fine the left bank of the river, the northern section of the Yixian Yiwulushan households within the camp a little town, there is a historic village, the Great Wall of the Ming Liaodong therethrough, the towers were built in a tranquil watch tower, floor 4 feet wide from east, north to south and 3.5 feet, high 3.6 feet, down three, the upper end of the main entrance read: “Alan watch tower”, describe the top right engraved “Mao Ming Dynasty have been rebuilt,” entertain “your pillow ridge edge of the town”, which has existed for 460 years ago.Because of this garrison floor, people will take to the village with a beautiful name – Seoul floor flower.    Early in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, there will be a floor populated spend Seoul.Southwest of the village a small hill less than 100 meters Yiwulushan extension, called bastard covered mountain, the Peak had a piece of artificial leveling of land, 500 meters long from north to south, east-west width of 1000 meters.It is a cultural site of Shang and Zhou dynasties, cultural accumulation of thick surface 0.5 meters.The total accumulation capacity of 500,000 square meters.There are unearthed stone knives, sickle stone, stone axes, cycloalkyl, scrapers, unearthed pottery Ding, vat, tank, Ge, etc..Times are Shang and Zhou dynasties.    April 1979, Seoul flower village villagers of Commerce in China, not far from the ruins of their own ground, depth of 1 meter from the ground found a cache of a round hole, the excavation unearthed five bronzes are: the size of two bronze earthenware vessel parts, a bronze Gui, Zu a bronze bell, a bronze tripod.Confirmed by the experts, these bronzes from the form and ornamentation of view, casting the age for the end of weekly.Very precious.Now these bronzes, the collection of Jinzhou City Museum, Seoul spent building site of the Shang and Zhou, also included in Jinzhou City People’s Government of the municipal units.    Shang and Zhou bronze hoard found the Yixian Formation in northern China has become by far the Shang and Zhou bronzes unearthed the northernmost critical point.Also for the study of the evolution of the Northern Zhou period of national suppliers to provide in-kind basis.From the use of artifacts, size and shape, the experts can be on the prevailing social and political, economic, cultural and military infer.    Seoul took bronze floor this group, the most interesting is that ZU bronze bell, cast taotie double-sided, full-speed pull between two hanging bells, unique shape, exquisite ornamentation, despite two thousand years buried has rust stains, but so far still clear and melodious percussion bells.Experts, which is used for worship ancient musical instruments unearthed bronze for China only, is priceless solitary.In addition to the home of emperors, not the general folk all.    The other four is the ancient tableware, but also ritual.Gui which cast the earliest, for the business in the mid.Ding is used as a “do not up and down, Ming and poor”, a rating indicating the identity of an important ritual.(Literature: “Emperor Jiuding, Zhu Hou Qiding, doctor five Ding Ding membered persons Sanding or a).    The ancients had a “device with possession ceremony,” said.Western Han Dynasty “Salt and Iron Powder inadequate”, said: “Used the common people, that is just bamboo Liu Tao Pao.”This means that, Shang and Zhou dynasties people with tableware, only some bamboo, wicker container, or the firing of pottery with soil.The implication, those precious, exquisite bronzes, only by people with social status to.Thus the experts concluded that these ancient bronzes are used for the worship Yiwulushan appliances.And ancient emperors thing, ordinary people are unlikely to have such beautiful, precious bronzes.    Jishan long history of emperors.Yiwulushan, its long history and heritage of Chinese civilization for thousands of years together, prove that it holds high status.According to legend, Shun the country divided into twelve cantons, each capped mountain as a state of the town, has been called Yiwulushan mountain town north Youzhou.Zhou Feng Mountain Area is one of five towns Sacred Mountains, Spring and Autumn Period Chu poet Qu Yuan praise Yiwulushan with “Come towards justice began in earnest too, the eve of the beginning of the Pro almost the micro-Lu,” the poem spirituality.Thus “North Town” fame.When the emperors ascended the throne, has routinely Yaoji mountain to mountain, as many as there are historical records of more than 50, there is only the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, etc. Five Emperor has asked a dozen times to hunt mountain worship , leaving more than fifty Yu Wen.Emperor Qianlong which came three times.”Mountains insert fearless, blossoming green hibiscus.Even Gen dozens of miles, thousands of miles to see the hidden weight.”Merry forlorn Yue Emperor Qianlong such praise with his gifted pen Yiwulushan.    Jishan emperors, left a large number of cultural relics.Magnificent Pavilion, Taiwan, House, House; dotted with inscriptions Cliff; cloud-shrouded temple hall, and both have had it shines brilliant.It is the history left us the most precious cultural heritage.    Shang and Zhou dynasties, what is the emperor who left a building in Seoul to spend habitation sites and Jishan bronze is no longer documented, and these kind of been completely preserved, bronze bell ZU still makes people feel sweet bell quiet and peaceful, a symbol of national power and bronze Ding people still think it is a kind of mystical power.Bronze is the etiquette, a symbol of social cherry, oak country’s prosperity, Rose row humanities, witnessed the ancient civilization of human temperament, reproducing the water beside Ling, jubilant scene flourishing under the emperor Jishan Lu Shan corner.This is an ancient beauty!