Blue Wing window

A simple room fragrance lightly open, two white dissipation Jessie.    Noble gentleman invites month, do not dye Yichen pregnant perfection.    Good: University Road, in Mingming, in the PFP, in all worlds.Refers to spiritual perfection is the greatest degree of freedom to achieve a natural development of things and the unity of the realm.    January 1, shabby homes on the windowsill, a pot of orchids Beatrice Pan smoke quietly opened two white flowers, indifferent, elegant and quiet.I gently Bitan snow brew a pot, pour two cups, holding to his beloved wife and daughters, then himself a cup, and clutch his wife and children, along with tea tours Portland.Gazing meditation, the dense green tea reveals a graceful magnolia.Thank heaven and earth, that you grant me a pure goodness of heart, we have a pair of beautiful eyes.The New Year’s Day really beautiful!